Giving Back with Advancing Native Missions

This post was written in partnership with Advancing Native Missions. I did not receive compensation but a donation on my family’s behalf. All my opinions are my own. My Full Disclosure Policy 

Sharing the gospel through service

This year I was introduced to Advancing Native Missions which is an organization that shares the same values as my family. Our family is always looking for simple ways that we can give back.  In the past, our family volunteers at soup kitchens. Organizing Backpack and Holiday Donation Drives, but amongst a pandemic, it seems in the time people need it the most, we can’t be on the front lines serving. But there are still simple ways that we can even give back to our community and beyond.  Every year, our family participates in various ways of giving back, but we have to play it safe this year.  Our family loves to serve.  My oldest daughter and I were planning a mission trip to Liberia last June, and COVID, like many other plans, deferred our intentions. 

the bolton family volunteering at the sunday morning mission breakfast

Giving missionaries hope and helping communities

When I heard of Advancing Native Missions, offered us a way to give items more valuable than donated money. We were all in. 
Advancing Native Missions is so much more than donating money. It is an opportunity to spread the gospel and love others like Jesus.  There are so many places that don’t know about Jesus, and missionaries share the gospel in these out of reach communities.  They are serving the Lord and helping communities that need more than just money. They need to hear about hope.  As a family, our mission is to reach and teach others about Jesus.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19

Through Advancing Native mission, we can share the gospel reach others, and help those who are less fortunate.  Advancing Native Mission has a holiday gifting catalog that gives communities gifts that directly impact their community. 

What is Advancing Native Mission?

Advancing Native Missions organizes the gifts and deliver them to the communities in need. ANM is sharing the gospel and resources.  They have been serving missionaries and communities for over twenty-eight years. They are Advancing Native Missions partners with over 97 counties and thousands of churches and organizations.  

How do I get involved?

There are so many communities that need our help and need to hear about Jesus.  In Israel, there are few resources for mothers to care for their newborns.  You can give a Newborn care package that will provide mothers within Israel essentials like baby clothes, strollers, diapers, formulas, and counseling with your one-time donation. 

Advancing Native missions catalog

Or you can help schools and children by giving them opportunities to learn the gospel and tangible things like Schools supply, sports equipment, shoes, bricks to help build classrooms, and you can even choose Christmas Gift Box. 

Missionaries and pastors who are serving these communities, need resources too. Your gift can provide a bicycle so church planters and pastors can get around to the different facilities faster than on foot.  The Advancing Native Missions Catalog shares opportunities like these and more and has partnered with over 97 countries.   

Our family contribution

After carefully praying over the catalog, our family chose to give a persecution aid package.  When we heard that over 60 million Christians practicing their faith in other countries face persecution and even worse, we knew that’s where we wanted to give.  Our donation provides safety for those who suffer persecution and opposition from their family for their beliefs.  It can help provide temporary housing, primary medical care, food, and other things that these victims may need in their transition to religious freedom with our gift.  

our families contribution to advancing native missions

How do I give?

It’s easy to give just go to the Advancing Native Missions website. Pray and review the gifts. Choose one and share them with a community in need.  There are other ways you can help the Advancing Native Missions ministry.  Through mission trips, prayer guides, and so much more.  There are over 20 easy ways that you can help the Advancing Native Missions cause. Visit the catalog online: Request a mailed catalog:  Visit the record online:

You can also win a giveaway from ANM of a painting created by a partner in Bulgaria. Enter here

 Has the pandemic hindered your family from serving? 


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