7 Ways to Start Working Out

Phew! What a journey I am on something that I never thought I would be able to do but having a sliver of a vision and trusting in God has led me to a beautiful place where I get to inspire others to get up and do something. I remember wanting to lose weight, work out, be a runner, anything to get active but having some interpretation and not knowing where to begin.  I also HATED exercising, so it took a while for me to find my groove but once I did, I am so grateful for the abilities God has given me.  Not everyone is like me and wants to run it out in a gym.  When I first started, I loathed the idea of going to the gym, and now it’s a place that I have come to find peace and need to get away in my day. I didn’t wake up one day and become a gym rat or want to exercise. It took over two years of intentional, consistent effort and it is now something apart of my daily routine. I remember getting started, and so I have seven suggestions for how to make a “Working Out” apart of your daily routine.

1. Walk and Worship

When in doubt walk it out. My favorite thing to do is walk and worship. Whether I have a great playlist, amazing sermon, bible study, or just to walk in nature. Spending time strolling (not power walking) and being filled with teh Holy Spirit has produced some Hallelujah moments as well as great revelations.  Try to carve 30 minutes out of your day an enjoy the difference.

2. Play with your kids (or someone else’s)

Going to the park is a way I can entertain all my lil diva’s, spend time with them and get a little sweat session. From big to little everyone can get involved and will want to participate.  My oldest and I will do Hill Sprints while my other two play in the dirt or try to keep up.  Tag is my middle’s favorite game to play with me is a tag.  Tagging her is impossible, but the chase is a great workout because she is so fast. She also enjoys watching me fall all over the place trying to tag her.  Once in a while, I get a lucky break, but I always end up laughing my abs off and get a good little cardio burst from the stop and start of tag my middle has memories of her mom falling around the park like a fool and couldn’t catch her. Then Mimi, requires lifting, holding your arms up to make sure they don’t fall, pushing around the merry-go-round, and pulling or pushing the swing back and forth. Thirty minutes of playing with kids is a decent workout. Then you always have just monkeying around which is fun too, and your kids will love it. September was National Childhood Obesity Awareness month and getting outside as a family is a great way to start healthy foundations in children’s lives.

3. Workout at home

That’s how I started doing different things at home. Creating a routine daily to sweat for 30 minutes I would get up early do my devotions and then workout. Two years later it is still a habit.  Doing workouts at home is great because it is non-intimidating and convenient. It also leaves you no excuse.

4. Join an Online Fitness Community

If you don’t have the support group physically the Internet can be a blessing with help you stay accountable.  Do your research when you choose a program! There are some great programs that can give you a plan for a home or gym workout as well as accountability.  My Bible’s and Bootcamp members have seen lots of success through the fellowship and accountability of my online group training program.


5. Find a fun Group Exercise class-

I’ve written about how this is my third major weight loss in the past.  When I lost 105lbs (before social media), I did it through participation in classes at my local YMCA. I’ve done miles and miles of spinning, hours of Zumba, boot camp and kickboxing. I even did this Triathalon class for six weeks it was really intense, but I found results. Recently, I was certified in Zumba, PKfit, and I teach a weekday group class that coves HIIT, Upper and Lowe body Resistance and Cardio Kickboxing.  The results I see in teh members who consistently attend classes and follow an adaptable nutrition plan are phenomenal.  I am really excited to start teaching Strong by Zumba™ in the next few months. I’ve put a lot of things on the back burner while I was finishing school, but I am really excited to become an instructor.  Strong by Zumba™ is a program that is picking up in popularity because of the difference it is from what we know as Zumba. There are no shimmies or grapevines. This workout is ” is a high-intensity interval training workout driven by the science of Synced Music Motivation.” It has more traditional fitness moves like squats, planks, pushups and yes, burpees which you will not find in a Zumba class.  You should find your local class, or if you are near me you can check me out in a month at Revolution 360 on Saturday’s soon!

6. Try something that scares you

This year I have been doing things that I wouldn’t have done a few years ago because of anxiety. Even though I was blocking myself, it didn’t stop me from being curious about a lot of things.  This year I have decided to try those things and stop thinking about them, so when opportunities have presented themselves, I have tried something new.  What I have learned is that trying something new may unlock a passion that leads you to want to do it on a regular basis and not only would you have started a workout you may enjoy and look forward to doing it; cool concept? Just because lifting weights is what other people do doesn’t mean that you might have better results and enjoy what you are doing by swimming or fencing or double dutch or pilates.There are so many different possibilities and a way to “workout” and exercise; it’s not a one size fits all.You deserve to live a healthy life, and it looks different on every one. Just as we are “uniquely and wonderfully made” so is how our temples are honored.

