Detox and Devotion Day 21-Support

Day 21

 “Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you, so take courage and do it.” Ezra 10:4

We’ve made it! We are here! 21 days Sugar-Free and we survived there were mood swings, cravings, bad feelings and now we have achieved victory. You may have also been on a Spiritual journey the last 21 days, either your faith has become greater, you have learned to give God even the insignificant things.

Walking through the 21 days prayerfully I think not only helped me with my sugar cravings, but it leads me to seek and crave God more each day. I didn’t realize it until I was in a study for almost 2 hours the other day which I haven’t done in months. I’ve been too busy for God. I’ve let life get in the way, and I think I used sugar to ease my stress instead of turning to God.

At first, this detox was hard, and I honestly didn’t want to commit completely, but as I turned to prayer instead of complaint every day for 21 days, I’ve been seeking more personal time with God. Going back to waking up early to be with Him and filling myself up daily. So, it’s day 21, and I know longer crave sugar like I once did but I do desire God so much more. I’ve always known I could rely on God, known I could count on God and known that I needed God but now I want Him too.

How have these 21 days affected your sugar habit? Your relationship with God?

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