The Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is needed as We Age

Collagen is something I have always heard about but never really applied it to me until the last few years. I remember when I was younger seeing those Skincare commercials that would come on for aging skin and not even think about them. Now I start to take notice.  Now don’t get me wrong black women age well it’s the gift of melanin.

Nonetheless, we still age and elasticity, especially for someone who has lost a significant amount of weight, are not the same.  That is what initially peaked my interest in Collagen.  I was needed something to help this mom of three reduce her stretch marks and cellulite.

So, I gave it a try, and I found so many more benefits than the vanity of tighter skin. I found that it can help with my heart, liver, metabolism and so much more and I have been hooked ever since.

Age is a Number

When you hit the mid-twenties your ability to produce collagen begins to decrease the rapidness also increases as your age does. Depending on your diet you can add it, but most people don’t eat what they need to reverse the effects of aging.

That is why I recommend it  to my clients, friends, and anyone who says, “Man your hair looks really healthy.” I have been taking Collagen as a Supplement for over two years, and my hair is the healthiest, shiniest it has ever been.  My nails don’t get brittle during season changes anymore, and my skin has improved too.  A healthy lifestyle along with Collagen can be attributed to all of these things.

Collagen is such a natural, tasteless supplement that you can add to anything and get what you need for your body to function better. I have seven reasons why I suggest that you start finding creative ways to take it or just add it to your water bottle and chug away. No matter what you do, you should add this to your routine now!

7 Reasons you Need Collagen

7.  Helps to improve skins and nails

This is what initially made me seek Collagen as a supplement.  There was a study done with two group of women ages 35-55. Group A was given a placebo; group B was given one serving of collagen daily. (Schunck, Zague, Oesser, & Proksch 2015)

After eight weeks there was a visible improvement in the women who were given the Collagen skin tightness, moisture, roughness, appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.  There were also no adverse effects on the women who ingested the Collagen for eight weeks.  Like I said before, this is why I started using Collagen, but after a few weeks, your reasons would switch. Mine did!

6.  Helps with Digestive issues

Collagen has been known to really help patients who suffer from IBS, Chron’s disease, acid reflux and other digestive problems to help reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

It is an essential amino acid. It aids the connective tissue in your digestive system which can help “Seal and heal” your digestive lining. Usually, the cause of these issues is from inflammation of these connective tissues from poor diets of processed food.

A healthy diet that is not processed and adding Collagen to your diet can help restore the damage that has been done through poor diet choices.

5. Helps to reduce joint degeneration and joint pain

As we get older, the collagen that is in between our ones and joint begin to decrease. That is was cause the joint stiffness and aches and pains that we associate with aging.

Adding collagen supplements will help ease your joint discomfort as it will add that collagen that your body needs to provide less tension and more mobility in joints.  This is also fantastic for healing joint injuries and repair. I know that using it daily has helped me to recover from my ankle injury.

There have been studies that show athletes who increased there Collagen intake suffered less severe or no pain in previously injured joint injuries. (Clark, et al. 2008)

4. Helps to Boost your Muscle Mass, Metabolism and Energy

A study showed when you combine Vitamin C and Collagen it’s almost like magic, and it helps make the Collagen a more usable source of protein that is quickly absorbed. (Borumand & Sibilla 2014)

This is great when your body is seeking protein to build muscle or increasing your metabolism and an energy boost.  The Collagen Endurance has the perfect combination that makes this a great Pre or Post workout supplement.

Now, these boosts can only be seen with exercise activity, proper nutrition, and the consistently taking Collagen supplements for at least 12 weeks. I love drinking mine while I workout!

3.  Stronger Hair, Teeth, and nails

Collagen is the protein that is basically the foundation of your hair, nails, and teeth.  The degeneration of it as we age causes these things to weaken. Taking collagen will increase collagen  in your body that will make your hair, nails, and teeth stronger.

Personally, my nails are no longer brittle when the season change. My hair doesn’t get split ends as often. I don’t know if my teeth are stronger, but if I am the only Senior at the nursing home with my own teeth. I will be grateful for the collagen I took while I was young.

