A Night to Dare to Dream

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Dare to dream!

What happens to a dream deferred? When you were a child, I am sure that you had a lot of dreams for your adult life. Some were nonsensical like you want to live in a house made out of chocolate. As you got older your dreams became more realistic, you want to be a celebrity athlete or president of the United States.  We all are dreamers at some point in our lives. Some people are bold enough to pursue those dreams, others forget their dreams or defer them because they let their current situation get in the way and then there are those who dream for their entire lives and never put it into action.

Why is that? Why do some people have the freedom pursue while others get stuck just dreaming? Is it that they never received the skills to dream? Is it that no one gave them the resources they needed to attempt their dream. Or someone in their life told them that dreamers were for nighttime sleep and once the sun comes out they need to put those dream back to bed.


A Night to Dream

Last Thursday was one of those nights that are good for the soul. I was invited to the Disney Social media Mom celebration, and as soon as I RSVP’d, I was excited I had no idea what to expect but to be in a room full of Magic was all I needed to look forward.  The night was great to see other bloggers I hadn’t seen in a while and some that I had just hung out with in Vegas for the last few days.  It was a great room of familiar faces one face that stood out from the crowd immediately in a room of mostly women was a young well dressed young man whom I later got to know as Jordan.  He was well poised but very young, so I was immediately curious to meet him.

Disney Dreamer Alum Are Making Dreams Come True

Some people’s presence simply shines, and Jordan is one of those people.  I later found out that he is the alum of a decade old organization called Disney Dreamer’s Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine.  Have you ever heard of the DDA? Until Thursday I was unaware of the opportunities that Disney has been providing our youth to dream. Steve Harvey himself has a very active role in speaking and working with the Disney Dreamer Academy Participants.

The Disney Dreamer’s Academy is something that my daughter Kyhia will be applying for before October 31, 2017, and I encourage you to share this with any dreamer that you may know the ages of 13-17 or high school student.  Dreams are not meant to be contained in dream catchers. In our world of technology, dreams are leading to significant innovations in our society as well as easing hardship for many people all over the world.  Containing a dream is a dangerous thing these days, and that’s why hearing what Walt Disney World has been doing for the last decade needs to be shared with everyone.

Word from an Alum

Jordan Williams owner of Young Mogul Brand according to their website is “an urban clothing line that promotes teen entrepreneurship with positivity through clothing wear.” Jordan is a great example of the potential that is happening with our youth and the encouragement and influence that they can have on our world. Jordan comes from Atlanta, Georgia where from a young age he inherited his father entrepreneurial ambitions. By the time he was a senior in High School not only was he an excellent student but he had three business’ under his belt and currently the owner of a brand for youth entrepreneurs.

Jordan applied for the Disney Dreamers Academy after seeing the effect of the program on his best friend and business partner returned motivated and inspired to follow his dream. Brandon (Jordan’s best friend) encouraged Jordan to apply.  Thousands of teens apply every year, and Walt Disney World and Steve Harvey chooses 100 applicants to attend Disney Dreamers Academy.


What happens at Disney Dreamer Academy?

These candidates go to Walt Disney World for four days and learn how to dream; they have a full itinerary working with DDA Alum, professional dreamers, and networking among each other. Exploring what it is to dream truly and how to make those dreams come true. Discovering potential career opportunities in all fields from computers, animations, culinary whatever your little dreamer is dreaming WDW is providing hands on experiences for these high school student.  Walt Disney along with Steve Harvey is empowering our youth to look past what they are given and see what they aspire to have and be.  I love that this 10-year organization has this opportunity for any highschooler with a dream to apply.

Can anyone apply?

The application process is seamless and straightforward. It has three questions for the applicant to share their dream. No high school transcripts required, no letter of recommendations the screening criteria is if you have a dream and if you can articulate those dreams. I am a big dreamer my husband not so much he often gets grounded in reality. I think this opportunity to show my thirteen-year-old Kyhia that not only is it okay to dream but there are other dreamers out there like you.  I want her to get the opportunity to begin to meet the dreamers and the doers of our future. I also want her to know what and how to accomplish her dreams.  We have applied for this year, and it’s not too late for you too.  Application deadlines are October 31, 2017, and you can begin by applying here.

A great night full of laughs

It was so nice to get dressed up have a delicious meal and meet people who are dreamers and doers. It is also exciting to think that my daughter has an opportunity to meet 99 other dreamers who are going to eventually make an impact on our world.  We must encourage our children to dream big, bold and without limits. It’s been proven that dreams do come true for those who only dare to dream.  What are you cultivating in your little dreamer’s life? Fulfillment?

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