Sliding My Mommy Tummy away

I recived MomSanity Triangular Core Sliders from MomSanity in exchange for writing a review. I am also a MomSanity Ambassador and receive a commisson off affiliate links in this post My Full Disclosure Policy

Momsanity Core Sliders

Still on a mission

If you have been following my weight loss you know a few things about me. First, this is not my first time at the rodeo this is time number 3 for me battling the bulge. Second, I gained an obscene amount of weight with each of my precious little diva’s. Diva 1: 95 pounds, Diva 2: 85 pounds, and Diva 3: (which was actually 3 & 4) 75 pounds.  So, to say that I still have a long journey ahead is an understatement. What makes matter worse is after I came home with Diva #3 I gained another 20 pounds totaling 95 pounds to lose. Yes, people I have to lose a 12 year old off of my soon to be little 5′ 3″ body. I will lose it! Unfortunately, not overnight or in the same amount of time (9 months) that it took me to gain it.  The last thing you should know if you haven’t been following is that I am doing fitness better. I have better nutrition, better exercise and a game plan. I am also with okay with slow and steady winning the race.

A great tool to get the job done

Like most women I want to my tummy to shrink and my BLT (butt, legs and thighs) to chisel. When I got the opportunity to try the MomSanity Sisterhood’s Core Sliders it was an enthusiastic, YES! The one thing that has been really bothering me during this weight loss is my mommy tummy. It just seems to be the last thing to budge. I never really had issues with a bulging belly with my other two girls but this time around it is so stubborn. Even my arms which is typically hard to lose weight in has slimmed but this tummy did not want to cooperate. Until, I got the MomSanity Core sliders. I am really loving the workout that I have been getting with my core sliders.  I feel a difference when I am working out. I feel that I am able to really contract and push a little further in my workout. It is a concentrated intense short workout. Just what I need with a active toddler and a busy family to manage. I don’t have time for 100’s of crunches and hours of cardio. I need efficient and effective.

Helps with past injuries

Especially things like mountain climbers, plank jacks and they are so easy on my toes.  I fractured my big toe while I was pregnant. One of those clumsy kick the bed rail too hard and it took forever to heal. Sometimes when I do burpees or plank jacks it gets aggravated but not with the sliders because I don’t have to jump on them for plank jacks love that. It’s also easier on my knees when I am doing mountain climbers and lunges. As a former competitive cheerleader and gymnast (in my hay day) sometimes squats and lunges ache my knees. I am extremely cautious of my form  but I still feel the aches. I have found with the sliders I am not as achy after doing workouts that add pressure to my knees.

MomSanityTriangle Core Sliders

See fast results

The first week, I focused on my belly and I used the free workout that comes with them. They’re great! 5 minutes of intense focused workouts for those trouble areas. They’re not “insanity” level intensity they are definitely concentrated to the areas they are working out. MomSanity Sisterhood have created a 5 minute video for your Upper Body, Booty, Core, Legs, and Arms.  Deb, one of the MomSanity trainers walks you through each workout. Another thing that I love is they can be downloaded on my phone so I can pull them up anywhere. I prefer home workouts but if you are at the gym, whip your phone out and you’re good to go.  No subscription needed and no data because it’s saves right there on your phone. You could even do it at the park which I will be doing next week!

MomSanity Core Sliders

Not your typical sliders

The sliders themselves are genius. They have a hard purple side (which is this FaithFueled Mom’s favorite color) and that is to be used on the carpet. Then they have a spongy, foam like side that is great for traction on your hard wood floors.  I also like the shape of them they are triangular versus round so it fits the top of your feet well. The round sliders I have used I always had to adjust my feet so that they fit. The triangular shape allows you to get your reps in without constantly stopping to adjust where your toes go.  I now incorporate my core sliders as a warm up or with my HIIT training that I do. I also do the 5 minute core and arm workout on my off days. I like to mix my workouts up so I will probably venture to other moves but the video’s that you receive for FREE with your sliders are great workouts for beginners all the way to advanced athletes.  It’s also nice to add versatility to your at home workouts. I am so excited to be incorporating these tools in my home workouts. Will highly recommend. Follow me on Instagram where I will show you how I use MomSanity Triangular coresliders in my workouts.

MomSanity Core Slider Progress

So, my two week results! What do you think? I think there is definite progress and after 3 months who knows I may start to see the six pack that I have been day dreaming about in between reps.  What is your favorite ab routine? Have you considered adding sliders to it? Would you like a pair of your own?


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24 Comments on “Sliding My Mommy Tummy away”

  1. Woo-hoo!! Great ideas for using the sliders – I haven’t gotten any yet but maybe now is my chance!

  2. This looks awesome! I am currently in a temporary residence and this would be great for getting in some high intensity without banging my feet against the floor!

  3. I have never heard of these, but I think they would be perfect for me. I am trying to lose the weight from baby #5 right now. I also tend to gain way more than needed, so I have about 60 pounds to lose–and my baby is 15 months, so I am not really winning at this point. To be honest, ab workouts are my least favorite. I will choose to do legs any day! I think my abs are just so weak at this point, and I also have the dreaded mommy bulge. Thanks for the great giveaway, and thanks for linking up at Fitness Friday on Drops of Learning.

    • Bless your heart, 5! Yes, Ab Workouts can be so boring. It’s nice to have something different. I wish you success in the giveaway. Thank you for coordinating the link up!

  4. Oh dear…I’m still struggling with baby #3…and she’s 23. 🙂 You’ve done such a great job. Love your determined attitude!

  5. Congrats on your progress! I need to get more consistent in my own workout routine. Do they make these for dads too? 🙂

    • Typically that is a trouble spot because it’s where we hold our Cortisol aka Stress hormone. See of you can win them “enter to win”!

  6. Great idea, De. Not heard of sliders before but my weight is good, though.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    • The CDC says we should get 150 hours a week in exercise. These aren’t just to lose weight but also provide variation. Glad you are at a place of contentment.

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