9 Literary Genres’ of the Bible Project

Have you heard of Periscope? I am a reformed addict but I have found some good on Periscope. I am apart of a Periscope group called PeriSisters In Christ, this group motivates supports and uplifts fellow Christian women “Scopers.”  One of the women, NONSuperwoman Scopes regularly Monday nights at 9pm EST. Last week, she spoke about the literary genres of the Bible and it was fascinating.


After the scope, I began to research I wanted as much information as I could. While gathering the information I had a God idea to create a poster for my girls, so they could know the information too. As I was creating all the material needed to make the poster. I decided to make it interactive like a memory game. Well of course, I posted the picture of the poster on Instagram and Periscoped my family making the poster. I received a lot of messages from followers who wanted to make a poster too. People wanted to know where to get the information. I have now created printables for other families to use to create their own 9 Literary Genres’ of the Bible Poster.  Absolutely free download and hours of fun and education for the whole family.

Genre 2


We have our “books” velcroed and keep them in a ziploc bag. We are taking it genre by genre trying to memorize them and match them. My husband had the great idea of having our girls place them in alphabetical order too.

genre 3



This could be used in so many different ways and give your family a strong foundation of the Bible. I would love to hear what people are doing with our poster. Please share pictures, game ideas, and activities to info@faithfueledmoms.com. With your permission we will even post them to this blog post. I hope you enjoy this and learn and grow in Christ with your family from it.


*Print the books on Cardstock

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    • Your Periscope truly inspired me to do the research and then God gave me the idea. I look forward to Monday nights! Please, continue to share your knowledge.

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