Plate Joy makes Meal Planning Simple

Plate Joy is Making Meal Planning Simple for me

Here it is again, Sunday! Time to meal plan and nowadays I just use Plate Joy to make it simple for me. Busy schedules, short weekends and lack of time. Plate Joy has made meal planning so simple and tasty for my family.

Why did I start using Plate joy?

In the last year, I have transitioned from being a stay at home mom of twelve years to a working mom and entrepreneur.  Despite my efforts, life got pretty crazy for a while, and I found myself overwhelmed and over anxious.

A lot had to give, so I did just that.

I went from working at three gyms to only one. I have also been more discerning in where I go and the people I spend my time and how I spend my time.

I needed to simplify my busy life

I was also injured earlier this year and while off my feet it gave me plenty of time to stop think, reflect and rearrange some things.  I sometimes feel that my day is filled with lots to do, but nothing ever gets done.  I had to take some advice that a business coach gave me a few years ago.  First, she said to focus on one thing, master that and then move on.  Second, if you don’t like to do it and it is killing your time-outsource it.

Outsourcing my chores

It’s funny how an outsider can give you such a perspective, but she was right. I didn’t have to do all the things and with modern technology, apps and three able-bodied children.  Her words of wisdom gave me a great idea.  I am going to stop doing the stuff I hate and start outsourcing it.

We have been working on chores in our household, and my girls are 14, 10 and four years old.  I am not doing them or me any favors by being their housekeeper.  Lately, the Bolton diva’s have been contributing more to the house.

One thing that my oldest daughter is pretty good at is meal planning which is something I hate. I am so indecisive and it just a lot of pressure so I usually ask her to help.  She is also great at organizing and grocery shopping.  She took over for a while, but we got tired of eating the same thing.

New Meals and Meal Plans

When I got asked to try the app Plate Joy, it was just what my family needed.  Personally am tired of cooking the same thing, and my oldest has worked to be as creative as possible so having an app for that has been a God sent.

Plate joy is an app that is available for Android and iPhones.  I have been praising it’s amazingness to all of my Mommy friends and some clients.  So many things not sure where to start.

First, you enter each one: size and age.  You can specify any diet restrictions, things your family will not eat and pretty much customize the meal plan to exactly your needs. When creating your meal plan, Plate joy uses this information to make some fantastic seven days, cost friendly and reduced food waste meals.

Next, you tell Plate Joy what is already in your cabinet.  That way when creating your shopping list it will avoid or indicate the amount you need for the recipes. You can print it, use it off of your phone.  The recipes are printable too if you find one you love or want to share.

Then, the best part with all of your specifications, family size, portion control and budget in mind; Plate Joy creates a menu for the week. You can even have all of your groceries delivered or go shopping yourself with your list in hand.

The menu items sound so fancy, but it’s all food that my lil divas will eat.  I was beyond impressed with the menu.  Most of the meals were easily made under 40 minutes, and except for one chickpea salad my family loved and ate every meal.

Not only did they taste every meal but Plate Joy took into account Leftovers and even added that to the meal plan to reduce/eliminate food waste.

Plate Joy for my clients and others

The meals are nutritionally appropriate and by being able to customize it works perfectly for my personal training clients who have certain goals in mind.  I also instead refer them to the app than to help them get some creative, healthy, easy meal ideas.

Plate Joy also has a fantastic new program that recently came out, as highlighted on CNN for taking this nutrition program a step further and helping with disease prevention caused by obesity.  I have recommended it to some of my diabetic patients.

Over 20 million people can now qualify for this program which is 16-week disease risk prevention and reduction program.  If you are eligible, you will receive a free connected scale, a free Fitbit, virtual coaching, video lessons, and the PlateJoy meal planner all compensated by your health insurance. If you want to apply or know someone who could benefit from this program, please apply here to learn more.  

This is an excellent opportunity for someone to take back their health or like my family already making strides towards a healthy lifestyle but can use a little help.  I have been using Plate Joy for a month, and it has given me a little sanity, saved my pockets and given my family some new favorite meals.  I would like to share the wealth and offer you $20 off your own freedom from meal planning.  Got to Plate Joy and Use PROMO CODE: “FAITH10” to try it out yourself receive $10 off and let me know what you think?

Is meal planning a chore you would like to outsource?

This is a sponsored post. I received this product in exchange for a review from Plate Joy there are also affiliate links that I make a commission.  I’d tell you if I didn’t like it and why. My Full Disclosure Policy

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  1. This sounds good. I have been wanting to try a meal planning service. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is think about what to cook. I’m glad there are more options out there.

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