MOVE by Brian Tome Devotional Review

This Father’s day, I am doing something a little bit different in my gift-giving.  Instead of buying EdDe B something he can use. I am buying Him something that can inspire Him and bring daily connection with God.  We have been trying to get rid of stuff this year and get closer to God.  So, when I saw that Father’s day was around the corner, I needed to think a little outside of what I typically buy him.

This book was a gift from Front Gate Media in exchange for a review.  Although, this was gifted to me all of my thoughts and opinions are my own. Here is my Disclosure Policy.

Have you heard of the book Move by Brian Tome?

It’s a new devotional that has just been released.  It is a devotional written specifically for men to encourage them to explore scripture, create a better prayer life, and give them practical challenges to help them become more active or MOVE in their spiritual life to create a more fulfilling life.

The MOVE book by Brian Tome

I’ve been looking for a men’s devotional to gift to EdDe B and received a copy of Brian Tome’s devotional MOVE as a gift. I thought this was a great devotional to add to my husband’s read list. It seemed different from other men’s devotionals I have found. This devotional challenges men to become more active in their faith and less passive in their method.  Ed has expressed that he wants to grow more recently, so I thought MOVE would be a great devotional to encourage him to step out of the comforts of faith and challenge him to take it a step further.

MOVE by Brian Tome includes:

  • Practical strategies for the everyday man to make positive changes in his life
  • Guidance on how to deal with real-life struggles
  • Motivation to get moving
  • Scripture, prayer prompts, and authentic stories from the author

It navigates topics like work, rest, family, purpose, prayer, spiritual growth, and more from a male’s perspective regardless of what season he is in life.

Move by Brian Tome is great for all men.

The MOVE men’s devotional is great for all men, not just dads. It would make the perfect gift for your high school son, college grad, birthdays, or you can gift it for Father’s Day.  If the man in your life is looking for or desires

  • a deeper spiritual life but doesn’t know where to start.
  • They are facing a time of transition or looking for a change in their lives.
  • They are in a men’s small group and want to take practical steps together.
  • Want straight talk about real life, not sugar-coated religious cliches.

This book, as a gift, is an opportunity to inspire the man in your life. To stop sitting on the sidelines of his faith and take action and achieve lasting spiritual fulfillment.

I know for me, so many devotions don’t call you to action. I think Ed is going to love these daily readings from Pastor Tome that stretched EdDe B to go further than just reading the words but to take actionable steps into strengthening his walk with God.

Sharing MOVE by Brian Tome with others

It’s also a great size for Ed to take anywhere and possibly share with others.  Our spiritual journey is more than just fellowship at Church. It’s the daily walk that we take with God.   We can’t become complacent. We need to take action. I am excited to see the fruits of this gift if it gives EdDe B the challenge and growth that he desires and doesn’t become another Father’s day gift that sits there but is used day after day.

I also think it’s important as a wife to encourage and support my husband in all things but especially when it comes to his relationship with the Lord. I really encourage you to purchase this book for the man in your life.

Are there things that you do for your husband to support his journey?  Do you know of a man in your life that would appreciate this devotion?

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