7 Natural Alternative to Relieve Muscle Soreness

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I don’t know if it’s my age or the fact that I am active every day, but I don’t remember having muscle soreness on a daily basis.  I tell people if I don’t wake up sore something is wrong. Muscle soreness is a part of my life and just like anything that makes you uncomfortable you want to find a better way.

I was in Las Vegas this summer at the IDEA World Convention. During my first day, I spent 9 hours of getting certified for STRONG by Zumba, at which, I believe six of those hours were exercise. (At least it felt like it; I may be being dramatic so maybe 4.5) But it was more than an hours worth of group fitness.  At the end of the day, I was whooped and sore. I had a nagging issue in my pec that radiates to my shoulder; now I know its bicep tendinitis, but at the time I had no idea what was wrong. It’s not an injury or strain just the fact that I am 35 years old and I do push-ups and pull-ups almost every day could probably be the problem.

Regardless, by the third day of IDEA, my usual nag had become a scream. I was in tears because of the pain.

I have a high tolerance for pain and yep, pulling the natural birth Mom card. “I had my babies naturally!” So, for it to bring me to tears meant it was pretty painful.  I hate taking Tylenol or Ibuprofen. My stomach is really that sensitive.

My roommate offered me two things that I had never heard of before.  5 Arnica 30c tablets and a Salspas patch. Can I say Magic?  I placed the Arnica 30c under my tongue, slapped that patch on my shoulder and next thing you know I was waking up. The pain must have subsided and allowed me to go to sleep.

When I got home, I had to get this fantastic homeopathic remedy, so I checked out Swanson Health Products which is my go-to for affordable Natural and Homeopathic needs and was able to stock up on everything Arnica.

Being the nerd that I am of course, I had to see why many people didn’t know that this natural pain reliever existed. terrific  I have sent many to Swanson’s to get their own, and it’s in quite a few of their gym bags.

I also carry the cream and one day I have hit my shin on the grocery cart (have you ever done that “OH MY GOODNESS”) put the cream on my shin and it stopped throbbing in about 2 minutes and didn’t leave a bruise for once. I now swear by it like Windex, and my girls are always asking for the Arnica Oil at home for their “Boo boo’s” well actually that’s just Mimi my older ones just get it themselves.  I am grateful my Roomie shared her homeopathic goodness, and now as always, I feel obligated to share too.

Why not Tylenol?

Other than being really conscious of what I put in my body (that whole honor your temple conviction thing I got going) I am one of those people who hate taking pills. It’s not that I can’t I just don’t want to and if I can get relief by letting little candy-like pellets dissolve or rubbing cream; sign me up, for pain relief. Other than that I will suck it up and deal with it. There are also many adverse side effects associated with prolonged Acetimophrin consumption.

According to Dr. Dennis Lee, “Even though Tylenol most likely does not cause serious liver damage in recommended doses, it can cause elevations of liver enzymes in the blood suggesting injury to the liver. In a study of 145 healthy subjects who were randomized to receive placebo or 4 grams of Tylenol daily for two weeks, subjects in the placebo group experienced no elevations of ALT, a liver enzyme, but 33%-44% of the subjects in the Tylenol group had ALT elevations greater than three times the upper limits of normal. The highest ALT elevation was greater than 500 which is approximately 10 times the upper limit of normal. All enzyme elevations returned to normal after stopping Tylenol. Thus, recommended doses of Tylenol given to healthy subjects for two weeks can cause mild to moderate reversible liver injury. Tylenol, like all other medications, should be used cautiously under a doctor’s supervision with monitoring of liver enzyme levels.”

If you take Tylenol too long it will elevate the liver enzymes in your blood once you stop; it reduces. How about avoiding that in general?  Some things are necessary for Acetaminophen and muscle soreness is not one of them.  There are so many ways to either avoid or treat your aches and pains without popping a pill. It also takes so long to give you the relief  I have a suggestion of some alternatives reliefs to muscle soreness.

