Journey Girls Anniversary



Today, I got to do something I rarely get to do. Enjoy the company of my middle daughter by herself while traveling with the Journey Girls to Italy.  Celebrating the Journey Girls 5 year anniversary in true Italian style.  Tasting some Italian delicacies and desserts.

Journey Girl 5 year Anniversary

Packing for our trip with the latest doll fashions designed by Jenny. Who helped us change the girls outfits. I have to say the journey girls wardrobe is chic and cute doll clothes. I also love the price point of the doll considering the quality of there hair and eyes.


The event was memorable for my seven year old as she decorated luggage tags, made cannoli’s and took commemorative pictures with Tap n Snap green screen.


Placing her at Italian monuments like the Leaning tower of Pisa.  The il migliore for my daughter was riding on the Toys R Us in Time Square New York Ferris Wheel and new BFF “Chavonne.” Meeting fun girls like A Brand New Mommy, Karen Taylor Bass, daughter.

Toys R Us Ferris Wheel

Such a fantastic event such a great product making my Christmas shopping a little easier this year.  I like to thank Trendy Latina, Journey Girls, and Toys R Us for the invitation and memorable day.


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