7 Ways to Get your Energy Back

Did you know that majority of our population feels tired all the time? Fatigue can be a common symptom in a lot of disorders and diseases, but more often than not it’s because of some bad lifestyle habits.  There’s good news and bad news. Good news? It can be easily corrected. Bad news? You’re going to have to change.  If you do want your energy back, I have seven suggestions that can help.

  1. Get up! Most of our jobs require us to sit for hours at a time which is making you tired, and most people claim to be too tired to be active and exercise.  So, what’s the solution? Get up ANYWAYS! I promise you it will boost your energy and the more you do it, the more you have.  You can make small changes in your sedentary lifestyle to begin steps towards more energy.  Aren’t you tired of being tired? Start standing instead of sitting; stairs instead of elevators (come on you’ve heard it before) the reason is it works! Do better for yourself and get up and start moving.
  2. Stop eating too many refined carbs! I know you heard it before no carbs and that is not what I am saying I am saying no REFINED carbs meaning- stuff that comes in a box or bag that can sit on your shelf for months at a time.  You know shelf-stable goods.  Well, those items that can last a long time on your shelf are zapping your energy and robbing you sending spikes in your blood sugar but then leaving you tired and groggy. Carbs are a great source of quick energy, but there are better ways to get them.  There have been researching findings that suggest minimizing sugar and processed carbs at meals and for snacks will give you greater energy levels.
  1. Eat what you need! I am so glad I got out of the train of thought to eat less to lose weight.  Calories are what we use to measure how much energy food provides.  It is what your body needs to operate when you eat fewer calories than your body needs to work your body aka metabolism slows down to preserve energy for really need it, and that slowdown process is making you tired.  Now there is no set number for calorie intake because everyone is different, but you should be getting more than 1200 calories a day to make sure your body isn’t slowing down.  So, eat up (not too much) but what you need to fuel your day and you will have the energy to perk up. 
  2. Eat more protein! I find that along with the high refined carb diet we tend to not get enough protein. There have been a lot of protein products on the market but if you look carefully the fillers that are put in them make them high in carbs too.  Not getting enough protein can cause lack of energy.  Studies have shown that eating protein increases your metabolic rate more than carbohydrates and fats.  Also, several studies show that people with diets that have adequate or higher protein rich foods have more self-reported more energy than others who diets had less. I would suggest eating quality protein at every meal to help you boost your energy.
  3. Drink more water! It always comes back to this, but proper hydration will give you the energy you need.  When your body is tired is because it is trying to restore itself making sure that you are properly hydrated will prevent your body from going into restoration mode. 
  4. Sleep better! For such a tired nation you think we’d sleep better, but most of us are not getting enough of the quality sleep we need to function at our best; including myself.  It also makes sense why you don’t have the energy you need to go about your daily life and are relying on other sources for energy.  I have stressed the importance of rest many times before and how it is crucial to helping you operate best.  My suggestions for those who do have trouble sleeping? Do something during the day that is physical for at least 30 minutes a day; it can even resemble exercise.  Working out can help you rest easy at night getting those zzz’s that you body needs! Take shorter naps! So, you did not sleep last night. You get home from work, and you are beyond tired.  Naps, are good right? A quick 3-hour nap will be best? Nope! Another reason your sleep is off is from sleeping at the wrong times.  Quick 20-30 minutes are reenergizing any longer than that needs to wait for the evening.  Sleeping for long stretches during the day is throwing your internal clock off try to wait till evening even if you may need to go to bed a little earlier than usual try to keep long sleep durations to night time.
  1. Stop stressing! Stop stressing and give it to God!  High levels of stress can zap your energy and rob you of a joyful life.  Aren’t you tired of being tired? Stress management is an excellent way to give you the energy you need.  We often deal with stress by shutting down leaving us tired, cranky and worn.  There is proven release of stress and freedom in prayer, worship and devotion through other ways than sitting in a church service.

I am sure most of these tips you have heard before but don’t know how to apply them to your life, or there are so many things you need to apply you don’t know where to begin.  I may have something that can help? I have my new Bibles and Bootcamps starting in a few weeks.  I created this program to be the basic training you need in your faith and fitness journey.  Walking step-by- step, with you give you action items to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle that helps you to increase your energy, help you lose weight all while you are growing and strengthening your faith.  I would love to help you live the life you deserve and hope that you will Join us!