7. Pray

Pray for direction, pray for self-discipline, pray to crave the things that are good for your body. Pray for a desire to treat your temple the way it deserves to be treated.  In Bibles and Bootcamps, we lead you through 6 weeks of daily devotions and prayer to change your mindset and hear from “I HAVE to workout to I GET to workout;” and in doing so, you are honoring your temple. The mind is a powerful thing and making adults do what they don’t want is hard. That is the hardest part your mental mindset, but when your mental, spiritual and physical are working together you can full honor God and bring Him glory!

 “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.” Romans 12:1

Is getting started with a workout program a struggle? What makes it hard?

Pumpkin Angel Food Cake

Let the pumpkin madness begin. MM MM sooo yummy!


Serves 12
Prep time 30 minutes
Cook time1 hour
Total time1 hour, 30 minutes
Adapted from :The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook, 2001-2010

1 1/2 cup Coconut palm sugar
3/4 cups cake flour-I used Swan’s Down
1 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice or Chinese Five-Spice Powder
1/2 teaspoon of Korinjte Cinnamon (because I am a Cinnamon snob you can use regular ground Cinnamon)
(I used Alchemy Spice Wake & Bake Sweet Spice Blend)
12 Large egg whites (room temperature)
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/4 teaspoon table salt (or 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt)
1 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
3/4 cups pumpkin puree (fresh or canned)


*****A tube pan is essential to making this cake.  Any other pan will not allow the cake to “climb” and reach the height that an angel food cake should reach, resulting in a squat, dense cake.  You can buy an inexpensive tube pan at any store that sells home goods.  It’s worth the investment.*****

I made these in heart mini cakes for proper serving portions. (I can can eat can eat way can eat way to much cake,when left to left to my own slicing).

Step 1)Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper. (IA do the dishes at my house so I use this for all of my baking) Whisk 3/4 cup of the sugar and the pumpkin pie spice or Chinese five-spice powder and cinnamon (fanvy or regular) with the cake flour in a medium bowl.

Step 2) Whip the egg whites and the cream of tartar together over medium-low speed in a stand mixer for about a minute, until foamy. Increase the speed to medium-high and whip until puffy, about a minute, then add the salt and the remaining sugar a tablespoon at a time. Whip until soft peaks are reached.

Step 3)Remove from the stand mixer and gently whisk in the lemon juice by hand. Sift the flour/sugar mixture over the egg whites 1/4 cup and a time, gently but thoroughly folding in with a spatula after each addition. Now, add the pumpkin puree 1/4 cup at a time, taking great care not to deflate the egg whites as you are folding. You will end up with a few pockets of pumpkin throughout the batter-that’s okay.

Step 4)Carefully scrape the batter into the prepared tube pan. Tap the bottom of the pan against the counter a few times to settle it. Place in the oven for 50-60 minutes, until golden brown and springy.

Step 5)Remove the cake from the oven and immediately invert. Most tube pans have “feet” or the center portion is taller than the edges allowing the pan to stand off of the counter, but if yours does not place the center of the pan over a sturdy bottle. Cool like this for at least three hours before removing from the pan. This step keeps the cake from deflating as it cools.(grandma tip…she taught me this one)

Step 6)Run a thin knife or spatula around the edge of the pan to loosen the cake, then (assuming your pan has a removable bottom) under the Serve at room temperature

Grace in Loss


Learning something new

Every time I think that I have this Christian walk thing figured out God gives me another challenge to master. Not that I think that I could be perfect and walk like Jesus, but I make a conscious effort to live and abide in Christ. There are so many challenges that I face in my attempts but this one in particular keeps coming up in many different ways. It’s something that is multi-faceted but people seem to pigeon hole in one or two areas; grace.

My understanding of grace is God showing unmerited favor to us in the form of blessings. A pretty generalized idea that can be applied in many situations right? Yes, so with that interpretation I never realized how much grace God really does show us daily. There are the obvious, and there are the not-so-obvious ones that we take for granted and then there are the really big ones.

Different types of grace

1 Corinthians 15: 10 But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me.

The obvious graces that I recognize and give praise to God daily for: I woke up this morning, food to eat, clothes to wear, home, healthy family, great husband. There are the ones that we take for granted but still are His grace nonetheless. These are the ones that I never praise Him for nor do I recognize as grace but I should and need to work on. The tedious tiresome task of our everyday life is God’s grace too.  For me being a stay at home mom’s those are the ones that I tend to complain about the most. I am grateful for God’s grace I am able to stay at home. I am grateful that although I complain and behave ungratefully; he still shows me favor. Things like laundry, dishes, bathrooms, and kitchen floors (to name a few). These are the ones that I am still trying to master and he is challenging me with everyday.