2. Increase your Liver Health

This one was a shocker, but as I was looking at research studies for Collagen, I found this to be very interesting and for some people could be life-saving.  Collagen is usually found in soft tissue and connective tissue.

The same “Seal and heal” Properties it has for your digestive lining you can think of the same concept for your liver. In the case of your liver in acts as an antioxidant in your liver. Flushing out the toxins and optimizing your liver health.

There are detox diets that promote a high amount of collagen intake for several days to reduce the effects of alcohol abuse and others things that can cause poor liver health.

I don’t recommend nor do I know if these detoxes work. There are studies that show that Collagen is great to cleanse your liver and support your health. (Mato & Lu 2007)

1.Helps you have a Healthy Heart

Collagen has been found through studies to help the body release fatty buildup that can be found on artery walls. (Nutrition Review, 2016) Allowing blood to flow optimally causing less stress on  the heart and allowing it to work at it’s best!

February being Heart Health Awareness month I found that this is the most important benefit of taking this supplement.

According to The Heart Truth, “Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States.  One in four women dies of heart disease.  For African-American women, the risk of heart disease is especially great.  Heart disease is more prevalent among black women than white-women as are some of the factors that increase the risk of developing it, including high blood pressure, overweight and obesity, and diabetes.  But there’s good news too: You can take action and lower your chance of developing heart disease and its risk factors. In fact, women can lower their heart disease risk factors.  In fact, women can lower their heart disease by as much as 82 percent just by leading a healthy lifestyle.”

I would start by adding Collagen today!

What is Hydrolyzed Collagen?

It is a concentrated amino acid blend that is easier to digest, supports your bodies natural healing , doesn’t congile and is rapidly absorbed in your body for better nutrition.  It is great to help replace and repair cartilage damage and loss that is due to activity or aging.

Great Lakes gelatin is really affordable considering others in the market. It is the Original Collagen they were selling it before it was cool.  It’s taste great or actually the unflavored taste like nothing and it’s has one ingredient.  On-the-go convenient packets that you can take anywhere.

I have been trying my Great Lakes in everything from my oatmeal, to my Make Believe Soda (2 Ingredients; Collagen Endurance and your favorite Seltzer), smoothie bowls, soups, in my bulletproof coffee you name it.

The fact that it goes with everything gives you no excuse not to get in the two recommended servings in daily.  Great Lakes has a special for my readers use Coupon Code GLG20 and receive 20% off your next purchase from now until 3/15/18. So, if you don’t have any, grab you some, now because you should be living every day with GreatLakes Gelatin!

I also went LIVE on my Facebook Page the other day! It’s something NEW I am trying this year so I would love for you to Check it out and Subscribe and share if you found it helpful!

Do you  use Collagen? Did you know that you should be?



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This post was written in partnership with Great Lakes Gelatin Company and Fit Approach “#LiveWithGLG” Campaign. Although, I am being compensated my thoughts and opinions are my own check out my full disclosure policy 

Getting Down at the Barre: Sweat Pink NJ First Event


Launch of Sweat Pink New Jersey

We were laughing-well kind of; our thighs were quivering, and I think I found a new muscle in my butt that now hates me but it was such a fun time! Last night, Sweat Pink NJ was hosted at Revolution 360 for our Sweat Pink Chapter Launch.

Sweat Pink

Sweat Pink is a community of active women (and men!) globally who love to sweat and socialize! It is a fitness group will include outdoor adventures, meetups, and monthly workouts. We just are a bunch of health enthusiast who wants to support other health enthusiasts. It really is that simple. People always ask me what it is? Yep, no catch! There are so people who just want to motivate and inspire other people. I am one of them, and if you are too then you should join us and become a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

Sweat Pink Ambassador?

I’ve been a Swear Pink Ambassador for three years. After my second Blogfest high I wanted to be more involved with the active women that I have over the last three years known through Social Media and blogfest.

