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Yummy, Protein Strawberry ShortCake

PROTEIN Strawberry Shortcake

Yep, I did it! I made a yummy Strawberry Shortcake after several failed attempts. I love Strawberry Shortcake when I was pregnant with my third I would call Cheesecake Factory 20 minutes before my husband got off work so it would be ready for him to pick up just as he passed it driving home. I specially requested everything in individual containers, and when he came back, I would welcome my Sweet delicious Strawberry Shortcake and then my sweet husband for giving in to my pregnant cravings. Although I really can’t blame that on pregnancy because I still crave Cheesecake Factory Strawberry Shortcake, there are several problems with it now...

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Bruschetta Chicken


I live in New Jersey also known as the garden state and for the last three years, I have had a Spring, Summer, Fall garden that is getting larger with every year. We have a small backyard, and I am either going to have to move to some acres or just forget to let the kids play and take the whole yard for my garden. I never thought I would be the type of girl to garden, but it has taught me patience. I usually start my seeds in the winter end of January indoors and by Mother’s Day, they are ready to be planted. Usually around now is where I am reaping my rewards. My herbs are first like my oregano and basil that I use in this recipe and then my tomatoes. This year I have four varieties all heirloom tomatoes. I cannot wait for more garden to table meals to come from them...

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Protein Pancakes

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Pancakes, Bacon, and Eggs are like our Saturday morning go-to. I usually make a double batch on the weekend and freeze them for the oil diva’s breakfast during the week. I place each one in between parchment paper, so they are easy to pull out and toast just like your convenient frozen pancakes already made in the store. It allows me time in the morning to provide them with a homemade breakfast in minutes.

I have never really liked pancakes, but my daughters do. After flipping pancake after pancake and not being able to indulge in anything with wheat, guess what I want, crave, obsess? Yes, pancakes. You always want what you can’t have well not anymore. These pancakes are so easy to make, delicious and don’t add extra time and a whole lot of ingredients to your regular breakfast routine...

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Raw “Caramel” Bites


Lately, all I have been posting is recipes and this blog is about food but not exclusively.  It’s just been a very busy season lately. With spring my little diva’s are in sports like lacrosse which are a huge time commitment. and I went back to school to get my second degree in Fitness and Exercise Science and Advanced Personal Training which is a big time commitment.I have a toddler which is a big time commitment. Needless to say my thoughts, although I still have them have been fleeting and I have no time to capture them and post but I am working on it.   I still have time to dabble in the kitchen though and recipes are just easier to post then thought provoking inspirational post...

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No Carb Cheesecake

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My Full Disclosure Policy

No Carb Cheesecake

I have been carb cycling for 3 weeks this month and if you have been following have found some yummy recipes. I am actually in love with this type of meal plan now. I have found that it has given me amazing results, physically and internally. The first week I had to tweak my macros, meaning the amount of protein, fats and vegetables/fruits that I consumed and types.  Once I figured it out not only have I felt better than ever, I find myself eating more than ever. Yet, I am eating less calories and low carbs.  I have played with my meal plan schedule varying week to week.

For example, my first week I ate:

Low Carb, Low Carb, No Carb, Low Carb, No Carb, Low Carb, High Carb. I did this to ease me into this new lifestyle change.

The Second week, I started off wit...

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Hamburger Salad (or Cheeseburger)


Week 2, of Carb Cycling and I have to say it is not going as bad as I had envisioned it before trying out this new way of eating.  It still requires the same amount of planning and prepping as my normal meal plan did. I am still eating lots of yummy food taking in 2300 calories of protein and produce.  I have just rearranged my meals to be lower in carbs or no carbs on certain days.  There is only one difference my high carb day is kind of like a “cheat day” and I don’t really believe in cheat days or partake in them. I believe in the 80/20 rule and lots of grace. 80% of the time I eat proper portions and types of food and 20% of time I indulge in birthday cake, pizza, or a sweet treat that I want...

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Crab Salad in Avocado


My Full Disclosure Policy  

crab salad

What is this Carb Cycling thing I have heard about?

Have you ever heard of Carb Cycling? Carb cycling is basically intermittently switching from hi,low, no carbs (and I mean good carbs not pasta, bread etc. more like carrots, brown rice and sweet potatoes). By eating this way it allows your body to burn fat while conserving muscle. All this hard work I can’t afford to lose any muscle. So, say in a week Monday is low carb, Tuesday and Wednesday is No Carb, Thursday is Low Carbs and Friday is High Carbs and again it’s (Carrot, peas, brown rice and sweet potatoes) not a pizza, french fry and burger buffet.  You still have to stay within a certain caloric intake but it’s just the type of calories you are consuming. I am not a fan of diets...

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Detox after Easter


How I detox

My favorite way to detox is to eat. I never knew that you could detox by just using what God has given us. I always thought you had to take a supplement or a special tea/ It never occurred to me that God created foods that do even better than those magic solutions. There are a few things that you can detox and vegetable infused water may not exactly get it done. It’s nice to add different flavors to your water especially if you’re consuming half your body weight in water a day. But it’s not going to be solely responsible for cleansing your body. You’re not receiving all the nutrients of those water and vegetable combinations through infusion. Water is the best way to detox but there is also veggies and fruits.

Cruciferous veggies which are members of the cabbage family...

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Oeey Goey Cheerio Brownies Gluten Free


I think some of the yummiest things are created when you don’t have all the necessary ingredients. That is what happened here. My middle daughter had requested dessert and I totally forgot about it. So, when she came home from school she immediately asked, “So, Mom what did you make for dessert?” I had promised her and didn’t want to disappoint her so I pulled out my go to, brownies.  I have this easy brownie recipe that I have been making for years. Its one of those ones you have memorized to heart and use it in a pinch.  If I forgot bible study treat or something to send in with the girls its my go-to but this time was different. I have been diligent about being eating gluten free and I knew if I made brownies that I was going to not only want to taste one but definitely indulge.

My b...

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Southwest Quinoa with Avocado Cilantro Dressing

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Are you looking for a recipe that is really easy? Very Tasty? Healthy and Fresh? This is it. I don’t even know where I got this recipe but over the years I have made it my own.  I was raised in a faith that was vegetarian so a lot of our meals were plant based protein.  One of my favorite meals from childhood is called Haystacks which is very similar to this but no quinoa and refried beans instead of black beans. I think one day playing around in the kitchen as you know I often do, this recipe was born.  I started bringing it to functions for my potluck and everyone ask me the recipe. So, one day I sat down and wrote out exactly what I do but there are so many things that you can do with it, add to it.

This is a great meal to take for  Potlucks because it’s great for people with food...

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