Protein Blender Muffins: High Protein Breakfast

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High Protein Breakfast for the family

How were you the first week of school? For some of you, it’s been a few weeks, and you probably have settled back into a routine, and life is starting to take on its new standard for the next 8+ months.  For us, Jersey peeps, we have just finished up the hours’ lengthy paperwork confirming that our child is still the same child, with the same parents, living in the same house just another grade older.  After-school activities have taken our chill summer nights away, and we are anticipating the homework to come trickling in to add to our now more full to-do list.  Oh, what happened to those preschool days where you just had to make sure they had a change of clothes and snacks.  My girls are growing older and more responsibilities are assumed, and more extracurricular sports. Check out my post on Snacks for Youth Athletes. I’m excited for a new year but trying to be prepared so I don’t get overwhelmed.

Easy High Protein Blender Muffins

I’ve been here before, so I thought this summer, “How can I make things a little easier?” Prep and Plan! That is my security blanket. I am an avid planner for our meals, schedule everything is done a month in advance.  So, in late July early August, it began. I gathered recipes for easy, healthy dinners to feed my hungry brood and make Soccer and Field Hockey games and practices without sitting down at the end of the day feeling like I was just swept up in a Whirlwind.  I adapted this blender muffin recipe years ago, and it’s a great way to get a high-protein treat that’s low in sugar, and your kids will eat.  All the boxes were checked off.  The great thing about these muffins is you can make them in a variety as I did or do one flavor; your choice. I have a lot of pallets to please, so; I tried to mix it up.


Grab and go high protein blender muffins

We’re all about grab and go in the mornings. I like the girls to have a good source of protein and carbohydrates to fuel them. I use pea protein in the recipe because it’s easily digestible and a great source of high protein.  Check out my post, What is pea protein powder? So, these high-protein blender muffins and my Egg Muffins are a family fave. My husband even takes them to work. We have a lot of flavor combinations.  My personal favorite is the Chocolate Walnut Muffins, but there are so many topping options you can do. We have Apple Chai, Chocolate Almond, Strawberry Chocolate, Strawberry Blueberry, Blueberry, and next week going to give Mango and Pineapple. I hope you enjoy these fast, easy, yummy treats for your family, and if you try any new flavors, please let me know. I am always looking for ways to make mealtime fun, healthy and tasty. I also have some other meals ideas that you can make without cooking. 

nowfoods pea portein

Add Some Fruit and Veggies

I add some spinach, shredded carrots, and parsley (yes, an excellent antioxidant) to the blender, and they never know. I mask the veggies with dried fruit. They turn out moist and are a consistency that my girls like over fresh fruit that can get mushy. I started making these when my girls were younger, and now they get their fruits in vegetables in, but I still add some to the Blender Muffins. Use coupon code “FAITHFUELED” to get 20% off your order!

[cooked-recipe id=”8591″]

What are your quick high-protein breakfast ideas? I have some more ideas. Check out, Why women should eat protein?



40 Comments on “Protein Blender Muffins: High Protein Breakfast”

  1. I love grab and go breakfasts! We homeschool, but we are still on a timeline to get into the classroom and out of the kitchen. This is some good stuff! Great post!

  2. So convenient for busy mornings! I can’t wait to give these a try for busy school mornings, or to grab on my way to a long run or race! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That’s such a cool recipe for muffins. And I love the snacks that you suggest here. I am living through all of the common core stuff with my daughter as they transitioned over. It’s been interesting I have to say.

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