Birth of a Calling

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Proverbs 16:9 In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

Eighteen months ago a baby was born;  Faith fueled Mom. God had put this on my heart a few months before my third daughter was born. We will be celebrating her first birthday on Friday, July 3rd.  Being the Mompreneur for 10 years prior, when I received the idea for FFM I had instantly decided that it could be a new business venture.  (Haha can you hear God laughing?) I quickly drew up the business plan, pieced together a logo, created a make shift website and BAM! I would add this to my plate too.

Then, I actually became a mother for the third time and unexpectedly my life changed. Unlike, with my other daughters this time I resisted this life change. At the time, I was building my “empire”. Working towards following my dream to own a multi-million dollar business.  I was going to strap this baby girl on and keep moving forward, fast and furious.  I had planned to be a mom, a wife, pursue my dreams, and work on FaithFueled Mom on the side. If anyone could do it it would be me because “I am Superwoman!”  God had other plans.

For months, I continued to busy myself getting busy.  Just a hamster in a wheel consulting with God in times of great despair and/or during hardships, setbacks but never to lead my footsteps. Psalm 119:133 Direct my footsteps according to your word; let no sin rule over me.

Neon Sign

One day, I began to pray for my business, in addition to my normal prayer but this time for God’s guidance and provisions. Well you know that saying, “be careful what you pray for?” God answered mine and I didn’t like the response.  

Road blocks went up in my business.  I am not one who gives up so I prayed harder. I was called again but I still wasn’t ready to give up my plans. I acted as if i didn’t hear what direction I was told to take. More things started to go wrong with my business.

I began to pray more and specifically for God’s guidance. Again, very clearly stated I was called. God told me (not asked) to put my business on hold and to “be still!” Then there were confirmations that from unlikely sources. Again, I played deaf; kind of like a child with selective hearing.

Now there is nothing wrong with being a mom. It is so much harder than being a kind-of-present work at home mom; but I thought I had mastered that role. It was time for me to pursue other dreams.  Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

I continued to do just that as if I didn’t hear God’s calling. He began to strip more away till the writing was on the wall. Evidently clear with bright neon glitter paint (because as I have said before that is the only way to get my attention). Reluctantly, I put everything on hold and I began to “be still”.
Psalm 46:10 Be still for I am God.

I dove head first into study of the word. I felt if I couldn’t devote to my business I would devote to God. (Maybe that would make Him happy and give me my business back; Again, do you hear him laughing?) Every study I did was a little piece of the puzzle. Yet, I didn’t have a box to see what the picture was I was putting together. In the back of my mind I knew I was still playing hard to get.

My studies led me to Divine Interruption, Being a Disciple, I attended Beth Moore’s Living Proof Conference. Everything that I did my heart screamed “put your business on hold be present for your girls.” Then, I signed up for a Online Bible Study and it led me to finally surrender.

During Online Bible Study and week after week; were more confirmations. More pieces to my map to follow. God’s guidance was clearly stated.  Then, I read “We must choose to leave first. We must see by faith the rewards ahead and then move forward.”

This time when neon glitter paint was presented I had no choice but to be obedient and submit.  
I first spoke with my husband literally in overwhelming tears, who confirmed my step. I prayed about it and confirmed my steps. I spoke to my sisters in Christ they confirmed my steps and so I began. I am pretty headstrong when it comes to something I want or in this case don’t want.

Beginning the journey of following was the easiest thing I ever done. A path had already been forged ahead for me. The entire time that I was ignoring God, things were happening with FFM without me. I was receiving hits on the website I had hastily built when I first got the idea.  Organizations were reaching out to me to offer the members of my groups benefits, tickets,  etc.  Now, here I am daily trying to create a stable Christian environment for my daughters to thrive. While creating a community of caregivers who are fueled with faith and want to raise their children in faith, grace and love.

We have successfully completed our first Walk & Study; a six week fitness and bible study for moms. We have hosted a couple Mom’s night outs. For the first time I feel more than just satisfied and content I feel fulfilled or shall I say faith fueled. More than I ever was with my business I couldn’t put on hold.

As for my business, I continually get sales through my affiliates that allow me to follow this Godspiration. I now willingly am guided by God daily and devote to Him. I have a strong relationship with the Lord, my family and my husband which is better than I ever dreamed.

Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

Have you heard your calling? Did you run and hide or did you fully submit? How far did that take you?

5 Comments on “Birth of a Calling”

  1. A beautiful testimony to start my day. As I look at the plaque my wall that reads “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10, I hear this resounded in your post. It is surrendering that we can truly be set free to know His wishes for our life. It is in the quiet, that we hear His voice of truth. Thanking you for this post my dear friend!

  2. Thank You, Your post help turn on that light bulb moment in my head. A moment of “really Lashawnda you think you have this under control, you can’t do it on your own”. I love the “hamster in wheel”. I realized I’m running and running and not foing anywhere buy circles. I need to go find my quite space, with out the kids.
    Thanks for your Posts De, continue to let the Lord use you.

  3. Thank You, Your post help turn on that light bulb moment in my head. A moment of “really Lashawnda you think you have this under control, you can’t do it on your own”. I love the “hamster in wheel”. I realized I’m running and running and not going anywhere but in circles. I need to go find my quite space, with out the kids.
    Thanks for your Posts De, continue to let the Lord use you.

    • We are all a work I progress. Your comment was such a blessing and another confirmation I am doing His will. Wait till tomorrow post I am talking about the importance of Me time ?

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