Growing a community that Loves “one another”

After attending church on Sunday I was inspired by my Pastors mention of the “one another” passages. Some may have heard of them and others new to their journey in faith may have found them new and exciting information. I like to go home
review, digest and reflect on what I have learned.

This Sunday’s message inspired me to share because building a community is what I am aspiring to do with Mommies of Faith. So, I did some research on the “one another passages.”

On the website ( I found a paragraph stating: Jesus sums up all the laws into two commands:Love. To Love is to fulfill the whole law. “For the whole law is fulfilled in one word: ‘You shall live your neighbor as yourself.’ Gal 5:14

Growing up I remember learning the acronym J.O.Y which I try to practice and teach my children. J.O.Y stands for


Living with J.O.Y will help you live and grow in your faith.

Now the “one another passages” are passages in the Bible that help us understand how much emphasis the Scriptures place on our obligations as Christians to care for one another.

There are almost 59 “one another” occurrences in the Bible 15 of them is to “Love one another…” The other 44 are posted here :


From the ages of birth-12 our children are like sponges magnetizing what we say and do and repeating it in their own behavior. Instilling the “one another” mentality may help grow a future community of loving,faithful, conscious beings to each other.

As adults how many “one another
” do we follow and do we falter? As we go through this weeks journey let us try to practice 7 “one another’s” and bless our community and lay a concrete example for our future communities with our observant children standing by watching.

Wishing you a blessed week Faithful Mommies!

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