7 Ways to Get Started Working Out

Phew! What a journey I am on something that I never thought I would be able to do but having a sliver of a vision and trusting in God has led me to a beautiful place where I get to inspire others to get up and do something. I remember wanting to lose weight, work out, be a runner, anything to get active but having some interpretation and not knowing where to begin.  I also HATED exercising, so it took a while for me to find my groove but once I did, I am so grateful for the abilities God has given me.  Not everyone is like me and wants to run it out in a gym.  When I first started, I loathed the idea of going to the gym, and now it’s a place that I have come to find peace and need to get away in my day. I didn’t wake up one day and become a gym rat or want to exercise. It took over two years of intentional, consistent effort and it is now something apart of my daily routine. I remember getting started, and so I have seven suggestions for how to make a “Working Out” apart of your daily routine.

1. Walk and Worship

When in doubt walk it out. My favorite thing to do is walk and worship. Whether I have a great playlist, amazing sermon, bible study, or just to walk in nature. Spending time strolling (not power walking) and being filled with teh Holy Spirit has produced some Hallelujah moments as well as great revelations.  Try to carve 30 minutes out of your day an enjoy the difference.

2. Play with your kids (or someone else’s)

Going to the park is a way I can entertain all my lil diva’s, spend time with them and get a little sweat session. From big to little everyone can get involved and will want to participate.  My oldest and I will do Hill Sprints while my other two play in the dirt or try to keep up.  Tag is my middle’s favorite game to play with me is a tag.  Tagging her is impossible, but the chase is a great workout because she is so fast. She also enjoys watching me fall all over the place trying to tag her.  Once in a while, I get a lucky break, but I always end up laughing my abs off and get a good little cardio burst from the stop and start of tag my middle has memories of her mom falling around the park like a fool and couldn’t catch her. Then Mimi, requires lifting, holding your arms up to make sure they don’t fall, pushing around the merry-go-round, and pulling or pushing the swing back and forth. Thirty minutes of playing with kids is a decent workout. Then you always have just monkeying around which is fun too, and your kids will love it. September was National Childhood Obesity Awareness month and getting outside as a family is a great way to start healthy foundations in children’s lives.

3. Workout at home

That’s how I started doing different things at home. Creating a routine daily to sweat for 30 minutes I would get up early do my devotions and then workout. Two years later it is still a habit.  Doing workouts at home is great because it is non-intimidating and convenient. It also leaves you no excuse.

4. Join an Online Fitness Community

If you don’t have the support group physically the Internet can be a blessing with help you stay accountable.  Do your research when you choose a program! There are some great programs that can give you a plan for a home or gym workout as well as accountability.  My Bible’s and Bootcamp members have seen lots of success through the fellowship and accountability of my online group training program.


5. Find a fun Group Exercise class

I’ve written about how this is my third major weight loss in the past.  When I lost 105lbs (before social media), I did it through participation in classes at my local YMCA. I’ve done miles and miles of spinning, hours of Zumba, boot camp and kickboxing. I even did this Triathalon class for six weeks it was really intense, but I found results. Recently, I was certified in Zumba, PKfit, and I teach a weekday group class that coves HIIT, Upper and Lowe body Resistance and Cardio Kickboxing.  The results I see in teh members who consistently attend classes and follow an adaptable nutrition plan are phenomenal.  I am really excited to start teaching Strong by Zumba™ in the next few months. I’ve put a lot of things on the back burner while I was finishing school, but I am really excited to become an instructor.  Strong by Zumba™ is a program that is picking up in popularity because of the difference it is from what we know as Zumba. There are no shimmies or grapevines. This workout is ” is a high-intensity interval training workout driven by the science of Synced Music Motivation.” It has more traditional fitness moves like squats, planks, pushups and yes, burpees which you will not find in a Zumba class.  You should find your local class, or if you are near me you can check me out in a month at Revolution 360 on Saturday’s soon!

6. Try something that scares you

This year I have been doing things that I wouldn’t have done a few years ago because of anxiety. Even though I was blocking myself, it didn’t stop me from being curious about a lot of things.  This year I have decided to try those things and stop thinking about them, so when opportunities have presented themselves, I have tried something new.  What I have learned is that trying something new may unlock a passion that leads you to want to do it on a regular basis and not only would you have started a workout you may enjoy and look forward to doing it; cool concept? Just because lifting weights is what other people do doesn’t mean that you might have better results and enjoy what you are doing by swimming or fencing or double dutch or pilates.There are so many different possibilities and a way to “workout” and exercise; it’s not a one size fits all.You deserve to live a healthy life, and it looks different on every one. Just as we are “uniquely and wonderfully made” so is how our temples are honored.

7. Pray

Pray for direction, pray for self-discipline, pray to crave the things that are good for your body. Pray for a desire to treat your temple the way it deserves to be treated.  In Bibles and Bootcamps, we lead you through 6 weeks of daily devotions and prayer to change your mindset and hear from “I HAVE to workout to I GET to workout;” and in doing so, you are honoring your temple. The mind is a powerful thing and making adults do what they don’t want is hard. That is the hardest part your mental mindset, but when your mental, spiritual and physical are working together you can full honor God and bring Him glory!

 “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.” Romans 12:1

Is getting started with a workout program a struggle? What makes it hard?

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