Honor Your Temple Prayer Challenge Day 7

 Day 7

Today’s Prayer: Help me to focus on today and not the end results.

When I started this weight loss journey I had a goal in mind. A size, a look, a feeling, I had a destination to where I wanted to be. As I took each step towards that destination some days I felt like, “Yes, I will get there,” and then others I thought, “Oh no, it is way to far, I will never get there or it’s going to take me forever to get there.” That is not for us to worry about.

Matthew 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

We need to be present here and now. Giving all of our energy and focus on today. God willing we will get to our end but He is teaching us everyday through this journey and if we are focused on the end results we are going to miss what there is to be learned today.  Those days of “Yes, I will get there,” are motivating but won’t always carry you through. Also, God gave you today to enjoy and live. He may not give you tomorrow, we are so busy planning and looking towards the future. We are not enjoying what we have here and now and the funny thing about the present its only for a moment and then its in the past.  The journey is for God to plan and we just need to be faithful and enjoy the adventure.  So, as we are in our prayer time today let’s focus on today and not where we want to be. It could change we may find other things along the way but the here and now will only be here momentarily so lets’ enjoy, learn and grow from it.


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  • patti ann ridgway  says:

    Another wonderful reminder to live in the moment and give your life to one who will take care of it all. Surrendering this is not easy but it brings peace.

    • De  says:

      Surrendering is not easy and something I am currently struggling

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