7 Things you must have to Relieve Muscle Soreness

7. Arnica Montana

Arnica 30c is amazing it works almost instantly, and it is a safer alternative to reduce your pain relieve from muscle soreness, joint swelling, and bruising.  It is non-drowsy and doesn’t react any other drugs because it’s homeopathic. It comes in a Pellets, Gel, Cream, and Oil. In concentrated form, the herb is toxic if eaten but the pellets are highly diluted making it edible and pure Arnica has been classified by the FDA as an unsafe herb.  I only recommend getting homeopathic diluted tablets and not using the herb itself orally.  It has been used since the 1500s it’s a yellow flower that grows in Europe and the US also known as Leopard Bane, and it will be your new best friend.

6. Foam Rolling

Self-Myofascial release (SMR) is something that I hope you have heard of and if you haven’t you need too. SMR is a corrective measure for muscle imbalances and helps to reduce trigger points which are those tender muscle soreness you get those extra sore spots.  It is best to do SMR before and after workouts along with stretching.

Foam Rollers come in many shapes and sizes and is necessary for anyone who exercises period whether its regularly or sporadically you should Foam Roll before and after every workout can help prepare you for your next work out.  I am a Trigger Point Ambassador, and I use a variety of their products. I love their products because they have created great tools to make foam rolling simple and straightforward. My personal favorite is the Grid Stick it’s a hand-held foam roller that works wonders on my traps, neck, arms, and back. I can use it by myself or with one of my mini assistance.

I am also in over with their massage balls put your lacrosse balls to the side and try the MB1 or MB5 Massage ball. It is entirely unbelievable on my shoulders, pecs, and hips.  It’s layered, and each color is a different density it’s like a deep tissue massage in all the right places. I use it pretty much daily. The MB1 is a half the size of the MB5 measuring at 2.6 inches in diameter the MB5 is 5 inches both are great investments if you plan on being active.

5. Oils and Soaps- Or in Soap

“When I was at Rugged maniacs this summer cheering some of my clients on I got to try Dirty Bird Energy Soap sample.  They also gave me the Recover Soap that comes in their resealable container.  I am in love this soap is fantastic and junk free made with all natural ingredients. “No Parabens, No Sulfates, Only the Good Stuff!”

It is a fantastic exfoliate which is what helps you absorb the muscle relieving ingredients. It contains Arnica, Eucalyptus and Rosemary extract which is the ultimate combination of body repair oil treatments.  It helps to reduce the bruising and inflammation, and it is invigorating coming out of the shower. I also love the case because it makes it easy to travel in my gym bag and keep it away from the lil divas!

4.  Diet

I can’t stress enough that we have to honor our temple. How we fuel our temples affects every aspect of how it functions if you want to be your best you have to treat it that way.  There have been studies that show that people who ate a whole based nutrient dense diet that has little to no processed food recovered at a faster rate than those who don’t.

3. Water

A study in the Journal of Athletic Training concluded that if you are dehydrated, you can increase the “severity” of DOMs or delayed onset muscle soreness which occurs within 12 to 48 hours after exercise. It is the soreness from your muscle repairing themselves and growing. It is critical to muscle injuries and tears from strength training. When your body cells don’t have enough water that can delay the protein synthesis used to repair your muscles. Dehydration can also cause the breakdown of muscle tissue which is defeating your workouts.   Drinking water before and after exercise will help reduce muscle soreness and promote growth. Water is a naturally powerful way to ease your pain.

2. Massage and Stretching 

Massages and Stretching are essential for muscle soreness and workout recovery. I know you have heard it before but it so true. I really didn’t realize the value of Self-Myofascial and Stretching until attending school and practicing it myself. I am guilty of wanting to jump into the workout and get it done. I have found when I foam roll and stretch first I can challenge myself greater in the workout and the recovery isn’t as painful.  Starting the habit of warm-up and cooldown can be helpful in decreasing muscle soreness.

1.Heating Pad and Ice Pack

What is your go-to for pain relief?

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