(Have you heard about Blogfest? If you are a health enthusiast or fitness influencer, I URGE you to come, and we can meet in real life!)

These group of women are so supportive, inspiring and encouraging and just encouraging to be in a group of amazing women’s from all sorts of backgrounds, states and fitness passions.

We are stronger together, and I have never gotten such a sense of community like Sweat Pink.  When the email blast came out they were looking for Chapter Leaders I jumped up and raised my hand.

New Jersey has so many great opportunities to get active and coordinating events to have women from different backgrounds come together, and Sweat seemed like a great idea for 2018.

I set my goals, resolutions or whatever at the beginning of the year and the Top 3 are to get women together to help each other. I have some fantastic plans, and God is laying out some exciting things in the near and distant future in this area.

When the ladies at Sweat Pink started to help me set up the group, I was a lot anxious, but if all our events are like the Launch, I have no worries.

Revolution 360

First I had to find an equally empowering studio to have our first event! Revolution 360 is a Boutique gym in Moorestown, NJ my hometown.  My little town had grown a lot from when I was a kid. Part of that growth is gyms like Revolution 360 which is just walking distance from my old childhood home.

Nilsa is the owner and teaches lots of challenging sweat dripping classes. What I LOVE about Revolution is we don’t play any baby weights there; it is an all but one guy staff and of certified amazing instructors.  We all have our own weight loss fitness journey, and we do not play.

Resolution 360 offers a variety of classes: Strength and Conditioning, Booty Barre, Zumba, Butts and Guts, Cardio Circuit (yours truly teaches), Bootcamp, Tabata and always adding great and new classes that get members results.

Showing women how to properly train with heavy weight and getting rid of all gym intimidation;  While Nilsa starts to kick your butt once she turns on that mic.  This woman is a truly and genuinely loves to serve people.  She has a servants heart and will go out of her way for anyone that she meets. She is an amazing instructor and loved by everyone.

Booty Barre at Revolution 360

Nilsa did not disappoint in the least.  There were moments in the class I had to close my eyes and pray and then others where we felt super sexy doing some hip shaking and then again tears of pain-in a right way and oh and we were cracking up. (An extra ab workout)

The group of women who came was so fun, outgoing and although some ran, spin, or only took group classes.  We were got together and had a good time.

Now the event was Barre Now Wine Later, but there was no wine. It was Bring Your Own, and nobody drank. So, we sipped on water and ate some snacks and reflected on the last 45 minutes of getting our butts kicked.

These Ladies came out for a good workout, to hang out with other active women and have a good time which is what I hope for our events. I met some new Ladies who rather be moving on a Saturday night then sitting on the couch- my kind of women and will be adding to our Sweat Pink NJ family.

Sweat Pink New Jersey 2018

We have so much planned for this chapter and are working on some fun events, team races, and nutrition workshops.  I am eager to meet more women and celebrate each other this year.  If you are an active women whatever that activity may be and you want to get busy, you should join us at our next event until then you can find us on facebook!

Are you looking for a group to just chill or get sweaty with active women?

4 Ingredient Gluten Free Pizza

My two favorite foods are Sushi and Pizza.  I can eat both anytime of day with anyone but since learning of my wheat allergy and lactose intolerance. I try to stay away from all wheat which has made eating pizza hard.  I’ve tried the cauliflower crust but I guess I didn’t wring it out enough (I’ve tried three time) but it takes a lot of time to make Cauliflower crust and it also turn out soggy.  When I discovered this Quinoa Crust recipe I was so excited. After a few tweaks I look forward to Pizza night every week.

This recipe is really easy and it’s only 4 major ingredients. There is no kneading or letting the dough rice and it’s a nice thick crunchy crust to hold everything you want to put on your pizza.

Quinoa is also a great source of iron and has many other benefits.

