Gluten Free Expo 2017

It’s that time of year again the air is getting cooler and crisp. The lil divas are back in school and despite whether we want to or not the Holiday’s are quickly approaching. It’s the perfect time for the Gluten Free Expo to come to town.  Last year, my sister and I were able to explore all the newest allergy friendly items from food to skin care.  It was a great opportunity to see all that Gluten-free has to offer. Also, to get some ideas for my gluten-free holiday baking which went well last year. I have been mostly Gluten Free for two years.  I have my slip ups, and I always suffer, and that is why I am grateful for how far gluten-free has come in the marketplace.  Now, not all gluten-free items some are still made of way too many processed ingredients. You can find some quality products if you look hard enough.  That is a great reason to come to the gluten-free expo it’s like a try and find all the newest and great allergy-friendly finds.  Last year, I discovered some treats that my family uses today.

This year I am really excited because the entire family is mostly allergy friendly now.  We found that living a gluten-free/allergy friendly diet has helped all of my daughters with their seasonal allergies and digestive issues and allowed me to stop making two meals. The only way this can be possible sometimes if we amazing gluten-free and allergy-friendly products that don’t make you miss Gluten or other allergens.

Last year, I discovered BFree Foods and Udi bread which is my go-to for my girls.  It tastes pretty great and it’s gluten-free, AND it doesn’t have a lot of junk in the ingredients label.  I also learned some great, baking tips from some of the vendors.  Another thing that I have been considering is the household and skincare products that we used. I never realized how many skincare products contain wheat until my allergies which has a direct effect on my complexion.  I find that when I use products without wheat, I have clearer skin and don’t have itchy flare-ups. For my teenage daughter using wheat-free skincare products has also cleared her skin she rarely has flair ups or outbreaks any longer. I also contribute wheat free hygienic products to my younger daughters no longer have eczema issues which I have written about before too.  It’s funny how eliminating one common culprit can improve your quality of life.

The beauty about expo’s online google that you get to try, smell and taste everything right there and talk to the exhibitors who produce the products. Some of the stories on how it has helped their families or where the product came from can be inspiring as well as mind-blowing on how changing your food can change your life.Is your family Gluten Free or Allergy Friendly? Would you consider trying it and why?

Is your family Gluten Free or Allergy Friendly? Would you consider trying it and why?

If you’re in the Seacacus, NJ area in October 14-15th, I am giving away TWO Tickets to gain access to the Expo.  Winners will be announced on 10/1/17 for TWO 1 Day Adult Passes. Enter below for a chance to win! I hope to get to meet you at the event!

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You can also get your tickets at a 20% discount with code “ADVANCE” until October 13th



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