Breaking News: Embracing Transformation in Faith, Fitness, and Something New!

I hope this message finds you well and filled with the spirit of possibility. Today, I come to you with a heart brimming with excitement and a soul ignited with purpose. It is with great joy that I share a profound shift in direction that will ripple through our journey together.

I have been somewhat quiet this year because I have been waiting for clarity, vision, and direction. I also personally have been redirected, and on an unexpected healing journey. In the last few weeks, I have had great healing, clarity, and physical, mental, and spiritual relocation and I have this to share.

In the realm of faith, fitness, and food, I’ve journeyed alongside you, weaving threads of inspiration and empowerment into the fabric of our lives. Yet, amidst this journey, a divine whisper beckoned me to embrace a profound transformation—a Biblical “reset”, if you will. It didn’t become clear the path that I was on until a recent lunch with a very good friend.

FaithFueled Life Foundation

Our foundation, unyielding and steadfast, remains unwavering and will never change. It’s who I am and what fuels me every day. But as we walk this path of faith, I’ve been called to broaden our scope, to delve deeper into the spiritual well-being that nourishes our souls.

FaithFueled Life Fitness Credo

The temple of our bodies, meticulously sculpted through discipline and dedication, shall continue to be revered. The conviction to honor my temple is what started this over eight years ago. Yet, in the pursuit of physical excellence, I’ve recognized the paramount importance of mental well-being—a facet often overlooked but undeniably essential.

FaithFueled Life Nourishing with food tenet

The sustenance that fuels our earthly vessels, meticulously chosen for nourishment and vitality, will forever remain a cornerstone of our journey. However, as we nourish our bodies, I’ve been compelled to explore the profound impact of nutrition on our mental and emotional equilibrium.

After so much reflection I have come to this slight change in my purpose and mission. Our journey together will transcend the confines of faith, fitness, and food. We embark upon a voyage that embraces the holistic well-being of mind, body, and spirit—a journey where mental wellness takes its rightful place alongside its counterparts.

You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. Deut 6:5


Mark 12:30, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your MIND and with all your strength.”

What will this slight change look like, you ask?

Picture a sanctuary of serenity, where faith and mindfulness converge—a space where we nurture our spirits as diligently as we sculpt our bodies. Imagine a community where mental wellness is not just advocated but celebrated—a haven where we uplift and support one another through life’s ebbs and flows.

νέος Wellness has been in my heart for years but slowly it is coming together. Some of of you have experienced bits and pieces whether it be through Bible and Bootcamps, Detox & Devotion and Reclaim Your Temple, or most recently Integrative Restoration. The way it is all connecting is only something God would and could do. Nothing is wasted in the kingdom and God is intertwining all of these transformational programs into overall mental well-being wellness.

In the coming days and weeks, you’ll witness subtle shifts in my content, as I weave the tapestry of mental well-being wellness into the fabric of our journey. From mindfulness practices to strategies for stress management, from self-care rituals to techniques for emotional resilience—we’ll explore it all, hand in hand with the Lord, breath by breath.

Together, we’ll embark upon this transformative journey, our unbreakable faith binds us and gives us strength to overcome any obstacle., the resilience that defines us, and the unity that sustains us.

Are you ready to embrace this journey of holistic transformation? Let us tread this path together, guided by the light of faith and the promise of renewal.

With boundless gratitude and anticipation, I can’t express how much your support, check-ins, and continual connection throughout the years. I still find it crazy where I have been and am expectant in where I am going. I am beyond appreciative that you have continued this journey with me.

Sharing His love,

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