Detox and Devotion Day 12- Strength

Day 12

 I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

I find that it is Godcidental that this prayer fell on a Friday.  The weekend is when we tend to let down our guard and gives ourselves more grace followed by guilt. If you have been abstaining from sugar for the last 12 days this weekend is not the time to reverse all the healing and cleansing your body has been going through.

Philippians 4:13 is a well-known verse that can be applicable in so many different circumstances.  It can be used for emotions, obstacles, grief, self-control, literally for physical strength.  It applies to each person’s situation different too.

What strong or strength means and how you do them with Christ?   Sometimes it’s easier to think of the negative, which isn’t always suggested but can put things in perspective.  What can you do without Christ?

How well can you do these things? What can you do with Christ? Anything, all things, never on your time but always right one time. Don’t you agree?

So, why are you going to face another weekend without calling on Christ for strength?  Asking Him to help you focus, persevere, and remember to call on Him.  Reflecting on this week, we have been praying daily and focusing on relinquishing our flesh desires and releasing to Christ through prayer; This weekend and as we continue. Let’s choose to do things through Him with prayer and allow Him to give us strength and not just our will power.


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