Detox after Easter


How I detox

My favorite way to detox is to eat. I never knew that you could detox by just using what God has given us. I always thought you had to take a supplement or a special tea/ It never occurred to me that God created foods that do even better than those magic solutions. There are a few things that you can detox and vegetable infused water may not exactly get it done. It’s nice to add different flavors to your water especially if you’re consuming half your body weight in water a day. But it’s not going to be solely responsible for cleansing your body. You’re not receiving all the nutrients of those water and vegetable combinations through infusion. Water is the best way to detox but there is also veggies and fruits.

Cruciferous veggies which are members of the cabbage family.  They contain phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and fibers that are important to your health.  They have been recommended by various health agencies that we eat several servings per week for numerous reason.

  1. They help lower cancer risk
  2. They help you with oxidative stressis the overload of harmful molecules called oxygen-free radicals, which are generated by the body. Reducing these free radicals may reduce the risk of colon, lung, prostate, breast, and other cancers.
  3. They help protect against cardiovascular disease
  4. They contain Vitamin A, C, E and folic acid which helps reduce chronic inflammation- which can be caused with diets that are high in wine, and coffee but high in sugar,sweetened soft drinks, refined grains, and processed meat. All things that are prevalent in Easter dinner feast.

Some Suggestions on how to cook Cruciferous Vegetables for the most nutrition benefits from Web MD:

  • Don’t overcook cruciferous vegetables. They can produce a strong sulfur odor and become unappealing.
  • You can buy several types of cruciferous vegetables ready-to-go in the frozen or fresh packaged sections of your supermarket, including broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.
  • No raw veggie platter is complete without dark green broccoli or snowy white cauliflower florets.
  • Add raw broccoli or cauliflower florets to your green salad to give the nutrients a big boost.
  • Add chopped cruciferous veggies to soups, stews, and casseroles.
  • When buying fresh broccoli, look for firm florets with a purple, dark green, or bluish hue on the top. They’re likely to contain more beta-carotene and vitamin C than florets with lighter green tops. If it has yellow in it or is limp and bendable, the broccoli is old — don’t buy it.

Other Options or Additional Detox

There are also fruits that can help with detox far better than any supplement. Berries such as: cranberries,blueberries,strawberries are antioxidants that are great in salads, shakes, and as snacks if you’re detoxing from some indulgent eating. A new thing that I am in love with is avocado seed powder. It’s another thing you can add to rid you of toxins in your body really easy to add to your diet and tasteless if you want to add it to any meal, shake, coffee or tea.



I am a much happier camper when I am supplying myself with good foods versus depriving myself by using special cleanse potions that was formulated in a lab. This stir fry is my detox stir fry. A super berry smoothie and some “detox stir fry” and I am usually feeling a little better about my poor weekend decisions. When you clean your body with God’s goodness after an Easter where you may have indulge too much  on the things like sweets and sodium rich food. You won’t feel as much regret and will won’t negate your bad decisions but on the path towards better choices.

How do you detox?


Detox Stir Fry

Detox Stir Fry


  • 1/4 Onion, Sliced
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic, Sliced
  • 2 Tbsp Of Fresh Ginger, Grated
  • 1 Tbsp of Fresh Turmeric, Grated
  • 1/2 cup Kale, Cut
  • 1/2 cup Brocoli Florets, Chopped
  • 1/4 cup of Green Beans
  • 1 cup of Asparagus, Cut into
  • 1/4 cup of Sliced Baby Carrots
  • 1/2 cup of Grape Tomatoes, halved
  • 1/2 medium size sweet potato, cubed
  • 2 tbsp of Avocado Seed powder
  • 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp. of Coconut Aminos
  • 2 Tbsp. Coconut Oil
  • Protein Optional
  • 1 Chicken Breast Cutlet or Skinless Boneless Chicken Thigh (Preferably Organic, Hormone Free)
  • or 1 cup of peeled Shrimp, deveined, cleaned
  • 1 cup of Flank Steak Sliced
  • or
  • 1 cup of Cubed Tofu
  • or
  • 4-6 oz. Salmon (preferably wild caught)


  1. Melt Coconut oil in pan
  2. Add Onion let saute for 2 minutes, add garlic, ginger, turmeric for 2 minutes
  3. Add remaining veggies, let saute for 5-10 minutes depending on preference
  4. Add Coconut Aminos
  5. Add Avocado Seed powder
  6. Toss till completely coated.
  7. Serve with grilled protein with 2-3 tbsp of coconut aminos
  8. or Eat as is.
  9. Enjoy!
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Why switching to a Biblical based diet worked for me?

