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Workout Safety: The Importance of Warm Up and Cool Down

I never realized knew the difference and the benefits of a warm up and cooled down until I began school. All of my fitness has been Beach Body or Online Trainers. Unfortunately, I was never encouraged to do… Read More

5 Habits Mom’s do to derail progress

I made a delicious, nutritious, and fat loss friendly meal for breakfast. Nothing extravagant Apple Chai (Sugar Free) Oatmeal and Hard boiled Eggs.  Something very simple after an intense workout. Ate my serving, that was measured out and… Read More

Getting My Functional Exercise

Functional exercises are performed every day in our workouts but have you considered doing a Functional Exercise workout to your weekly routine. As of recently this primary type of activity has not only caught my attention but is… Read More

Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge Day 4

  Day 4 Today’s prayer is: Give us time in our day to make a healthy lifestyle, a priority. Sit down and think of your daily priorities. On that list where does your health come in, number 4,… Read More

Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge Day 3

  Day 3 Today’s prayer is: Give me provision for all tools I need to honor our temple. God will provide When I first started this weight loss journey we were not in a financially stable place. I didn’t have… Read More


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