Another Fun Saturday

A few weekends ago, I was blessed to Dance, Exercise and Have fun for a good cause!  I love to dance! Before I recommitted to Christ, you could easily find a girlfriend and me at the club till it shut down, dancing like it was our job. I don’t mean on the pole, though; we just loved to dance. I’m not sure if it’s a Jersey Girl thing but pounding the floor in high heels is what we do around her Friday, Saturday night. I found something that takes you me back to my club days but in a healthier way that honors my temple.

Last weekend, I was invited my Fit On Purpose to attend their KerBOOMKa for Breast Cancer Event with Fierce Fitness by Tru Adams who you all know that I adore. I was fortunate to experience the creator of the Jillian Michaels Sweat Inc. TV Show phenomena, Kershel Anthony, whom exuded his own style and swag and made me eager to take the class.

Cardio Dance is Evolving

Cardio Dance has always been popular whether it was Jazzercise, Zumba, and now there are so many different variations of dancing and resistant movement. All of the unique in their way. KerBOOMKa experience was a great easy way to dance, sweat and burn. According to their site,

“Kerboomka is a new dance cardio class that is designed to transform not only the way you work out, but also the way you think about fitness.   It’s a core crunching, life-style changing, easy to learn, fun, new way to exercise through dance.  A unique mix of dance and exercise, Kerboomka gets its energy from the percussion and rhythm of popular music. Kerboomka engages your core by crunching and twisting your abs with hip-hop inspired movements.  In addition to strengthening your muscles, Kerboomka also aims to stimulate and strengthen your mind by creating a focused learning environment.”

My KerBOOMka Experience

It was a progressive dance beginning with movements working for certain muscle groups and adding on to the routine. Until you’re finally at the end with a few eight counts under your belt breathless with a sweaty brow and burning thighs to show for it. At least that was my experience and hour passed, and I didn’t realize the dozens of squats, lunges, arm movements that I had been doing because the music was fun the moves weren’t extremely challenging, and I was feeling like I was on stage backup dancing to a great choreographed routine.
For me, this is an excellent way to get my cardio in because as you all know I am a gym rat and rather lift weights then track miles any days. At least I was having fun!

Where can I KerBOOMka

KerBOOMKa isn’t in my area and may not be in your either, but you can find out and connect with Kershel Anthony through Instagram and other social media platforms. I also want to thank Fit On Purpose who is a huge supporter of mine always inviting me to new and exciting fit lifestyle events. Rhonda has been on an incredible journey losing over 100 pounds in the three years that I have witnessed her journey and still following her calling to help women honor their temple through faith and fitness.

So, do you love to dance? Dance for fitness or pleasure?

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