What to put in your gym bag?

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I remember when I first started going to the gym, I had no idea what to put in my gym bag? Now, I have collected all the tools I need to get creative in the gym and support my workouts. I have everything I need to pack my gym bag for a woman to be prepared to workout.  There are so many gym bags you can use and I will share the best gym bag to have but the bag is less important than what’s in it.  The gym has all the equipment you need, but adding a few accessories in your gym bag can be great for your workout.

Here is what’s in my gym bag:

What I put in my gym bag I need to get the best workout possible and be prepared.


Gloves and Straps

When I lift heavy, I have to use gloves and lifting straps to protect my hands and help my grip.

I always have a pair of Weight lifting gloves that are well-made, ventilated, and if they have wrist straps, are even better. I good pair of gloves can make for a great lifting session.

I also have a pair of Lifting straps in my bag that I like to use for deadlifts. It gives me a stronger grip and protects my hands when I am deadlifting.  These were a game-changer when I began to deadlift over my bodyweight.

Gym bag for women


Core sliders are a great tool, and I like to add sliders to my workout often.  I love the MomSanity Core Sliders because of their shape.  The slider design makes them a superior slider than others I have tried.

Foam Rollers

I keep two little foam rollers in my bag, and yes, I use them often.  These two small tools are tiny but mighty in getting knots our sore muscles and Self-myofascial release, aka foam rolling.  I love the Trigger Point Hand and Feet ball. I have three and keep one at home, one in my purse (yes, in my purse), and one always in my bag.  Over the summer, I attended the IDEA World and discovered my new love, the Mini Pso-Rite.  This thing is AH-mazing in releasing trigger points.  It really does hurt so good, and I think everyone should carry one.  I also have the Pso-Rite, which has helped so much with my hip pain. It’s a little too big for a gym bag, that’s why the Mini is great to take anywhere!

the best gym bag

Stretching Strap

Until my injury, I didn’t realize the value of a stretching strap.  But they are really inexpensive and very effective in helping you stretch. Especially if you’re not flexible, it allows you to get the added pull that you may not be able to do on your own. I always have my stretching strap balled up at the bottom of my bag. Just in case I need to stretch deeper.

Pen & Paper

There are many apps to track your progress, but I love good old pen and paper.  I usually follow my progress in a notebook.  There is an app for that, but if your phone is about to die.  Pen and paper to the rescue. I always have my program notebook in my gym bag.

gym bag for women


I cannot work out without music and not just any music but my music.  I am kind of a brat when it comes to my music. If my headphones die, then my workout ends.  I just can’t stay focused and motivated without music blaring in my ears.  For over a year, I have had AfterShokz Treks Air not in my ears but actually outside my ears.  I love Aftershokz. They use Bone Conduction to give you sound but allow you to be aware of your surrounds.  These are meant for runners and their safety outdoors. As a lifter, I love how they stay put in my workouts.  Before, I would lose headphones while I kettlebell swung or box jump, but my AfterShokz Treks Air stays put and play great.  I can’t workout without them.

gym bag for bodybuilding

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands of any kind because I love using resistance bands for different things but mostly activation. I have Fabric Booty bands that I love! They don’t leave marks. They don’t roll-up and become a tourniquet. I also use handled resistance bands. They’re great for activation during your warmup. I also like “Superbands” or pullup assistant bands!  They are great to add eccentric resistance to a free weight movement. Bands are an easy thing to pack in your gym.

Ankle Cuffs for cable machine

I like using eccentric resistance.  With bands and especially with cables because they require you to use your core. An excellent exercise for glutes and hamstrings a cable cuffed to your ankle.  Ankle Cuffs for Cable Machines are great to have on hand because not all gyms have cuffs, so I have my own in my bag.  Not a necessity, but I am always prepared on leg day.

Sports Bra

One of the most uncomfortable things is walking around in a sweaty sports bra.  I typically leave the gym and head straight to the shower, but sometimes I need to run errands, so having an extra sports bra on hand is helpful.

what to put in my gym bag


Having an extra change of clothes is just ideal. For those just in case moments, I try to have a full set of workout clothes available for just in case moments. Leggings are a must-have in my gym bag.