Then there are the really big ones, those are monumental moments in my life that I can pinpoint the effect His grace had on me. It was by God’s grace that I married my husband. The house that we live in was definitely through His grace and direction.  One that really stands out in my mind lately and I don’t really think I have thoroughly processed is the birth of my third daughter.



Life changing Grace
My youngest one was what would be refer to as an “accident.” We weren’t intentionally planning to conceive her and I was in complete denial that I was pregnant in the beginning. All the signs were there but I was passing them off as other things. Until, I was unbearably sick for days.  So, took the test, came out positive and headed to the doctor. Went through all the general procedure and had an ultrasound to measure the baby. At the ultra sound found out that “Yay! ( a little sarcasm) not only did we accidentally conceive one child but there were two in there.” Have you ever seen the commercial where the dad passes out over learning of triplets? Imagine my husbands face just before he passed out but didn’t actually fall to the ground. I wasn’t exactly thrilled but I was ready for whatever God had given us.

We continued to live life and scheduled another ultrasound appointment 3 weeks later. Still unbelievably sick to the point I had lost 10 pounds in three weeks. Was very weak, tired and couldn’t get much accomplished. Went in with my little sister and soon to be middle daughter for the ultra-sound excited to see how my two lil ones had progressed in the 3 short weeks.  At 11 weeks, I went in for the next ultrasound; Get in, lathered up, after a few swipes the ultrasound tech brow furrows, a few more swipes and she says, “I will be back I have to go talk to the doctor.” Hind sight, I should have known something was wrong but dealing with a curious 5 year old and chatting with my sister I didn’t pay attention.  The doctor comes in,introduces her self and after few swipes regretfully tells me,”I am sorry but “Baby A” no longer has a heart beat.” Seriously, how do you react to something like that? You only have had 3 weeks to process that everything will be multiplied times two and just as quickly as you come to terms with that; you subtract it back down to one.  I am not a very emotional person and I admittedly can be slow some time so it took me a long time to process that, honestly I still am working on it.


Ephesians 2:8  For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—.

We left and I had the mommy task of answering lots of questions that I couldn’t answer myself. Got seen by my doctor the next day and she explained to me that it was probably the best thing that “Baby A” didn’t make it. It probably had some “cell abnormalities, defects, they were fraternal so that should have no effect on Baby B, blah blah blah,” doctor talk. The gist is that then I was on bed rest for 6 weeks, lots of doctors appointments to make sure that “Baby B” would be okay. Fast forward 6 months and I had a wonderful, natural delivery of a 7 lb 8 oz. healthy little girl who was perfect in every way. Her name is Milah and she is my happiest child, super intelligent and a weird and funny fact was born with four nipples. We jokingly say in remembrance of her twin but there might be some truth to that we have yet to find out. (Insert twilight zone music now). Through God’s grace he had spared her from her siblings fate and she is now our little happy survivor. Her middle name is Taryn-Grace and every day I am reminded of God’s unmerited favor of  not taking both babies but sparing me one. There are days that I look at her and think, “What if there had been two?” and there are others day that I look at her and think, “What would have I done with two?”



Depths of His Grace

Just as God is infinite with His love for us, I find He is even more so with His grace. Every day at every moment we are walking, talking, breathing and basking in His grace. The birth of my daughter was death of me relying on the world, it strengthened my faith and made me the strong Christian woman I am today. That in itself if you knew the path I was on is God’s grace. Seeing this perfect little person that from the very beginning before she even came to us God showed favor. That was more than enough proof that my God is an awesome God.  Every day when I sit and reflect on the grace that He shows me in the obvious, the routine and the really big ones. (Not every day but some days there are those neon light big moments) Where not only He show me faith but glimpse of the immensity of His love for me through His grace.

How has God showed you grace today? Yesterday? In a big way?

Spiced Pumpkin Protein Cookies (Family Approved)

We love Pumpkin apparently everyone does too and sweet treats are what makes fall fun and memorable! Just because we live a healthier life at the Bolton’s doesn’t mean I want my girls to miss the holiday fun. I have learned over the last few years that healthy can taste good and sometimes better than “junkie” food.  This is one of the cases. This pillowy goodness is like having a mini pumpkin roll in your mouth. So good and so easy. Pumpkin is also a great superfood so we should capitalize on its fall popularity and redeem some of the benefits.


