My Must Haves of 2017

Just a few Must Haves for the New Year

So, you’ve got your planner packed in your meal planning bag as you just strapped on your fitness tracker and ready to tackle your day with your new protein shaker (with protein in it) and 64 ounce water bottle to wash down your salad and chicken breast that you’re going to devour because it’s the New Year and you’re ready for this New You to emerge in the next two weeks, right? Am I exaggerating? Just a little. It has come the time of year that I love the enthusiasm and energy of people making a really effort to stick to their resolutions but I think people miss the mark and don’t adequately prepare. They’ve been watching their social media feed of all the things that they really need to be fit and healthy and don’t really need any of this stuff to be fit and healthy. I’ve put together a few must haves that I will be using this year to keep me focused and on track!

Last year this time I was ready! Ready to really give this getting fit thing my best effort. After many months of trial and error I realized the things that I prepared for and the actual stuff I needed would be just that trial and error but I have a few tips and suggestions; 5 Things that I found and Love in 2016 that I will be taking into 2017 with me are:

1. What’s in the bottle counts!

In 2016, I discovered that I had a wheat allergy. Since being diagnosed with a wheat allergy and learning I have learned that skincare products contain wheat, who knew? So, I need to avoid those things and applying them to my skin.  I was at the Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Expo and met KissFreely .  Kiss Freely products does not contain 8 of the major allergens and more.  Then I discovered there AMAZING KissFreely Body Butter! Did I say it was amazing? It is amazing.   Whether you have skincare allergies, food allergies or sensitivities their products can be trusted.  After trying their silky soft body butter I knew the lil diva’s and I had to try it.  Two of my daughters suffer from sever eczema and I am very leary of the products I use on them but with KissFreely I could trust the product before doing the the 3 day skin test that it wouldn’t cause a major flair up.

Flair Ups with Eczema takes moments to pop up and months to get rid of so you really try to avoid them as much as possible.  Although, I have found natural products such as coconut oil and shea butter that help I am always looking for something better or that will work season-to season. Another issue that I have is that their skincare needs change from season to season. So far, Kiss Freely has made it from Fall to Winter seamlessly and like I said feels amazing.  This is something that I must keep for my 2017 skincare needs.

2. Sometimes you need to workout anywhere!

My life is getting busier by the moment. In 2016, I went back to school to get my Fitness and Exercise Science Associates degree (which I will be pursuing my Bachelor’s in it in April.) I know I am crazy! My girls are getting older and I feel like the older they get the busier I get.  I need to be very flexible with my workouts especially since I am training to be Figure Body Competitor. (Oh yeah there’s that too).  When I first started this journey I needed the comfort of predicatability and comfort of my home.  Now that this is a lifestyle and I plan on being very active in the future Soma Sole Resistance Bands are a must have for me.  

SomaSole bands are perfect for anyone who is new to resistance training from those who aren’t. They’re great to take anywhere use anywhere and you all have seen my YouTube I love love love to incorporate in my workouts.  I am so glad that I connected with them last year at IdeaWorld! I actually plan on using these even more in the New Year while I train for my very first Figure Bodybuilding Competition. When it gets warm I’m going to be that Fit mom at the park “pumping bands”, haha! Hopefully, I’ll have a whole crew of other Fit Mom’s working with me….wink wink! I am really looking forward to adding these to my training in 2017.

3.  MomSanity Core Sliders These things are the absolute best for working out your full body! I LOVE them because they ease the stress on your joints and slide on both wood floors or carpets.  Like the SomaSole you can take these anywhere and even use them with the SomaSole Bands too! I really love them for Mountain Climbers and plank jacks those are both I used to struggle with for my knees and ankles but not anymore.  In February I am going to be joining some ladies in a  I hope you join us! Alot, of people ask me, “What makes these different from furniture movers?” The shape! Most furniture movers or core sliders are circular the triangular sliders fit anyones feet correctly and you’re not constantly adjusting yourself during your workout.  They’re actually really reasonable and worth the shipping.  if you don’t have any grab some here and join me and my #fitfriends in February on Instagram as FaithFueled™ Women from all walks of life accept the challenge! MomSanity has a Great 15 minute Core Slider video to get you started!

4. MomSanity BCAAs

I have been back and forth if I want to go Supplement free for my Figure training.  I believe that God has provided us everything that we need for our bodies but if you’re not consuming those things naturally then supplements are necessary.  The only protein I take is Collagen Peptides I don’t drink protein powders any longer.  I eat the necessary amount I need if I did there are a few that I would choose.  As for BCAAs that is something that I don’t get a lot of in my diet and feel the need to supplement.  Branch Chain Amino Acids refereed to as BCAAs is created naturally in the body but because of our busy stressful lifestyles and exercise is often depleted.  I found MomSanity BCAAs last year and it is a Must Have for me! It contains a 3:1:1 Ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine and its made for mom’s and sweetened with naturally found sweeteners like Stevia, Erythritol and Monk Fruit and comes in Fruit Punch its tasty unlike other BCAAs I’ve had and not overly sweet.  This is a lifestyle for me and I want to be able to enjoy food without causing my body harm.  So, MomSanity BCAAs get my stamp or approval this year and will be apart of my exercise pre and post recovery. If you use promo code: 5OFFBCAA You’ll get $5 off this week and FREE SHIPPING till Jan. 9, 2017. 



I was introduced to this yumminess the last week of the 2016 and it’s will be a fixture in my home for 2017.  My daughters and husband are icecream addicts. I am more a cookie and cake girl but they can do some damage to a quart of icecream.  ProYo is so filling the it’s a small serving size so you don’t over-indulge.  It’s prebiotics and probiotics alleviates bloating and even I can eat it. I love it because I can have a ProYo instead of a Protein Shake and get 20g of Protein, 3g of fiber, 2g of fat and they’re rich in calcium. We’ve also been make some treats with it too.  Oh and they’re gluten-free. No binders! The lil diva’s will clean their plate for a ProYo dessert and I get away with giving them a healthy treat. Comes in 4 delicious flavors! Bluberry Pomegrante which is my fave, Ed and Boo love Chocolate and Kyhia loves Vanilla and Blueberry Pomegrante. It also comes in Banana and  I made  the most yumminess Banana Yogurt Cake with. Since the family enjoys these so much this is a Must Have and a great compromise. #MomWin

There is so much out there on the market, thousands of products but these are just a few that I really believe can help you with your goal this year to live a happy healthier life!

What are some products you discovered last year?

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  1. Great list! The ProYo would be great in my house because my family too can put away a lot of ice cream. But my daughter and I no longer eat ice cream because of the dairy. I have to check them out. Oh and of course the BCAAs!

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