In the last few years, so many things have changed for me inside and out.  My perspective I think has had the greatest change in my life.  I think through my seeking God to help me, trusting in Him and be grateful in the moment has revealed lots.  What I think has become more than just a habit but a lifestyle change for me is eating a Biblical based diet.  Through Bible study and my own, I have researched in the great instruction book for life, the Bible.  Where all questions are answered. So, when people ask what should I be eating, drinking, shaking you can take it back to the Word.  God has something to say on that subject and I promise you Hot Pockets is not on it.  Now, grains, vegetables, and meats that come naturally from God’s earth is but we were not meant to be putting the extra additives that are added to Hot Pockets to fuels God’s good creation.  So, when flipping through the good book even if you start from the beginning very quickly after man is created he is instructed on what he can eat.

Genesis 9:3 “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

That verse made it easy all of those things can be found at your local grocers around the outside area.  I don’t see anything from Aisle 9 on the list. I don’t think that we appreciate that meats and vegetables are in this modern time prepared for our convenience. They come pre-cut meats and fish(and other things) as well as pulled and washed fruits and vegetables but that is not convenient enough. We now see it as a chore to take the precut meats and veggies and fruits and then prepare them.  We want it already prepared, fast, and ready to serve.  Then that can even be too inconvenient to have to heat it up so we would prefer driving up to a window, placing our request to our specific likes and receiving it cooked, hot and truly ready to eat. That was me Drive Thru Junkie and I spent most of my time in the car and very little time enjoying things of life other than work and my children.

29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. 30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds in the sky and all the creatures that move along the ground—everything that has the breath of life in it—I give every green plant for food.” And it was so. Genesis 1:29-30

Then I found myself with post baby and some extra bad decisions weight and no one to blame but me; and looking for some place to try something different and being  inconvenienced.  I remember how daunting it initially was to prepare every meal AT HOME or to have things for the girls to take to school or sports, just snacks because like I said, things like Hot Pockets and Goldfish are not on a Biblical diet. Once I figured out a list of do’s and don’ts (taking straight from the Word) and how to prepare them so that I can eat like have become accustomed in my 34+ years but better for me.  So, that’s what I did trial and error. A few bad meals here and there that eventually became delicious and you never missed the extra additives. Meal prep and preparation was quicker. And I began seeing miraculous effects on my body that did not only involve weight loss.

7 Reason I maintain a Biblical Based Diet

  1. I feel AMAZING! I believe it is why I have the energy to do all that I do each day and go to bed beat.  No longer the highs and lows of sugars and processed foods. My skin has also cleared up! I have not changed my skin care routine just the things I eat. I’ve gone from lots of dark marks to just a few and it’s nice to not do anything or pay anything extra for skincare just needed to eat right.  “It was written all over my face.”
  2. I know longer suffer from seasonal allergies! Seriously, people didn’t believe especially my family until they witnessed it themselves.  I have suffered since I was a child with seasonal allergies. I had to get a shot every week to just maintain some sort of normalcy on top of daily allergy medicine. In the last year, I have not taken any allergy medicine, no sniffles, no itchy eyes, or scratchy throat. In my entire life, I have never gone through spring or fall without symptoms.  I haven’t gone to an allergist to confirm but I do know that I only eat whole foods and other than that nothing has changed.
  3. I know longer have digestion issues! I used to always complain after every meal “my stomach hates me.” Since going Whole or Biblical I only have complaints when I eat things that I am allergic to or are heavily processed.  Like, “Just add water” makes my tummy HURT! But since eating a Biblically based diet I can eat without remorse ant that in itself has been worth it.
  4. I have amazing energy! Seriously, I no longer need coffee just for the taste. I used to be dependent come 2:30-4:30 I would be wiped ou and no longer. When I eat well I feel well and I have the energy to power through my day!
  5. I have lost weight! If you have been following my journey you have seen the transformation but if you haven’t I’ve lost 70 lbs within 18 months.  I know coming from my Drive Thru junkie diet that it is a direct correlation with what I eat.  It has also propelled my weight loss and allowed me to achieve my goal faster than most.  Nutrition is 80% of the journey and although I love to workout only eating what God has provided has helped me tremendously in the simplifying what to eat the only thing I needed direction on was how.
  6. It’s simple! Eating a Biblically based diet is easy. I don’t stress organic or ecological we focus on perishable.  The most complicated part is how to eat a Biblically based diet and still enjoy the foods you love. It’s is possible! I would love to show you how.  In our Bibles and Bootcamp, we spend two weeks exclusively on how we fuel our temple.
  7. I feel I am honoring my temple! This is the best benefit of them all.  I am honoring my temple which gives me the energy to care for others, love other s and share God with others and that is what we are called to do.

