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Why do I need mom time?

Sometimes you just need time for mom. Uninterrupted time for yourself to be yourself. Being a stay at home mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world-I know that is so cliche. First, you are responsible for some pretty demanding clients, 24 hours 7 days a week. Although, they love you they can sometimes show little to no grace for your well being. Like, you just mopped the floor and that would be the best time to explore the laws of gravity with their applesauce container.  Now the saving grace of being a mom is the benefits far exceed the labor.  Yes, the pay is truly unfair and there is no sick or vacation days. Many advertising and marketing advertisements have capitalized on this concept- a few key commercials immediately come to mind. Being home for the milestones. The security in knowing how your children are being treated. And being influential in your child’s daily development all are something I would not trade for a high paying, high pressure job.

This past weekend I was lucky to experience an event the inspired, motivated and educated me.  I had an opportunity to attend a Meal Prep event sponsored by Snapware and hosted by Celebrity Yoga Instructor Kristin McGee. Over the past 8 months, I have been on this weight loss journey and everyday I am growing and learning about my health. When this opportunity came I didn’t realize how much this was a Godcidence and not just an opportunity to learn about a great brand.  Every aspect of it from the date, time,type of event was orchestrated by God.  Not to over use my made up word, but the more Godcidences that happened throughout the day. I couldn’t help but smile and see God’s hand at work.

 Kristin McGee understands Mom time

God’s is so detailed?

About a week before, I began planning for my overnight trip to New York. I contacted my youngest sister (I am the oldest of 6) who is one of my best friends and someone I talk to everyday and told her about the event. Well. “coincidentally” she was moving that weekend into her very first place on her own. She has been moving up the corporate ladder this past year in warp speed and she is ready to live on her own without a roommate. So, this was a great opportunity to check out her new place since she was getting her keys that week.  New York is only two hours from me so I could have easily gone up the day of the event but the invitation to have a night kid-free was too tempting not to jump all over.  I decided to take the train up in true New York commuter fashion.

As I am packing up that day getting ready to go. I was looking for something to read, do, that wasn’t work. I was going to reread an old book I hadn’t read in a while and then I checked the mail. Low and behold, a dear friend of mine who had recommended a book to me decided to order and send it to me. Can you say God’s timing? The book was exactly what I needed to read. The length was perfect for a four hour round trip commute because honestly it would have taken me months if I had to read it any other time.  The book’s content was also God’s timing too, Audacious by Beth Moore, I will be doing a book review on it very soon but if you’re looking for some motivational encouraging read about walking in your God given purpose “audaciously”. Check it out!

Mom time for a sushi dinner

Learning the importance of Mommy timeout?

The ride into the city was great. I got to read uninterrupted, complete a few of my own thoughts. That was a perfection in itself. Hanging out with my little sister in the city was another thing that this Mama needed. I tried hard not to talk about my little diva’s with the exception of a few slips it was a great night. We first checked out her apartment. Then we went to this delicious Sushi lounge and I indulged in some delectable freshly made Sushi. There is a nice little Sushi restaurant near my home but the ambiance here and the Friday night crowd of adults in the outskirts of New York City. It was great!

The next morning was the event. I love going to events in New York, first of all its New York City which is alive with possibility. Very different from the South Jersey suburbs. The bloggers I meet are also so helpful and I get great tips. The event started with Yoga which is a great way to start your Saturday off. It puts a peaceful end to the busy week and gets your weekend started on a positive note.  Kristin McGee, was so amazing; unbelievably nice was totally relatable because she was mom and knew and referred to the stresses of motherhood.

Yoga is great for mom time

The workout was great- I never thought of yoga as a workout. The only yoga experience I have is prenatal for 7 months which is a lot of relaxation and breathing. This class had me sweating-like a lot. It was a great flow of stretches, challenging holds and poses. It was also soothing at the same time.  Kristin said something to me that really made an impact. “As women and mothers we need to take some time for ourselves so that we can give to others.” How true, self care is essential for everyone. You can’t pour from an empty pot and that is what motivated me to start this journey of honoring my temple. The session allowed me to have a few moments to focus on God too, which I loved. Connecting my workouts to Him even while strength training I think has strengthened my relationship with the Lord.  After the session, I wanted more so I am now including at home yoga in my workout routines twice a week.  The angst I had at the beginning of my “Momcation” was melting away quickly.

