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5 Habits Mom’s do to derail progress


I made a delicious, nutritious, and fat loss friendly meal for breakfast. Nothing extravagant Apple Chai (Sugar Free) Oatmeal and Hard boiled Eggs.  Something very simple after an intense workout. Ate my serving, that was measured out and a perfect portion, then I did the unthinkable. A habit that I have had since my lil diva’s started eating table food. I am usually mindful but you know how things go, sometimes you slip back into old habits. So, what did I do that is so heinous? As I am clearing the table, I…..yes, I did it. I scarfed down the leftover food from my littlest diva’s plate. (The horror-insert scared emoji here) I went from being completely satisfied with my meal, portion, and calories being in a healthy range...

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Toys through the Stages

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Car

The saying, “they grow too fast”, is truly felt when your the mother of a toddler. My littlest diva just turned one in July and ever since her development has been growing leaps and bounds. The fact that she is the youngest sister of an 11 and 7 year old doesn’t help either. I feel like I was just buying stacking toys, and color/shape sorters and here she is almost 16 months and I am searching pretend toys.  I was so happy to receive some awesome toys that grow with my curious and every day advancing toddler.

We received from Fisher Price two toys, at first I didn’t see the value of the stages but after thoroughly testing them out I do now. Today, as I was going through the toy box to see what toys were consignment store worthy I had an “Aha” moment...

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