Changing to this lifestyle has changed my life, health, and mind and I want to share it with you.  If you need help with Nutrition, Fitness and how to make it a lifestyle change that will stick.

Join us this May for our Bibles and Bootcamp where I will give you a nutrition guide and accountability with a meal plan and step-by-step family-friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as a weekly shopping list with my 6-week Transformation program.

I also have a Free download for women who have been trying but just having a hard time achieving their goals. There are 3 Mistakes that I see women make that is preventing them from losing weight.

What are some things that you are struggling with on weight loss?

Effective Resistance Training



The flexibility of our schedule in the summer allowed me to go to the gym early in the morning. Now that school has started I have found it much harder to get up for those now even earlier morning AM workouts. I have to get back to a better sleep routine. So, I have disrupted my whole workout routine. It’s only been one full week, so it occurred to me the other day that I have all the essentials to get incredible at home workout. I started this journey working out at home, but I have added some new tools to my arsenal.

At Home, Workouts are the Best!

I forgot how much I love at home workouts. I don’t have to wait my turn, and I don’t have to wear headphones, leave the house, and find a sitter. When I first started working out at home, all I had was a few set of dumbbells and some rubber tube resistance bands.

Resistance Band

Among many of things I have acquired over the last year, my new favorite thing is my new SomaSole resistance Links™. Typically, resistance bands are tubular reinforced rubber bands in different colors to designate their resilience. Over the summer I attended the Idea World Blog Fest & Fitness Convention. As I was touring the Expo floor, I saw these two gentlemen crawling, jumping, squatting, lunging all with what looked like attached resistance bands.


SomaSole Bands

SomaSole Links™ are not your typical resistance bands. They attach to your feet. They also are not made of a tubular reinforced rubber band in different colors. It is one set of two short bungee bands and one long bungee bands. They attach the Link™ by a carabiner attachment to your feet. It’s only 2 lbs, and you don’t have to worry about a color band.



How do they work?

They’re very easy to put on but initially takes some adjusting. Once they’re on you no longer have to worry about your band slipping or popping. Have you ever had a resistance band handle pop off? I have hurt myself by punching myself in the face (Yes, it’s funny now) but at the time I got myself pretty hard. I then broke my other one a few days later and was a little apprehensive to try them again. I nearly broke my jaw doing an upward row. Ouch! No longer a problem with the SomaSole attached to your shoe.


Anywhere Workout

You can take these anywhere and keep them with you easily wherever you go. If you’re like me and have no shame, you can break them out while you’re watching your kids practice and do a quick 15-minute routine. You can get a great workout without the gym. If you have limited space this is great too it can be stored almost anywhere and comes with its bag which is convenient. Resistance + Body Weight is all I need for an effective workout.


5 Reasons why Resistance Bands should be in your arsenal.

I can list lots of reasons other than the ones I’ve already given, but I am going to narrow the last five. My Fab 5 reasons for Resistance Bands

  1. Affordable- Investing in a SomaSole system is more cost effective than investing in other equipment because of its size, versatility, and efficient workout.
  2. From Beginner to Advance- Anyone can add these bands to their workout no matter what your fitness level is in, and they are incredibly easy to adjust for height too.
  3. You don’t have to change your workout routine- You can easily use the SomaSole band in your existing workout routine getting a whole body workout instead of limiting to certain muscle groups.
  4. Easy for Travel and Save Space– If you have a job where you travel a lot SomaSole is fantastic too. There are always Hotel gyms but why not a workout where you’re at and pack these to take wherever you go.
  5. You can do it all by yourself– these bands can be used alone or with other workout equipment. Resistance Bands are ideal for their versatility


I am proud to be a SomaSole Ambassador; I believe that the versatility of this workout equipment could be a new essential for at home workouts. Replacing other expensive equipment and allowing you the versatility. Over the next two weeks I will be demonstrating some at home workouts with my SomaSole’s either on FB Live or my Instagram Page. I want one of my readers to have the SomaSole experiences so we will announce the giveaway winner via FB Live at 12:00pm EST October 5,2016. Go to my Facebook Page and meet me there October 5th to announce the winner.
If you’re looking to purchase SomaSole Links  use Coupon Code: DeBolton10 for a 10% discount


