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Mango Thai Chicken Salad with Spicy Peanut Sauce

mango thai chicken salad

I used to be a plain salad, same salad kind of girl. I would get your standard mixed green or Ceasar Salad.  Then I began eating more protein and produce and before I found all that variety had to offer I got stuck in the same salad rut.  Funny enough my husband who is a same meal kind of guy. Like when I met him he would only eat “American” food defined by him as Hamburgers, Spaghetti (Technically not American) and Fried Chicken.  Anyways, he introduced me to adding fruit into my salad. He used to put strawberries, grapes, blackberries, apples and I thought “Eew, how gross” well you know the adage-Don’t knock it till you try it. Well I was pleasantly surprised. Now I am livening my salads up with different types of nuts, cheese, fruits, and dressings...

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Hamburger Salad (or Cheeseburger)


Week 2, of Carb Cycling and I have to say it is not going as bad as I had envisioned it before trying out this new way of eating.  It still requires the same amount of planning and prepping as my normal meal plan did. I am still eating lots of yummy food taking in 2300 calories of protein and produce.  I have just rearranged my meals to be lower in carbs or no carbs on certain days.  There is only one difference my high carb day is kind of like a “cheat day” and I don’t really believe in cheat days or partake in them. I believe in the 80/20 rule and lots of grace. 80% of the time I eat proper portions and types of food and 20% of time I indulge in birthday cake, pizza, or a sweet treat that I want...

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