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Budget Friendly Christmas Cheer

My husband I are a part of a “Bible Study” group at our Church that is called, Grow Group. We do study the Bible but it’s not a curriculum based group. This group is where we do Christian life together. Every Tuesday, we get together over a light snack, prayer and some deep discussion on living life as a Christian. Sometimes it’s rehashing the Sunday message or recent events but we are always opening our Bibles’, talking with each other and praying for one another always. In and out of Tuesday get togethers. So, of course being Christmas time I like to give gifts to everyone. But being a new blogger on a Kindergarten teacher’s budget that sometimes isn’t feasible. God of course will always make a way.

Unbeknownst Preparation

Over the summer, I had the brilliant idea that I was going to ...

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9 Literary Genres’ of the Bible Project

Have you heard of Periscope? I am a reformed addict but I have found some good on Periscope. I am apart of a Periscope group called PeriSisters In Christ, this group motivates supports and uplifts fellow Christian women “Scopers.”  One of the women, NONSuperwoman Scopes regularly Monday nights at 9pm EST. Last week, she spoke about the literary genres of the Bible and it was fascinating.


After the scope, I began to research I wanted as much information as I could. While gathering the information I had a God idea to create a poster for my girls, so they could know the information too. As I was creating all the material needed to make the poster. I decided to make it interactive like a memory game. Well of course, I posted the picture of the poster on Instagram and Periscoped my family...

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