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Teens and Money

Parenting is getting real, hard!

This school year has been a huge transition for the Bolton’ family. My husband and I are transitioning from parents of littles to parents of biggins and our roles as parents are expounding. We are no longer caring for our children’s safety and teaching them the laws of the land.  We now have to deal with another set of issues such as other children, social cues, independence, and responsibility.

It’s hard raising children in this world that are grateful and aren’t entitled.  I feel that children are handed a lot of things that we had to earn.  Tomorrow my in between diva will be nine and my twelve years old will be thirteen in April.  We are at a point especially with my twelve-year-old that we are asking to go beyond our at home playdates...

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Cleaning is a Family Game


 My Full Disclosure Policy 


The chore struggle

I have three little diva’s. When I refer to them as “lil diva’s” people always think that they are temperamental entitled little girls. When I am referring to my diva’s I think of them as divine, inspired, virtuous, anointed little girls that are being molded to be a powerful witness’ for God.  But they can also be very temperamental especially when it comes to cleaning chores around the house. The attitude that I get when I ask if their room is clean or the living room is vacuumed could be considered “diva”.



Techniques used in the past

I have tried several different strategies to make chores enjoyable in my house and less of a fight...

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