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Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Car


The saying, “they grow too fast”, is truly felt when your the mother of a toddler. My littlest diva just turned one in July and ever since her development has been growing leaps and bounds. The fact that she is the youngest sister of an 11 and 7 year old doesn’t help either. I feel like I was just buying stacking toys, and color/shape sorters and here she is almost 16 months and I am searching pretend toys.  I was so happy to receive some awesome toys that grow with my curious and every day advancing toddler.

We received from Fisher Price two toys, at first I didn’t see the value of the stages but after thoroughly testing them out I do now. Today, as I was going through the toy box to see what toys were consignment store worthy I had an “Aha” moment. Out of all of her toys the Laugh and Learn Stages toys are actually a great investment. When she first started we began at stage 1 (of course) but now she is beginning to progress to about Stage 2  in a matter of 4 months, which is great because I still have about 4-8 more months of use out of these toys.  The Laugh & Learn Smart Stages series is something definitely going on our Christmas Wishlist this year. These developmental progressing toys are going to be my go to when buying toys for my family and friends little ones. They grow with them, genius, finally toy makers are thinking ahead.

At first, I just thought of the stages as buttons to click so I don’t have to hear the little song, after a play session with my 16 month old they are useful.  For example, the purse today I set it on Stage 1 and quickly she mastered the prompts, which were choosing the colors of the shapes. I ask her a color and she would pick it out. Some took a couple attempts but she eventually got it. Then I moved it to Stage 2, I wanted to gauge how smart my little future female president, astronaut, dancer, rock star was in development. (Maybe by the time she grows up she actually could be all those things you never know, doesn’t hurt to dream, right?) The Stage 2 she wasn’t completely ready for, spanish, shapes, numbers but we have some time to grow into that. So, went back down to Stage 1, and now we are working on shapes and colors.


Then, I decided to move on to the other Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Car we received, (Now I am in full baby development scientist mode and honestly when you play with a toddler everyday all day using your adult brain instead of your autopilot mommy mode is needed.) She actually initiated playing with the car because she absolutely loves her car. Since the day we put it together she plays with this car at least 2 hours collectively a day. Getting in and out sometimes falling in and out. Jamming shapes in the side, rolling the balls in, throwing the balls, mouthing the balls, lets just say she really likes to play with balls. What she really loves is the keys and the radio. She is pressing the radio, bobbing her head, it’s super cute and lately with her pink little Laugh and Learn smart stages purse on her arm. (Just like mommy.)

Laugh &Learn Smart Stages car

It’s fascinating that at the age of 16 months she is already imitating me. I didn’t realize how much I clean until I saw her wiping down her play kitchen from top to bottom. She is just beginning two word combinations but she is still paying attention and watching my every move. I began exploring  her developmental genius with the car. Beginning at Stage 1, which for the car I think she is a Stage 1-2 but not at 3 yet. I “tested” her with the various functions and loved the results. She actually is learning things with these toys, its not like the Red Coupe I played with when I was little this is asking her things and she is responding,yet again, she doesn’t talk all that much. These toys are great and I am definitely getting some for my niece because I would be handing them down to her but since Milah is only on Stage 1 & 2 we have a lot of months to go. The only thing that we might need are some fresh batteries pretty soon but that definitely beats buying a new toy.

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