Kristin and I enjoying our mom time

Honoring your temple

A key part of weight loss, nutrition and honoring your temple is what we put in it.  I know for me preparing food for a family of 5 is hard. Making nutrition a priority was essential to my sanity and my weight loss. I was very apprehensive to meal prepping. I thought the initial time that it would take out of my week was something that I didn’t want to do nor did I have the time for.  After a few attempts at different methods. I started finding something that works and that 3 hours that I put in on Sunday not only saves me prep time during the week. It allows me to stay on my nutrition goals all the time.  I don’t have to worry about what am I going to eat because the meal is planned and the prep is done. It’s the same grab-and-go as a bag of chips but it’s nutritional food that will fuel my body better and sustain me and the little divas. Meal prep has been wonderful tool!

meal prep give mom time for nutrition

The Snapware products that we saw were great for that. So many different sizes, you can even color code your portions. The actual boxes snap together and stacks. Which I love because I can have three servings stacked and snapped. Throw it in my bag and not to search for a kids after school snack while rushing from one child’s practice to the next. It’s easy for the girls to open and close. Leaves a tight seal. I can also tell the lil diva’s in the morning your lunch is  in the blue and snack is in the pink. I think my favorite things is that they have glass and plastic Snapware.

My family has recently gone all glass but I have kept bpa free plastic for the girls cold or dry snacks for when we’re on the go. I don’t have to worry about them breaking. Snapware plastic is bpa-free so I don’t have to worry about toxins contaminating my lil diva’s food.  This week while meal prepping it really did make everything so much easier.  I would highly recommend the Snapware organization line to anyone. I have other “snap” products from other makers and the seal was not completely leak proof. This has been toddler tested by my littlest diva and there was no applesauce juice despite how much she banged it on the ground to open.

mom time while I honor my temple

A brand new mommy

On the way home I finished, my God placed book, Audacious.  Took in the last few minutes of solitude and reflected on the last 24 hours. So many great tips in blogging exercise and ways to prepare and feed my body; through devotion, exercise and nutrition.  Remembering who I am, only if it was for one night and looking back on how God worked everything in my favor. This was a much needed Mom-cation. What would be your ideal one day vacation? What would it take to make it happen?

21 Comments on “Mom-cation”

  1. Love that you were able to take the time you needed. It is so great to do that as a mom because we do need to make sure our bodies, and minds, and souls can be rejuvenated at times! I get a mom day once every three months actually, and it’s glorious. Plus I miss my family by the end of it and do better at the selfless mommy job afterward.

    • After this one I think I may have to schedule periodic momcations. That is so nice that you get them every quarter…haha

    • I hope you do and even if it’s not for you at least you can say I have downward dog before. But really it was a better experience than I had imagined.

  2. So glad that you were able to get some mommy time. I feel ya, taking care of kids 24/7 can be exhausting and sometimes we all need a time-out! I love yoga–it is amazing how much it actually works your muscles! And yay for New York. I live about as far away from there as I can get and still be in the US–I live in California and have never ventured away from the West Coast, but New York is on my travel bucket list and has been for as long as I can remember!

    • We should swap because I will eventually stop talking about California and make it over to California. Visit in the Spring/Summer so the weather isn’t a complete shock to you system. 🙂

  3. It sounds like you had such a fun time! And I love your new word “Godcidence.” I’m doing a Beth Moore Bible Study now and it’s so great…I want to read that book now too!

    • The book is amazing. I haven’t done a Beth Moore study but I saw her speak last year on one of her tours. Such a great women of God. The book I will be reviewing soon but I’ll give you a sneak peek. Get it you won’t be disappointed. 😉

  4. As a homeschooling mom, I work out in my living room usually trying to convince my daughter that I can’t talk and exercise at the same time. A little ME time is definitely missed. Sounds like you had a good time.

    • Yes, I workout at home too with a Toddler. EEK! I didn’t realized how much I missed it till I got some and its like chips, I kind of want more. I think I am going to try to get 24 hours in at least 4 times a year. So, got one in so far. haha I hope you get to enjoy some time to yourself soon.

  5. Mommy time out is really important. I try and allow my wife time during the week just to run errands and do other things without putting kids in and out of the car or chasing them around the store. She also participates in a Mothers of Pre-Schoolers Group which was gracious to host a Mom and Pops Night where we were able to drop the kids off at day care in the Church and socialize with other like moms and dads. It was a great night.

  6. It’s so important to take time for yourself as a parent. We love going to our local YMCA. We also allow each other “white space” as our counselor calls it. White space is a lot like white noise. It’s time a person needs to renew their minds and regroup. De, thanks for another great post!

  7. What a great trip! Mommy and daddy time away is so important. Right now, my ideal trip would be hiking, mt. biking, or the beach. I’m ready for summer to get here and am excited about getting outdoors 🙂

    • Oh, you have me daydreaming of the beach now too! I can’t wait for the Summer I will be a Jersey Shore beach bum. It’s will be here soon, God willing.

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