5 Reasons you Should Go Pumpkin Crazy

  1. Helps you see better Pumpkin is high in Vitamin A and a little bit of pumpkin can give you twice the benefits of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A which helps you with your vision and so you can see all da things. Great for your eye health. (also helps keep healthy skin, teeth, and bones) full body repair.
  2. Reduce Blood Pressure I am not saying that these cookies are your new natural source to lower blood pressure but I am saying that pumpkins, especially their seeds have what we call phytoestrogens which studies have shown are amazing at reducing hypertension. The Phytoestrogens oil that is found in pumpkin seeds has been known to lower both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure within months of increasing your intake.
  3. Rest Easier rest is so important in overall health. God has commanded us to rest because He knows our needs and what will help us honor our temple.  THat is not as easy as it sounds sometimes. I have had bouts of sleepiness in my adult life.  Pumpkin contains an amino acid called trytophan it is more commonly known in Turkey and the culprit for the “itis” after Thanksgiving. You can find that same amino acid in pumpkin seeds. Tryptophan not only makes you sleepy but it also helps create serotonin which is a hormone that makes you “feel good.” With an increase sleepy feeling and a mood enhancer, it is sure to help you rest easy.
  4. Keep your heart healthy fiber is great for your heart, studies have shown that in males who had a diet that is high in fiber over 40% of the men had a lower risk of heart disease than those who did not have a high fiber diet. This is true for women too and pumpkin is a high fiber fruit that if cooked properly can be a great benefit to your heart health.
  5. Fiber equal Fuller pumpkin pulp and seeds both are high in fiber which helps you stay full longer, reducing your appetite and satiating your hunger.  All while eating this amazing nutrient-dense super food.

These cookies aren’t going to do the trick but its a healthier way to enjoy cookies with some added benefits of Pure pumpkin and no sugar.  I hope you give these a try and let me know how you like them? What is your favorite way to cook or eat pumpkin?

Spiced Pumpkin Cookies


  • 1/2c. Dried Cannelini Beans or Canned Cannelini Beans
  • 1.5 c. Water
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp. cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener or Raw Local honey
  • 1/2 cup Organic Pumpkin Puree
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 scoops of Nuzest Vanilla Pea Protein Powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/8 tsp cloves
  • 1/4 tsp all spice
  • 1/4 tsp. nutmeg


  1. Directions:
  2. Make Beans `4 hours in the crock pot on hi OR USE Canned Beans
  3. Add Beans, Water, Cinnamon, Vanilla and Honey to beans and let cook till soft
  4. Cookies Directions
  5. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  6. Add Drained Beans into Food Processor and pulse till smooth, periodically scraping sides and pulsing
  7. Add remaining ingredients and pulse till smooth
  8. Make 12 similar evenly size dollops on cookie sheet covered in parchment paper, these cookies barely rise, so don't worry about them touching
  9. Bake for 15 minutes
  10. Let cool and eat. They taste extra yummy the next day.
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Disconnected Community

I haven’t done a FaithFueled™ Friday in a long time it’s been so busy with school that writing is the last thing I want to do lately.  After a phone call with my friend I had to dust off the keyboard and share my thoughts. The other day I was speaking to a friend who just moved to a new state. She is having a hard time making new friends and thought the Church that her family decided to attend would be a great place to look.

The other day I was speaking to a friend who just moved to a new state. She is having a hard time making new friends and thought the Church that her family decided to attend would be a great place to look.

Why wouldn’t she believe that people of the same beliefs would want to fellowship?

She has been there for a few months and has made lots of effort to be apart of the Church community only to find there is no such thing as Church community at her Church at least not how we would have it defined.

“No one hangs out with anyone at Church they come on Sunday’s to worship and then go about their lives,” After she said that; it made me think my Church is very similar. We worship together on Sunday and then don’t check in until the following Sunday unless you’re in Bible Study. It’s kind of like out of sight out of mind which isn’t a real relationship but more of an acquaintance. We know very little about the people we worship with other than surface things. There is no longer that sense of community that the Church once brought to families and towns.

I have been attending my Church for four years and have only been invited to three families homes outside of a Church function; (and I include a Direct Sales party) if not, it would only be two invites in four years, and that’s just sad. Or is it? Is this commonplace? When did the Church stop being a place for believers to fellowship and do a life and a place to just check in every Sunday?

“Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” Acts 2:46-47

The church isn’t what it used to be!

In Biblical days churches, temples and synagogues were the epicenters for most towns. It’s where the taxes were collected, food was given, functions were held, and people gathered together daily to fellowship. Your Church family was like your extended family and the fellowship didn’t end on Sunday you saw these people in your life on a daily basis.

