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Disclosure: I was invited and given free product to attend this event in exchange for a blog review. Although, I have received free product that does not effect my opinion. If I didn’t like it I would tell you. 

FaithFueled Mom in the City

f you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen I was Mom in the City last week. Quickly walking through the busy streets of New York Time Square it was so much fun to be invited to Workout with Nicole Winhoffer and enjoy treats from Pure Protein. When I got the invitation from Pure Protein, I was so excited to be working out with Nicole Winhoffer. She has a reputation for whipping into shape some of the “best bodies in the entertainment industry” the list is extensive, but some of the highlights include Stella McCartney, Madonna, Rachel Weisz, Molly Sims, Naomi Watts, Mya, Abbie Cornish, Spike Jonze, Jennifer Connelly, and Steven Klein. Just to name drop a few and now De Bolton, you guys know how I love to crack myself up.  The old me aspired to see her name in lights, but now I just want to stay fit, be fit and have fun! That’s why when I left the Pure Protein NW Method experience I was completely inspired.


The day started off like any pretend New Yorker commuter’s day, jumped on the train had some private thoughts (that isn’t normal for this stay at home mom who’s thoughts can easily be interrupted.) Read a fantastic book, rereading Crazy Love and then in real “New Yorker” style was surfing the crowd like a pro. I got to the Diamond Horseshoe a little early and Nicole was so friendly. I was caught off guard. She was taking some photos for Pure Protein and stopped mid-pose and gave me a huge smile and welcome! I don’t know if it was written on my face that I needed a friendly face but it was what I need.


It was a pretty cool experience. Nicole opened up with this dance where she totally owned it but little did we know until the end that she was going to skip the performance all together. She pushed passed her discomfort and made us feel like she owned the room. How many times have you faked it until you made it? I know I am doing it daily.


What’s the NW Method?

I have noticed that there has been an increase with cardio dance in the fitness world lately.  Fitness trainer, instructors, are realizing that people are more willing to dance their stress away then burpees, squats and other traditional forms of exercise.  The NW Method is a welcomed addition to this new phase in fitness.  Mix dance, isometric movements, yoga-style holds and poses and then welcome your inner 90’s Janet Jackson and I would say that is something kind of similar to the NW Method.  Nicole being a critical part of the entertainment world is showing us some great fun and entertaining workouts to build your endurance, strength, flexibility, and fuel your creative soul.  I loved it!!! The best part I left a puddle on the floor.  The next day I felt like I had done a killer leg workout at the gym and I hadn’t lifted a weight, band or anything.  Just my bodyweight, reps and I achieved the same effects as if I had worked in the gym.


Sweat, Refuel, Repeat

It’s the Pure Protein way and something this FaithFueled Mom lives by.  Pure Protein was a fantastic host, and I am partially biased because they spoiled me with yummy protein treats that night. MM MM! Also, we were introduced to their new line of Protein Plus bars that have increased fiber in them.  Gluten-free and GMO-free so this mommy gave them a try.  Now, for my dairy free peeps I took a hit, they do contain whey and milk proteins so they may not be for you but their Protein Bites!  The bars had little effect on me but they shake unfortunately was not a good idea.  What I love about the Pure Protein bars is that they are low in sugar 2-3g per bar and junk free protein bars.  I am all about trying to fuel my body with natural or “clean” sources.


Can’t wait to do it again!

The workout was different because Nicole is different!  It’s those teachers who want to help other people to succeed and achieve their goals that make the difference. It makes you work so hard you leave a puddle of sweat on the floor. They make you want to do it again and try harder next time.  Those people who believe in you and that you are more than capable of what you think makes a great teacher and what I aspire to be in my classes.


All in all, it was such a fun experience. I plan on going back to New York in a few weeks to catch an NW Method Saturday class. It was that fun. I’ve never had an hour workout go by so quickly and although I did grimace a few times. I can’t wait to do it again. I have added lots of cardio to my life lately, and I think I wouldn’t hate it so much if it were dance. The NW Method achieves all that I need in a workout and powered by Pure Protein it’s just the mix I need to keep me motivated and inspired.

Do you like to dance? What’s your favorite type of cardio dance workout?

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    • Yes, it is! On her website you can see when her classes are I know there is a Saturday one because I plan on trying that one very soon.

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