7 Fun Fit Dates for Couples

Finding New Ways to Date your Spouse

Love is in the air well at least that’s what the commercial said yesterday and the thought of going on a normal date is so boring these days.  I much rather enjoy a fit date with my love. Valentine’s isn’t our thing! Yes, we think love should be celebrated every day.  Just like most holiday’s I appreciate the fact that there has been a National Holiday to remind people to show the one they love some extra special attention. After 14 years of marriage, dating can get old and dull. We find when we do things that get us moving we have a blast, lots of laughs and memories that dinner and a movie just no longer compares.

We’re not big on giving gifts to each other but aske me out on a fit date and I am ready to go. Although, I do love fresh cut flowers, but I have an expensive habit of buying those weekly when I go to the produce stand. I am not a big chocolate lover and hanging out with all of the couples’ of South Jersey at dinner is not my idea of romance. My husband is my best friend, and I feel like life is too short to celebrate our love with dinner and a movie. I want to make memories! I much rather invest in moments than physical gifts.  This year we decided to look for something active and fun to do as a couple.

Getting fit together is an excellent way to strengthen the bonds of your relationship. Some of our ideas are our inner kids screaming for some fun and others are just things that we would like to do together. Regardless of the activity spending time together, challenging ourselves and getting active is how we choose to spend this Valentine’s Day!

7 Fun Fitness Date Ideas

  1. Bowling- Depending on what you’re trying to experience bowling can be an easy fun, fit date. That’s if you’re not snacking on fries and beer the entire time. It’s also an excellent way to share the fun with other couples. Whether it’s Duck Pin, Black Light or Turbo Bowling I’m sure there be less of a wait on Valentine’s Day
  2. Skating– Oh yeah, old school four-wheel style right? Or you can strap on the Roller blades and reminisce to middle school! At least, those were my memories. Skating is an excellent and fun way to get fit together, and you don’t have the awkward search for a partner for the couples skate.This is actually what we chose to do this year for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s going to be a blast from the past and a memory of that one Valentine’s we went to the skating rink and was the oldest couple on the floor. Haha

    3. Dance Lesson- Believe it or not, this was my husband idea. We have flirted with the notion of taking Salsa lessons, and there is a studio on his way that offers Couples Salsa, classes. What a fun way to let loose, get uncomfortable and learn something new. Who knows maybe one-day Dancing with the Stars will be calling and will be ready. Likely not but anythings possible right?

    4. Glow Jump- Okay, this was my suggestion. On Friday’s Mimi and I go to Preschool Jump at a local trampoline park and I usually hang out on the pads but one adventurous Friday I paid to jump too, and it was so much fun! I have wanted to go back. Who doesn’t want to jump on trampolines with your love in the Black light? Well if you don’t there is other suggestions, but I think this would be a super fun and memorable date that needs to happen for the Bolton’s this year.

    5. Biking- I love how in Urban Cities you can rent bikes for the day. Before Philly decided to embrace winter we had talked about renting a bike and taking a tour of Philadelphia via Bicycle. We’re not a cyclist, so this would be a fun, active date for us to try. Something that is now on the list of the Spring if you’re in an area where you can get outside with your love do it! Enjoy your local area on two wheels.

    6. One on One Basketball- Guess who’s suggestion this was(for those who don’t know my husband is a Basketball Coach and Private Basketball trainer). Although I make a great cheerleader and basketball mom, it’s not my favorite sport. My husband has been trying to get me to play ball with him for years. Embracing the idea of trying something new I think this would be a great date for him to teach me his passion. This could apply to any sport that your partner enjoys and would love to show you.

    7. Wall Rock Climbing- I know this is not new but neither one of us has ever tried it other than at the playground, and I think that it would be a fun adventure.

Then there’s the classics mini golf, aerial yoga, cross fit, an evening stroll, Chip and Putt, running, kickboxing, paintball, batting cages, skydiving, and hiking. There are so many options once you start thinking let’s move on our date instead of sitting and watch.

The endorphins released from the physical activity and your hormonal attraction makes for a memorable romantic date this Valentine’s day! Marriage is an important relationship in the Christian faith and we believe that it should be nurtured every day of the year.

“If we believe Jesus’ words that husband and wife are one flesh, then doesn’t it make sense that this “one flesh” should spur itself on toward health and fitness?”Diana Anderson-Tyler

Life can be stressful and the enemy is attacking our marriages and bodies. Why don’t we fight them back together?What’s a physical activity you and your love likes to do? Any more suggestions for fit dates?

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