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Are you making your home toxic?

With Spring Cleaning in the air have you ever considered what your household chemicals are doing to your body? Have you been educated on the toxicity in some of the chemicals that are marketed to us as safe for your family? Just like body care products, household cleaners are loosely regulated and can have a bigger bite than what is claimed on commercials and advertisements. There can sometimes be hundreds of chemicals in a bottle to make it streak free or thousands of harmful chemicals to make it easy to clean dirt and grime.

Years ago, I took a class from the Massachusetts water company about the effects of common household cleaners and there effects on our home and water. I was in total shock and disbelief by the end of the workshop.  I used to be obsessive about how clean my house was and commonly used bleach, window cleaners, carpet fresheners,scrubs,and toxic dish detergents. Pretty much anything needed to keep your house immaculately clean and that was advertised as the strongest and most effective cleaner.  Unknowingly, I was creating a toxic environment for my at the time 4 month old and first child. As a mother of first child, I instantly went into guilt mode and got rid of all the toxic chemicals in my home. One of the take aways from the workshop was a recipe book to make your own toxic free cleaners. So, I invested in borax, bulk size baking soda, and vinegar and played household cleaner chemist. This was 12 years ago and the green cleaning movement was just beginning and the options of plant based cleaners were expensive and very few.  But once you learn something you can’t “unlearn” it so I have been “green cleaning” ever since.


Accessible toxic free cleaners

Here we are 12 years later and the variety of toxic free, plant-based cleaners can be overwhelming. It also can sometimes be a let down because of poor quality or the extra time it takes to clean. When I was making my own products the one thing that was a little discouraging is my DIY cleaners took a lot of extra elbow grease for those stubborn stains and dirt.  Now, I can pay for convenience as my mom likes to say. I have found lots of cleaners that do what they say without needing extra elbow grease or toxic chemicals.

I was able to check out Mrs. Meyers. I am now a huge fan! Like I said, I typically make most of my household cleaners with the exception of dishwasher and dish detergent and sometimes Laundry if life is too busy. As far as all-purpose cleaners I definitely throw my old recipe in the bottle and get to scrubbing.  I tried the Mrs. Meyers NEW! Baking Soda Cream Cleaner and Vinegar Gel and was in awe.  I used it on those trouble spots in my bathroom first. It worked miracles on my soap scum and grout.  So much easier to scrub than my home recipe and no residue left behind.  So, then I tested it on my stove which is another trouble spot in my home. Again, it did a great job.

I have used other commercial plant based cleaners. Sometimes find that I still need to add a little elbow grease or lots of rinses to get the residue off. Not with Mrs. Meyers this stuff was great and I don’t have to worry about the harmful chemicals.  Using Mrs. Meyers allows me to safely clean my home with less effort and at an affordable price safely. I am so appreciative of plant based chemical companies making mom life a little easier and would definitely be recommending Mrs.Meyers to my friends and family.

My Healthy Home has a great video that will educate you on the effects of some of the common household cleaners found in your home. Please share it with others who don’t know either. We have to take care of our temples inside and out and treat it how God intended.



Have you educated yourself on the harms of Household Cleaners? Have you tried Mrs.Meyers cleaners before? What are your favorites?

14 Comments on “Toxic Free Cleaning”

  1. I’ve been using my own diy cleaners for a while now. Mostly because I can’t stand the smell of the other ones! I actually can’t remember whether or not I’ve used Meyers before!

    • I also think it’s easy to just whip up your own batch. Meyers does have a strong scent not sure if it would work for you but I find it better than other products I have used.

  2. We also use a lot of natural based cleaners to help keep toxins out – I also found out that we can’t use borax because of the complications it can cause with asthma and allergy related issues.

    • Very true although we use alternative remedies for asthma and allergies such as chiropractic care my oldest daughter has little to know symptoms of allergies or asthma. I am sure its a combination of natural based cleaning and alternative preventative medicine.

  3. I am very conscious of what goes in my home when it comes to products and food. We need to all re-stock and rethink because we could be our family’s worst enemy just by the products we use

  4. NICE! I’ve been trying to find something like this and now I can add this to my list to make the transition soon! It’s so scary to think about what is really in those “cleaners,” but sometimes, we just do the best we can. Thank you for sharing your honest opinions – I will be referring back to this later 😉 -xx Anna

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