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Protein Waffles for the Family

Protein waffles are made several times a week.  I make them in big batches and the family eats them in big batches with a family of five active members food goes quick.  Mimi loves waffles and calls them… Read More

4 Ingredient Gluten Free Pizza

My two favorite foods are Sushi and Pizza.  I can eat both anytime of day with anyone but since learning of my wheat allergy and lactose intolerance. I try to stay away from all wheat which has made… Read More

7 Ways I shifted at 2019 Shift Con

Usually, when I come back from blogging conferences like 2019 Shift Con, I typically have information obesity. My intention is always to “do all the things,” but my life and self-discipline usually fail. It’s been a few weeks since… Read More

Protein Blender Muffins: Back-To-School Time Saver

I am a Brand Ambassador for Nuzest Usa and have included an affiliate link in this post that I receive a commission from purchases. My full disclosure policy Back to School, YAY! How were you the first week of… Read More

Gut Healthy Treats

This post is sponsored by Biome Bliss there are also Amazon Affiliate links that I received compensation, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. My full Disclosure Policy Boosting our immunity for back to school… Read More

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