Getting my Mojo Back


Getting My Mojo Back

So, that just happened, standing there minding my business after volunteering for five hours at a Children’s consignment sale and an innocent man asked, “When are you due?”  This question is the kiss of death for a recently postpartum mom’s. For a Mom like me who has been struggling for a year to lose the gainwaytomuchduringpregnancyeventhoughsheknewbetter weight this was the nail in the coffin.This man didn’t know that I had been running in the hamster wheel for 2.5 miles, four days a week to no avail.  This man didn’t know that I then power walked every evening, crunched myself into oblivion, removed all the carbs out of my life and beat myself up for every indulgence and eating blunder.  He did not know that although my Instagram feed tempted me with quick fixes; like wraps, shakes, pills, and “fix it” workouts. This man didn’t know that I was nursing my sweet baby girl and believed there had to be a better way to fix my weight issue (which I never had before).  So, I told him shamefully “I’m not pregnant” and let him beat himself up for a little bit while I left shameful yet motivated to change.  Now ordinarily, I would plan my attack to again “fix” my weight but this time I took it to the Lord.  I continued to run, walk and eat but I prayed for God to help me get my body back.

Led to a Solution

A few weeks later I discovered Periscope, a fantastic social media tool that allows you to broadcast or view live broadcast and engage with the broadcaster and other viewers.  Somehow, someway I discovered Kate Horney,  a mom, a personal trainer and engaging Periscope broadcaster.  After watching a couple scopes checked her out and joined a webinar.  There was a ton of information but four things that I took away.

  1. Workout for 20 minutes a day 3 days a week
  2. I can eat carbs, I can eat
  3. Workouts based on hormones and body types
  4. No cardio

Those four things led me to the big yellow “Sign Up Now”.  It’s been almost four weeks and I can say God truly answered my prayers with Beyond Fit Mom. After further information and training from Kate, I learned my struggle was do to using a cookie cutter formula to my exercise and not accounting for my hormones. The Beyond Fit Mom workout is customized to your specific body type and takes in account all those hormones you have going on.

After working out for 8 months heavy cardio I had no results. After working out for a month and following her nutrition guidelines I have lost 8 inches, almost 10 pounds, have more energy, less training and appreciation for my nutrition and fitness, instead of resentment.  I have been able to add nursing friendly supplements to enhance my nutrition and workouts.

Mojo Back


Getting Back on the Rollercoaster

I have been down the weight loss rollercoaster three times now. Growing up, I was always thin but when I got pregnant with my first baby I gained 95 pounds then lost it. Got pregnant with my second big baby girl and gained 85 pounds and lost 105 pounds. Got pregnant with my third sweet baby girl and did a little better gaining 75 pounds. Except this time I picked up an additional 20 pounds. A month after my first daughter came home I totaled 95 pounds to lose.  Each time I have lost the weight I have done it different then before. When I found this new program since my old ways weren’t working it was  like “here we go again.” I know I can lose the weight I’ve done it before it’s just putting in the work, albeit it’s a whole lot less in the past but still it is work. There are some benefits this time around too.

Mojo Back.


Strengthening my Marriage

My husband now does the workouts with me and has had results (of course better results than mine, eyes rolling). It has given us something to bond over.  When I went to the gym we couldn’t bond because he would have to watch the girls. Now that we can do it at home, we have something we can do together, even as a family sometimes.  I have now canceled my gym membership, have more times for my girls since all I need is 20 minutes 3 days  a week.  I am now hooked to Beyond Fit Mom lifestyle and can’t wait to share my continued success as I get my pre-baby body back.



Have you hit a fitness rut? What helped you lose weight or create a healthy lifestyle?


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