Devotion and Detox Day 6- Call on Him

and call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me Psalm 50:15

Day 6

Too often I hear or women not completing their goals because they just couldn’t do it anymore. When I ask if they prayed their way through often, it’s an afterthought. I too have to try to go it alone especially in times of trouble.

My very first class in college was Intro to Communication. I was the last class of an amazing professor who retired that year. I learned so much valuable information from Professor Spicer. After all of these years, one thing has stuck with me. Professor Spicer told us in class that when people are stressed or frightened, they tend to revert to their original language. For example, if you had a boat with people from different nationalities and English was their second language. Even if they’re fluent and been speaking English for many years, they will all revert to their mother tongue. It’s our instinct to go back to our second nature. What we’re most familiar with.

I think that we revert to our nature when things are difficult for us to process. We revert to sin. Doing things on our own with only a second thought of giving it to God.

If you have stayed the course with this Detox, then you have come upon some pretty hard days. Within, the next four days your commitment to this detox will either wain or stay high. I pray that when you struggle you will call out to God and find His deliverance.

You can try to use your willpower. You can try the harder route to freedom from sugar, or you can allow God to walk you through this journey. It may be an opportunity for you to not only gain freedom from addiction but to gain an even more intimate relationship with Christ.

How often do you forget to call out to God, first?

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