Having a towel packed for sweaty workouts are a must-have in your gym bag. Having a towel packed has saved me in the past.


Having wipes available for post-workout are great.  I try to have a Shower Pill available for after the gym.

Deodorant and Toiletries

I always have a deodorant on hand.  Pack an extra in your gym bag.  I am still on the search for an excellent natural deodorant after trying so many.  I feel after about two weeks my body adapts and I need a new one. If you have any recommendations, I am more than willing to try because I have had no luck with the Natural deodorant.  But I do keep deodorant in my gym bag. I also have a first aid kit in my bag that mostly has band-aids because gym germs are gross. I also have things like tampons just in case and chapstick, lotion.  All the little toiletries that you would carry in your purse.  I keep in a pouch always ready in my gym bag.

gym bags

Hand Sanitizer

The gym is dirty enough said, make sure that you have a good hand sanitizer. I prefer Probiotic HandSanitizer like Dessert Essence.  It kills 99% of the germs but gives leaves the good bacteria that you’re microbiome needs.  Its also less drying compared to other hand Sanitizers.  Use DEprobioticpower for 30% off your purchase

probiotic hand sanitizer


Unless you play an outdoor sports sunscreen seems crazy, but I have Bare Republic Sports Sunscreen stick in my bag at all times.  It came in handy when I had my outdoor workout at Empower Summer camp. It was hot, and the sun was beaming on the asphalt. I am so glad I was prepared, and you should prepare yourself.

Photo Credit IG @jim.pancoast


Klitch is a clip for your shoes. The one thing that you don’t want in your gym bag is sweaty stinky shoes. The Klitch, clips your shoes securely to the outside of your gym bag. All of my kids have one for their shoe changs

CBD Salve

I have shared my experience with CBD, especially with my ankle.  It’s something that I keep at my bedside, in my car, purse and also in my gym bag.  I have been grateful many times for having CBD available for my aches, pains, and sore muscles.  I would make sure your gym bag has some too.  I highly recommend PlusCBD Oil  Extra Strength or Medterra CBD or Charlottes Web CBD, which would be my first choice. These three CBDs are my top three choices, and I have had relief with them all.

Barbell pad

Barbell pad protects your traps or neck when your back squatting or your hips for hip thrusters with the Barbell which is what I mostly use it for I don’t do Back Squats. This is probably one of the most used accessories in my bag.  Especially when using the Barbell.

best gym bags

My Takeya Waterbottle

I never leave home without my Takeya Water Bottle.  It keeps my drinks ice cold and I love the spout top its easy to keep clean.  The replacement water sealers are $2.99 and free shipping and I switch it out every other month.  I have had my Takeya‘s for over three years and its still going strong!

Everything I need is packed and ready to go. So, when I am at the gym I have no excuse to get what I need done. I can add variety to my workout and have everything I need post-workout to be around other humans. This is what I put in my gym bag.

What’s in your gym bag?


gym bag


8 Comments on “What to put in your gym bag?”

  1. Wow, you have a lot of stuff in there! I do almost all of my workouts at home (or on the road, running), so I don’t really have a gym bag per se. I do have a bag packed, though, that I take to a lot of my races, It has a lot of post-race essentials to help me clean-up before the drive home.

  2. Wow this is a great list! I’ve been using Schmidt’s natural deodorant for some time now. And I find that I don’t need to use deodorant as often. Hope you find one that works!

  3. you must have a pretty big gym bag! luckily I do as well but my bag is usually:
    spin shoes
    bike gloves
    normal inside gym shoes
    cleansing wipes
    two towels (small)
    two water bottles
    1 tube of Nuun
    hair ties
    change of clothes
    extra socks

    I always forget deodorant! luckily I go at night mostly so I go straight home after the gym without offending anyone!

  4. Girl. That is a well organized gym bag. Mine has two pair of hand wraps, my boxing gloves, a deodorant, my key tag, a tampon and a protein bar wrapper. I need to do better LOL.

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