Detox & Devotion Cookbook

This Detox and Devotion cookbook was a challenge. For years I have toyed with the idea of publishing my recipes in a cookbook. My Bible and Bootcamps Beauties challenged me to create one this year, and it is done.  The Cookbook was so much work, but when it is all said and done.

I believe you will be encouraged to lead a lifestyle that honors your temple and fuels it with the best food. Healthy has to taste good, but it’s all in the preparation. Once you find healthy options that you love as much as bad options, it will be easy to make the switch.  Grab your copy to honor God’s temple at it’s best with these 42 recipes and enjoy every minute of it!

Soon to be available at Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.

Just click any of these pictures below to take you to those websites for the best deal! You can also purchase an e-copy of the cookbook and soon will there will be a kindle version or a PDF.

Thank you for your support!

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