Controlling the Wave

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I am in love!  As you already know I am a big fan of functional exercise training. It just makes sense to me for people to build up their body for their future self.  Functional exercise training does just that it helps you function better.  I aspire to be a Senior Fitness Trainer and Instructor. I am studying for my Certification in Functional Training and plan on using it daily to train my Senior clients.

Usually, it requires stability as well, I have discovered a welcome addition to your training. I have never had to focus on my moves and was never more aware of my core.  What I also love is that I am working my abs without the crunches and all who know me know I don’t do crunches. Utilizing the Inertia in the Surge Dynamic Fluid Resistance  leaves you no choice but to use more muscles in simple movements than you would with your typical barbell or dumbbell.  Have you ever heard of Inertia training?

Fitness Geek Dreams

Inertia by definition means,” a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless an external force changes that state.”  I always think of it as a seesaw or in this case think of those little Batons with the glitter in them. As you tilt it one way, all of the water (and the glitter) goes to the same side as you lean. To keep the tube filled, you must balance it on both sides.

Now let’s use that concept; add a handle and throw in some standard functional exercise moves and you have what Hedstrom Fitness refers to as Dynamic Fluid Resistance.  The Surge is a fantastic full body tool to help you work out any area. The Surge is a new, innovative resistance tool to help take your regular workouts to another level.

Dynamic-Fluid Resistance

When I got the Surge the Fitness Geek in me came out because the science is fascinating when it comes to training with inertia resistance. It is a hollow cylinder with either two sets of handles one to place your hand either “hammer curl” style the vertical handles or simple horizontal handles so you can hold it with your palms facing down in the large Surge. There is also a more compact version that has only one set of handles. You fill the apparatus with water up to the designated weight class. I suggest when trying it got 5-10 lbs lighter than you are used to the beginning. As you move the Surge the water inside moves around make the motion no longer static but dynamic. This inertia resistances offers a different challenge to your joints and makes you activate your core to control the uncontrollable water. That is why I have to focus each move requires my full attention. It’s kind of like mom life right, everything is constantly changing, but when we focus and stay in control we can get things done.


The Surge is great to grow with your strength too. Filling the hollow cylinder with water; as your strength improves you can add more water to increase your resistance. Making the Surge very adaptable, portable and for every fitness level. I am sure you are familiar with other concepts of inertia resistance currently, things like “battle ropes,” chains, sandbags, and slosh pipes are devices used to cause inertia and a different kind of resistance other than your established barbell and dumbbell. Unlike, the Surge these forms of resistance don’t work with movement pattern the same and joint stress is higher.

5 Benefits to Training with Dynamic Fluid Resistance

  1. Fat Blaster. Dynamic Fluid resistance is a great option for people seeking to burn fat and boost metabolism efficiently because it is a full body exercise that improves strength and endurance.  A 30-minute session with your Surge will have you pouring sweat, increase heart rate and building muscle while blasting fat.
  2. Focus on movement patterns. Using Dynamic Fluid Resistance your focusing on the specific movement patterns rather than an emphasis on an individual muscle. The continuous flow of the water allows you to use several muscles at one time.
  3. Posture. We sit a lot as a society, sitting for hours a day cause muscle imbalances as well as posture issues.  Through strengthening weakened muscles, you can improve your posture and correct muscle imbalances.
  4. Core Stability. According to Hedstrom Fitness, “By enhancing the stability of the core and the specific joints required to stabilize a movement, more efficient movement can be produced at the joints needed to be mobile to execute a task as the agonist, antagonists, and stabilizer muscles function in a more organized and synergistic fashion.”  Huh?

 My building up your core muscles and other joints that help you move better through using the Surge you increase those muscle as well as others that help it better so that it can be more productive.  I hate doing traditional ab workouts which are why functional training appeals to me because I work those muscles at the same times as I am working others saving me from getting down on the mat and complaining with every squeeze.

  1. Muscle Definition. Everyone one loves the idea of looking more defined.  Dynamic Fluid Resistance is an excellent exercise modality to help you achieve the definition you are looking for but it is less stressful on your joints than traditional weight lifting exercises, and the Surge can be taken anywhere and conveniently used at home.
  2. Stability. I don’t think people realize how important it is to work on your stability.  Having stability keeps your face looking pretty and your body out of the cast.  As you, age a tumble from a misstep can easily be avoided if you continually work on your Stability endurance.  With the Surge, every workout includes flexibility, mobility, core stability, balance and strength training principles challenging your body in all areas and keeping it active, strong, healthy and energetic body.

Dynamic Workouts

I love my Surge and will be including it in my Figure Competition prep workouts. I would love to do all my training in the gym, but unfortunately, my mom life won’t allow that time to me.  I like being able to quickly pull out my Surge fill it to the resistance I need and get a Total Body Fat Burning workout in 30 minutes.  That is enhancing my stability, mobility, core and strength all in one session.

If you think you want to try to control the wave and add Dynamic Fluid Resistance to your workout  Surge/Kamagon products has a special discount for 25% – it is USE COUPON CODE SPHF25 and is valid from Friday, 1/20 until 2/28. It can be used by anyone in US / Canada.

Now is the time to grab yours in your favorite color and get your sweat on.  Surge has some great videos on their site to get you started and I have found a few moves that I have been doing at home.

Do you include stability training when you do your workouts?



44 Comments on “Controlling the Wave”

  1. I’ve read about the Surge on a few other websites and it seems really interesting! After a few months, I tend to get bored with workouts so I feel like this would be a great way to mix things up. I need to do more stability training, so this would be awesome!

    • I get bored very easily which is why I am always trying new things and exercises. I think it would be an excellent addition to your stability training. I appreciate you stopping by!

    • I think that is awesome that you are beginning your journey. This would be great to add because its perfect for any stage. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You’ve been doing an amazing job with your fitness journey. I love how you show women exercises the can do either in the gym or at home. The fact that your family is involved let’s moms know, carving out time to exercise is possible.

  3. What a cool piece of equipment! Lately I’ve been working with an ActivMotion Bar which has ball bearings inside that roll to keep you off-balance and engaging your core for stability. This sounds similar!

    • I’ve tried the ActivMotion Bar at Idea World last summer. I lost to another women doing a side plank contest and hold the ActivMotion Bar in the air. Phew, I felt that for days! I am loving the dynamics of inertia resistance.

  4. Nice review! I need a little stability training in my life! Looks like it would be very effective without being boring 🙂

  5. Looks like this really requires you to pay attention to what you are doing. This sounds like a great way to shock your body if you are looking to change up your fitness routine. I would definitely use something like since it allows you to work your core without actually working your core lolol. Looks fun too!

  6. Wow this is innovate! I have never seen anything like this before so thank you for letting me (and others) know that it is out there. We all like trying new and different things to find what works for us. Looks like you really love it! I may have to give it a try.

  7. This peace of equipment looks interesting, I never seen before something like this. I need to do more training at home because i don’t have lot of time go to the gym, so this would be great for me ! Great video !!

  8. This is the first time I hear of this product but it seems to be awesome. I love to exercise myself and my hubby is a pro soccer player so this could be something we could give it a try. 🙂

  9. I love the way how fitness related things are improving every day. I have never tried the surge before, but my sister is so much involved in to it and this equipment could be so handy for her.

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