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My Favorite Workout Apps and Online Programs

Here are some Online Fitness Programs and Workout Apps that I recommend to help you spiritually, mentally, and physically on your journey while you are quarantined. Check out my blog post on Home Strength Training with Pantry Items… Read More

Understanding Your Hormones

Through my journey, I have discovered many things that have aided me in my weight loss.  Through my certifications, I have learned a lot about the human body and anatomy, and through researched studied, come to my conclusions. … Read More

Breaking Up with Busyness

Amongst a pandemic, I never thought that I would be so busy.  I remember the day I left my gym to quarantine for what I thought would be two weeks.  I was a little anxious about all the… Read More

Food & Mood: Healing the Whole Person- Mind, Body, & Spirit

Recently, on Social Media, I have been open with my battle of anxiety and depression and how living a healthier lifestyle has helped me.  I reached out to a long-time friend Dr.Angela Clack to get her expert opinion… Read More

7 Ways to consistently stay motivated in your weightloss journey

In a weightloss journey, motivation and consistency are one of the hardest things to maintain once I discovered how to stay motivated things changed consistently, and fitness is now a lifestyle.  Many tips will help you to become… Read More

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