Father’s Day Gift Dilemma

In my house of 3 little diva’s I have to say that my husband is pretty much the king. He has three little daddy’s girls and I am pretty fond of him myself. This week of father’s day and with the chaos of end of school, baby’s first birthday party planning, garden harvesting and of course the everyday task of maintaining my household. I am at a Father’s day gift dilemma. I usually plan a little something and I have gotten his Father’s Day card while I was out and about; but I like to give meaningful memorable gifts to my husband.

He is an amazing father and for not having any guidance from his own he is simply a natural. Raising a tween, 7 year old and baby girl is a hard task and his infinite patience and attention to detail. Is just another reason why I feel he deserves honor on father’s day. So, after googling, pinsearching (aka pinterest research) I have come up with many ideas but 2 final “Best Father’s Day EVER!” contenders.

My husband is a second grade special needs teacher in Camden, NJ which is low income urban area. Also, a basketball coach and trainer. He watches every sport girls and boys so my first go-to is something dealing with sports.  I notice this year he has been watching in alma mater on social media. For years I have been meaning to frame his college jersey but never got my act together in time. Since this summer we will be working on his man escape cave (much needed with 4 females in the home). I am thinking this may be a viable contender but that would take some time that I really don’t have this week.

My husband if a faithful man as well and doing my google/pinsearch I came across this really cool company called Faithbox. The website says that they inspires daily Christian living by helping people grow in their faith, impact their community, and discover meaningful products. You can get a variety of subscriptions. I am thinking of trying out the 3 month subscription and they pack each box devotional notebook, favorite scriptures, inspirational quotes, and seasonal prayers each month has a unique theme. They aren’t things that you could do yourself (which I don’t have time for) they are hand-picked products from companies and organizations who respect God’s people and His creation. Also, every box that you purchase will feed a child in need through their Rice Bowl partnership AND other products are from companies who match our purchases with an equivalent donation to a worthy cause.This makes me feel almost obligated to give him this gift because of the positive impact on so many people other than my husband. I think that he would appreciate this gift because of helping others and help strengthen his faith. For me its a click of a button and ta-da “Best, most memorable Father’s Day gift ever!!”

So, those are my two top choices after much contemplation. I feel the answer may be obvious but which one do you think would be an awesome father’s day gift?

Picture source from Veronica Black Pinterest Page

Picture source Faithbox.com blog

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