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Sliding My Mommy Tummy away


My Full Disclosure Policy

Momsanity Core Sliders

Still on a mission

If you have been following my weight loss you know a few things about me. First, this is not my first time at the rodeo this is time number 3 for me battling the bulge. Second, I gained an obscene amount of weight with each of my precious little diva’s. Diva 1: 95 pounds, Diva 2: 85 pounds, and Diva 3: (which was actually 3 & 4) 75 pounds.  So, to say that I still have a long journey ahead is an understatement. What makes matter worse is after I came home with Diva #3 I gained another 20 pounds totaling 95 pounds to lose. Yes, people I have to lose a 12 year old off of my soon to be little 5′ 3″ body. I will lose it! Unfortunately, not overnight or in the same amount of time (9 months) that it took me to gain it.  The last thing you should know if you haven’t been following is that I am doing fitness better. I have better nutrition, better exercise and a game plan. I am also with okay with slow and steady winning the race.

A great tool to get the job done

Like most women I want to my tummy to shrink and my BLT (butt, legs and thighs) to chisel. When I got the opportunity to try the MomSanity Sisterhood’s Core Sliders it was an enthusiastic, YES! The one thing that has been really bothering me during this weight loss is my mommy tummy. It just seems to be the last thing to budge. I never really had issues with a bulging belly with my other two girls but this time around it is so stubborn. Even my arms which is typically hard to lose weight in has slimmed but this tummy did not want to cooperate. Until, I got the MomSanity Core sliders. I am really loving the workout that I have been getting with my core sliders.  I feel a difference when I am working out. I feel that I am able to really contract and push a little further in my workout. It is a concentrated intense short workout. Just what I need with a active toddler and a busy family to manage. I don’t have time for 100’s of crunches and hours of cardio. I need efficient and effective.

Helps with past injuries

Especially things like mountain climbers, plank jacks and they are so easy on my toes.  I fractured my big toe while I was pregnant. One of those clumsy kick the bed rail too hard and it took forever to heal. Sometimes when I do burpees or plank jacks it gets aggravated but not with the sliders because I don’t have to jump on them for plank jacks love that. It’s also easier on my knees when I am doing mountain climbers and lunges. As a former competitive cheerleader and gymnast (in my hay day) sometimes squats and lunges ache my knees. I am extremely cautious of my form  but I still feel the aches. I have found with the sliders I am not as achy after doing workouts that add pressure to my knees.

MomSanityTriangle Core Sliders

See fast results

The first week, I focused on my belly and I used the free workout that comes with them. They’re great! 5 minutes of intense focused workouts for those trouble areas. They’re not “insanity” level intensity they are definitely concentrated to the areas they are working out. MomSanity Sisterhood have created a 5 minute video for your Upper Body, Booty, Core, Legs, and Arms.  Deb, one of the MomSanity trainers walks you through each workout. Another thing that I love is they can be downloaded on my phone so I can pull them up anywhere. I prefer home workouts but if you are at the gym, whip your phone out and you’re good to go.  No subscription needed and no data because it’s saves right there on your phone. You could even do it at the park which I will be doing next week!

MomSanity Core Sliders

Not your typical sliders

The sliders themselves are genius. They have a hard purple side (which is this FaithFueled Mom’s favorite color) and that is to be used on the carpet. Then they have a spongy, foam like side that is great for traction on your hard wood floors.  I also like the shape of them they are triangular versus round so it fits the top of your feet well. The round sliders I have used I always had to adjust my feet so that they fit. The triangular shape allows you to get your reps in without constantly stopping to adjust where your toes go.  I now incorporate my core sliders as a warm up or with my HIIT training that I do. I also do the 5 minute core and arm workout on my off days. I like to mix my workouts up so I will probably venture to other moves but the video’s that you receive for FREE with your sliders are great workouts for beginners all the way to advanced athletes.  It’s also nice to add versatility to your at home workouts. I am so excited to be incorporating these tools in my home workouts. Will highly recommend. Follow me on Instagram where I will show you how I use MomSanity Triangular coresliders in my workouts.

MomSanity Core Slider Progress

So, my two week results! What do you think? I think there is definite progress and after 3 months who knows I may start to see the six pack that I have been day dreaming about in between reps.  What is your favorite ab routine? Have you considered adding sliders to it? Would you like a pair of your own? Enter in the giveaway!


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