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Protein Waffles for the Family

Protein waffles are made several times a week.  I make them in big batches and the family eats them in big batches with a family of five active members food goes quick.  Mimi loves waffles and calls them… Read More

Hamburger Salad with No Carb Buns

Hamburger Salad is one of those meals that without the bread has no carbs but the bun is the second best part of the burger, am I right? Why not have no carbs and your buns too? Week… Read More

Raw “Caramel” Bites

Lately, all I have been posting is recipes and this blog is about food but not exclusively.  It’s just been a very busy season lately. With spring my little diva’s are in sports like lacrosse which are a… Read More

Oeey Goey Cheerio Brownies Gluten Free

I think some of the yummiest things are created when you don’t have all the necessary ingredients. That is what happened here. My middle daughter had requested dessert and I totally forgot about it. So, when she came… Read More

Apple Crisp for 1, please

  Yep, It’s that time of year! Apple Picking! It brings back so much nostalgia and memories and a tradition that I happily keep each year with my girls.  It’s been especially fun the last two years apple… Read More


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