Toxic intake affects your weight loss


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Defeating the purpose of weight loss

Our toxic intake is sabotaging our weight loss efforts! What if I told you that your lotion is causing you to gain weight? What if I told you that what you put on your body; or absorb from the environment that you live in will negate a “clean eating diet?” If you’re washing your dishes with chemical laden dish detergent then eating or drinking out of those dishes is a directly going into your blood stream. Something that seems harmless such as your shampoo bottle ingredient labeled “fragrance” can contain over 4,000 compounds of toxic chemicals. Why is this allowed you asked? Because beauty products and skin care are under regulated in the United States.  When considering honoring your temple people completely forget the mind which is key. They also neglect the outside of the body other than their appearance. When you think of healthy lifestyle or honoring your temple you immediately associate it with your fitness and nutrition but there is so much more.

Just think about your daily hygiene routine. Bathing: you use soap, lotion, deodorant, possibly shampoo and conditioner and maybe even a perfume or fragrance. You brush your teeth with plastic toothbrush and toothpaste which has a small traces but still toxic chemicals. You may use product to style your hair. Makeup? And you are putting all of these products on the largest organ of your body or in your mouth.  The concept of skin absorption is not new there are nicotine patches, birth control patches even appetite suppressants. That’s because the largest organ in our body is also the most vulnerable when it comes to toxic absorption. Some of the these chemicals are having adverse effects on your weight loss efforts.

toxic intake

What is a toxin?

I think a clear definition of what I mean by toxin is needed too. Toxins can cover a broad range of things-there are internal toxins which are normal bodily functions which God has designed in us to eliminate through our kidney and livers. Then there are external toxins from pesticides, industrial chemicals, mercury and so much more these are the toxins that I am referring to.  These are the toxins that are building up in our bodies and leading our organs to become overworked causing illness and weight gain.  These toxin are absorbed into our bloodstream through our skin, mouth, nose and then stored in our fat cells.  When we go to lose fat and weight the stored toxins in the fat cells are released into our body and then causes our metabolism to slow down. Adverse effects to cellular structure happens too which also causes illness’ such as cancer.  There have been hundreds of studies on the chemical toxins and the affects on your body during weight loss. The Obesity Review in 2003, researchers concluded that pesticides and Polychlorinated biphenyls, also known as PCBs (from industrial pollution) poison our metabolism when they are released from stored fat tissue.

toxic intake in body care products

What can I do to reduce my toxin intake?

I could literally go on and on about the adverse effects that we are doing to our body daily but I encourage you to do the research for yourself.  You will be shocked at what is really in your lotions and body care products and what they are doing to your body slowly but surely. Here are some recommendations on ways to detox and reduce your toxic intake.

  1. Reduce and minimize your toxic intake. Easier said then done right? Eat foods that are minimally process, organic foods, drink filtered water (which is a post in the making about our water filters), foods that don’t contain “food additives“, foods that are free of hormonesantibiotics, artificial sweeteners, artificial food colors, or artificial flavorings that were not originally found in the food. Let’s take it back to nature what God provided before we modified it to look or taste more appealing. Eat clean!
  2. Get rid of toxins through sweat! Exercise regularly, the use of saunas in a healthy and safe manor. Pesticides and heavy metals can be excreted through your skin by sweating. Did you know that workers at Ground Zero after 9/11 were treated through sweating in saunas to eliminate the toxins that were absorbed while they were working?
  3. Detox through food. I have detoxed by eating foods after unwise choices. Usually I do it 3 days at a time. There are a variety of foods that can help you do this. Make sure you follow step 1 when choosing the types of foods.  Cruciferous vegetables like: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, dandelion greens, cilantro, garlic, citrus peels and cocoa (definitely remember step 1 when choosing your cocoa) and drinking green tea can help detox your body.
  4. Water. Your body is designed by God to flush itself and people fail to realize that water helps flush fat which is where the toxins are stored so it is a great way to detoxify your body.
  5. Be conscious of the products that you use.  My family uses cowash for our shampoo and conditioner- its made of sulfite free products and all natural no synthetic chemicals. We use coconut oil for our lotion, Unrefined virgin coconut oil that’s it. We use Piperwai deodorant which works really well for when I work out. Deodorant is placed so close to your lymph nodes. It was one of the first things, other than my lotion that I replaced. After making my own and googling lots I finally found one that worked and I could be confident being around people after an intense workout session. I also found another blogger who has a few body care items that are homemade-all natural and safe to use. has body care products, teas, herbs, oils, creams, essential oils (which are becoming very popular now too).

I think the more that we educate ourselves the better we can be as consumers.  Unfortunately, we will never be completely toxin free not in the world that we have tainted from God’s original creation. But we can reduce our exposure and rid ourselves as much as possible.  This will help with not only weight loss but also with our complete health and help us to honor our temples.

Have you ever considered your body care products being toxic? What are some things that you have done to reduce your toxin intake?



24 Comments on “Toxic intake affects your weight loss”

  1. I knew that whatever you put on your skin is absorbed in 10 seconds, but I had no idea there were so many toxins around us! Thank you for sharing this info on how we can help reduce our risk.

  2. You’re right, it’s very important to be aware of what’s in the products you use, especially skincare products. I try to buy a locally produced line of skincare and haircare products and always coat my kids in organic chem-free sunscreens (though preferably long-sleeved tees.) Until today, I’d never considered toxins as having a effect on weight loss. Interesting concept.

    • Yes, it really stinks that we have to be concerned with everything that we put, eat or our environment and the effects it has on all aspects of our bodies.

  3. It’s crazy the amount of toxins that are in things!!!! As someone who was affected by the garbage. I tried the “fat burner” pills and yeah totally made my kidneys ache etc after only a few days!! Googled and yeah! Numerous reports of thee garbage and toxins in the pills. Learned that day if you really do use a supplemnt of any sort make sure it’s organic. Or just eat REAL food 😉 I definitely watch what I put in my body now!

    • Wow, I am sorry that you had to learn the hard way. I hope your body was restored. That is why I am aprehensive about other products marketed such as wraps and pills. It can have real lasting effects.

  4. Thank you so much for all of this information. I really need to be better about watching for toxins in the products we use. I’m conscious with foods, but don’t always think about it when it comes to things like make-up and lotion, which is just as important. Thank you for the great reminder and the product recommendations.

  5. Great read! Our family has just gotten into using essential oils to replace a lot of our old cleaning products or medications- but I’m finding it a little tricky with little ones in the house! It’s scary too bc even wih those small changes there is still so many toxic items around us!

  6. Excellent! We’ve moved to even taking toxic cleaning supplies from our home. I’m appalled at how much toxic materials we had in our home. Thank you for your tips.

  7. De, this really hit home! I really need to detox on food. We eat way too much that is processed. I also have a desk job during the week and consume too much junk food. This was a very well thought out and challenging post!

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