The Church is no longer an integral role in society. It’s not a place where people come to every day but usually on the day of worship. Then we go off to our own lives, friends, and families. The bonds that we uniquely share in our love for Jesus and place of worship is where it ends.

Check in at Church

Now, I have to be fair in the four years that I have been at my Church I have not done my due diligence to grow and foster relationships. In the first two years as I attended my Church I would reach out often. I had IF gatherings in my home, bible study walks. I tried everything to find some Christian friends and invite them to my home. The experiences were great but never really made connections; not long lasting.

Why? We have lives outside of our Church Identity. In our busy society, most of us are too busy for friends much less to deal with people in our Church that we barely know. We get caught up so much in our things to do that we don’t reach out to connect with each other. Not just at Church but in all of the society.

This is another way for the enemy to attack he makes us think that the people at the Church are wrong and we don’t need the Church for our salvation. We do! We need the accountability, reminders, and direction. People can be judgemental, but if you “don’t have any sinners who attend your Church, you may want to find a new Church.” That is why we are their for our redemption we are not perfect we are people we all have our struggles. Jesus loves us all the same and wants us to be together in His kingdom one day.

I can no longer justify other peoples actions affecting my church attendance. I don’t attend my Church for the weekly check-in but to get some time to praise, worship and honor God. Although, I don’t feel community there I still attend because of the Message. Recently, God has been pricking my heart on this subject I can’t continue to be like others and not followup. It’s one of those situations it’s never the job it’s always the people. There will always be people but if you expect people to treat you like you’d treat yourself you’re going to be disappointed. You must show grace to fellow members and even sometimes mercy.

Above everything, love one another earnestly, because love covers over many sins.

1 Peter 4:8

A lonely society

We are living in a lonely world. We can be surrounded by people but disengaged on our phone. We can stand in a crowd but feel utterly alone because we as a society are isolating ourselves. Filling our time with things to do instead of meaningless relationships when we are all seeking a meaningful relationship. We were meant to be with each other, lead each other, teach each other and do life together. The sad part is most of us feel alone yet we won’t reach out to each other to fill the loneliness.

“I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another in what you say and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be perfectly united in mind and thought.”

1 Corinthians 1:10

Disconnected Community
It’s also apparent with the amount of time spent on Social media to fill our need for relationships. I am very guilty of that after I went to countless Bible studies, events, and opportunities to fellowship. I would leave each time knowing that the connection ended there so, I went to the internet.

Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.
Romans 12:16

Need more than a Virtual Relationship

I am intentionally (and unintentionally) in lots of Facebook groups for all of my interest with the common motivator for joining is to connect with like-minded people. I have also been in Virtual Bible Studies, Mentorships, Accountability Groups and we all were there for the same thing companionship but if you were to get us in a room together not one of us would exchange numbers. Or, actually, follow up to get to know the person better.

I feel we are all living surface lives just doing enough to touch the surface never really getting to know someone. If we did if we followed up with connections, made phone calls and not text or emails. Sat down in person one on one and got to know somebody we may find that best friend that we crave.

So, what is keeping us from continuing these connections?

Get Up and Do Something

Effort and energy we have become such a lazy society that we don’t want the work of building and maintaining relationships we want surface friends. You can log on and log off when you want. You can only share the good and never the bad. There is no threat of if they’ll like you for who you are because you give them the who they want to see. The same goes for Church you show up dressed nice, proclaim your hallelujahs, make small chat before and after church and never follow up. Never put the extra effort or work it takes to create a community.

“For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ, we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.”
Romans 12:4-5

Why not start now?

We need to unite people and not just over what hot political topic there is but we need to unite amongst ourselves if we are going to be God’s army. The enemy wants us to live separate, be surface and vain. He is trying to make us think “we’re connected” through our disconnected online relationship, but we are fooling ourselves. God has told us to fellowship together, sharpen each other and prepare to do battle together.

One day at Church invite someone over for brunch, get to know someone a little better than Sunday chit-chat. Reach out to them for coffee or a park date to learn and possibly grow in Christ together. Behind the screen, connections can be valuable, but we need to be with people in real time and do real life.

Don’t wait for the next Church function to reach out to your brother or sister in Christ. Although, the Church is no longer the epicenter of our life. Christ is, and we need to love each other as Jesus loves us. We need to know each other because we need to be prepared to unite and stand up when called. We must mend the brokenness of our Christian communities and keep the tight-knit and secure. The way we do that? You, start today and reach out to someone in your Church. Let’s start living a life of a real community.

How do you maintain community in your church? Do you find it hard to maintain relationships?


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