Music that makes you lift

My B.C. Self

Sometimes, I refer to my B.C. days, my Before Christ days. Some people are ashamed of their past, and others embrace it. I am the latter, I have done some shameful things in the past, but I know that I have been redeemed. I am not proud of this stuff, but they make me who I am today.

In my B.C. days, I used to swear like a sailor (I am a Puerto Rican, New York, US Navy Sailors daughter), so it was somewhat natural. When I had my first daughter I tried to cut back on my language.  It wasn’t until I accepted Jesus into my heart that I completely eradicated it from my vocabulary. It just doesn’t feel right praising God in one breath and then cursing the car in front of me for slamming on their brakes in the next. Those who do that is their choice I am not to judge, but personally I have extended my vocabulary to express myself.

The Same Me just Different

As for music, I was you Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes and yes even Lil Kim type of girl.  Yes, raunchy, vulgar, crass lyrics that even for my B.C. self was not very lady like.  I would be blasting and belting out naughty lyrics to the top of her lungs but that was the old me.  Praise God for grace and redemption, right?

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Christian Rap Music

Doing things Differently

I worship God in a variety of ways. Some are private like my daily devotion, prayer time, Bible studies and messages I watch. There is the public woeship that you and Social Media are privy too, and that is my fitness. I use my fitness to worship God. That just doesn’t work out well when you have gangsta rap blaring in your headphones. So, like I changed my language, I changed my music too.

What do I listen to?

Great question! I get asked all the time at the gym, in running groups, with workout buddies. “De, what are you listening to?”  I am usually bobbing my head, tapping my feet and rapping/singing lyrics during my workouts.

Christian Rap Music.

What is Christian Rap?

So, what do I listen to? Gangsta Christian Rap! Haha, I laugh because it’s not gangsta. No one is killing each other, selling drugs, demoralizing women; but if you weren’t listening to the lyrics and just the beat and background music you would assume that it was Gangsta Rap music! A lot of the lyrics are motivating like how God gives them strength, how God has redeemed them from their past, how God is a critical role in their life. So, I always feel funny calling it Gangsta Christian Rap but other people may consider it as such. My husband does tease me saying that I went from a “Gangsta heathen to a Gangsta Christian.”

I also listen to worship music, some gospel and when I mean, “some,” I mean very little. I am not the biggest fan of gospel music. I love worship music but just can’t get into that old time gospel sound.

Do your daughters listen to secular music?

I get this a lot too. My husband and I are trying to raise “Kingdom Kids.” My family does not listen to secular music in the house or car.  My tween daughter is allowed to listen to secular music, but it has to be approved by her father and I.  You think it was bad when I was belting our vulgar lyrics. For me listening to my daughter talk about “shake it, move your hips, blah blah blah,” is grating to my ear drums.  I rather censor her music than restrict it. We try to practice grace-based parenting versus fear based, so some secular music is allowed.

My Playlist

I switch my playlist up, but I have about 50-60+ Christian Rap Songs that I pull.  I am a fan of Spotify and always making a playlist for when I do teach group classes in the future. I use Spotify and share my list all the time.  Right now here are my Top 10 workout song picks:

  1. Startover Flame featuring NF
  2. I wanna know Light Ends Darkness
  3. Sanctuary Flame featuring Mike Real
  4. Weight Music KB
  5. Be Relentless Victory
  6. Insomniac Trip Lee featuring Andy Mineo
  7. Move by Flame
  8. Crown and Thorns (Oceans) KB featuring Hill Song
  9. Good, Bad, and Ugly Lecrae
  10. Hello KB featuring Suzy Rock

There are so many more it was really hard just choosing 10! You can check out my full workout list and choose your faves! What is you Top 3 Workout Songs? What do you look for in your workout music?


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  1. LOVE Lecrae!! You should check out TobyMac and Shonlock as well…some of Toby’s newer stuff is kind of more pop like, but he has NF on one of his new tracks from This is Not A Test…also his older stuff is very similar to some of Lecrae’s style…in fact they have guested on each other’s records as well.

  2. I rock to Toby too never heard of Shonlock (I think) this was my Top 10 but there is lots lots more on my list. I will be checking Shonlock out. Thanks for the suggestion

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