Off-Stage Wins: My Figure Update

Last night I was talking to a fellow figure girl who is training to compete in the same competition as mine. Although, we are in the same division our training styles are completely different. I also think that our expectation on the show will be too and although we will both get something different out of it makes the process much different. I am training to compete! I have no aspirations of winning never had I just want the experience of training and stepping on stage.

Do I plan on stepping on stage unprepared? Of course not, I am going to do my best, but my training will never be of that of a competitor training to win. I train about four days a week. Most figure competitors train at least six days a week which is admirable, but I have no interest in that commitment to the training. While my “fellow figure girl” trains six days a week, measures every macro and plans every progress. When I realize the commitment, she had towards her training I had an “aha” moment.

Am I training to win or am I training to compete? It didn’t take me long to answer that question. I am not training to win. Let’s talk about winning.  If you want to win something you want to be the absolute best one.  You are willing to dedicate, sacrifice and work to achieve your goal.

Bikini Ready

I am not saying I wouldn’t be happy if I won but when I walk in the door. I am just getting on that stage in a bikini. I am going to train my best but I am a mother of three, wife and student first. I don’t have the time or ability to put the effort into training that other competitors are willing to do.  I could make the time if I wanted to but I don’t want to my goal is to compete.

Non Trophy Victories

I have achieved some things that I never thought I would along the way which is pretty, awesome! Pull ups! I have never in my life been able to do one pull-up I now can do 20 reps 5 at a time but what? My trainer asked me if I could do one and I have never tried. Well guess what? I can! Who knew?

I can also do push-ups which is something I have always avoided, hated and remembered only achieving on my knees. Pushups are actually fun for me to do and I am working on handstand pushups-my goal is 5 without the wall!

Reality Check!

Guys this is all God! Let’s make that clear! I am achieving things that are require mental focus and every squat, pullup, pushup is me repeating over and over verses in my head and sometimes I really am praying for strength but usually its’ scripture. We call them Power Verses in Bibles & Bootcamps. This is how I have gotten through my fitness journey. God, Consistency and Prayer. Let’s not forget without Him this wouldn’t have been possible  I know it. You couldn’t explain any of the things that have happened in my life without saying, “Yep! That’s God!” Those are the wins that I am getting from training to compete.

Bucket List 

I also have plans on running the Spartan Trifecta; Again, I just want to make it across the finish line I could care less if I am first or last. My lack of motivation to win is not because I don’t think I can but it’s what I want to get out of each experience. My victory is doing it not winning it.

When I set out to compete I never said, “I want to win!” I’ve always said I want to step on stage which would be the win in itself. This goal is just a desire to try something I have never done before and crossed it off my bucket list just like the Spartan Trifecta.

Now, I also have aspirations of being on American Ninja Warrior which my goal is to WIN! That I feel like you have to want to win even to aspire to try.

Reality of Figure Training

So far training to be a Figure Competitor has been educational, challenging and motivating. The stage date drives me to stay dedicated my nutrition and to make the most of all my workouts. My lack of a desire to win has made me strive for just the minimal effort required to achieve my goal. Most women are training 6 days a week which is admirable but I am striving for 5 and making 4 consistently week to week.

Joy Thief

That is also why I feel that comparing ourselves to others is such a waste of time. If someone was comparing their weight loss to mine that would be silly because I am training to compete in a Bodybuilding competition and you may be trying to drop 40 pounds. No comparison! Just like if I was comparing my progress in training to someone who is aspiring to win or who already competes there is no comparison.

Return on Investment

What you put into anything that you do is what you get out. That is why I encourage my clients to execute with energy all that they do. Whatever energy, positive, negative, reluctant, obligatory whatever that is what you will get out of anything that you achieve.

Maybe one day I will aspire to win, but for now, I am just enjoying the journey. So, far it has had it ups downs,and  lulls (mostly food). I do know that this figure life is a boring food life which I am not a fan. I love challenging myself, watching the transformation through different phases of the process.

Next Phase: Bulking

Up until now, I have been leaning out which I don’t really like either. Maybe because I am used to seeing myself larger, but now I am bulking (yes, gains please?!) which has its own ups and down. Up I get more carbs, down I am super full all day long takes some adjustment. I also get to lift heavyweights that part is my fave! Beastmode!

The entire journey is what I was looking for in this goal, so that is actually where I find that I am winning; even if it won’t be on stage.

Is there a difference between training to compete and training to win?

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