  • High Content of Antioxidants Phytonutrients
  • Anti-inflammatory phytonutrients
  • Contains Higher Heart Healthy Fats content

There are so many toppings that you could use for this here are 10 Healthy Topping options:

  1. Spinach is your best choice for a pizz topping.  It has 13 different nutrients that you get in one serving. Spinach mostly contains concentrations of vitamin K, which helps you with effectively blod clotting. It also has over 13 different flavonoid compounds that contribute to preventing the condition of cancer
  2.  Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and folate. It is another wise choice when picking toppings.
  3. Mushrooms only contain 15 calories per cup and they are made of over 50% protein which is 2g of protein. It also contains a high amount of selenium which protects us from free radicals. This would be in my Top 3 for great choices.
  4. Diced Chicken Breast is a great high protein low fat choice.  This is also a great option to add to your pizza for some extra protein.
  5. Garlic sliced, minced, crushed no matter how you cut it Garlic is delicious on pizza and oh so good for you. It also benefits your health it helps to support good cholesterol and helps to decrease the risk of heart disease. Although, too much can have it cswaeting out of your pores at the gym this week.
  6. Extra Tomato Sauce is an easy way to get lycopene into your meal. Lycopene has been discovered to prevent cancers of the lungs, stomach and prostate gland.
  7. Low-Fat or Vegan CheeseI have a cheese addiction and provolone and mozzarella mixed pizza cheese is my all time favorite BUT I am lactose intolerant so have to sub for vegan cheese and sometimes goat or feta. My favorite Vegan Cheese is Go Veggie for their taste but it doesn’t melt like provolone or mozzarella.  It’s a trade off for digestive comfort for me.If you get to enjoy cheese than I would go with a low-fat cheese because it’s a higher source of protein not for the lower fat. Just go easy on it
  8. Pineapple You Hawaiiain pizza lovers you can still do you thing.  Pineapple is an okay sweet addition to your pizza.  It’s a awesome source of maganese, Vitamin C and E giving you support for your eyesight, immune systems and eye sight.
  9. Parmesan Cheese I love Parmesan cheese because its one of the only cheeses’s I can consume.  It also is a great source of protein and lower in fat.  It makes thing crunchy or can make it goeey.
  10. Ham is a great, flavorful option. You can also do a lower fat sausage. It’s lower in fat than pepperoni, sausage and bacon.  

There are so many tasty options you can choose you just have to try new flavor combinations and discover the world of FaithFueled Foods.

Quinoa Pizza

Quinoa Pizza


  • 3/4 Cup Quinoa Soaked Overnight (with 1 inch over quinoa I would do 1 1/2 cup water.)
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup Oat Flour
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 tsp of dried oregano
  • 1/2 tsp of Salt if using Pink Himilayan I suggest 1/4 tsp


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degress
  2. Line 9 inch round pan with parchment paper
  3. Spray both sides or coat with oil
  4. Rinse and Drain Soaked Quinoa
  5. Blend everything in food processor unti smooth '
  6. Pour into 9 inch pan
  7. Bake for 15 minute
  8. Take out Flip and Bake for 10 minutes
  9. Add toppings
  10. Bake for 10-15 minutes
  11. Let Cool and Enjoy!
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7 Fun Fit Dates for Couples

Finding New Ways to Date your Spouse

Love is in the air well at least that’s what the commercial said yesterday and the thought of going on a normal date is so boring these days.  I much rather enjoy a fit date with my love. Valentine’s isn’t our thing! Yes, we think love should be celebrated every day.  Just like most holiday’s I appreciate the fact that there has been a National Holiday to remind people to show the one they love some extra special attention. After 14 years of marriage, dating can get old and dull. We find when we do things that get us moving we have a blast, lots of laughs and memories that dinner and a movie just no longer compares.

We’re not big on giving gifts to each other but aske me out on a fit date and I am ready to go. Although, I do love fresh cut flowers, but I have an expensive habit of buying those weekly when I go to the produce stand. I am not a big chocolate lover and hanging out with all of the couples’ of South Jersey at dinner is not my idea of romance. My husband is my best friend, and I feel like life is too short to celebrate our love with dinner and a movie. I want to make memories! I much rather invest in moments than physical gifts.  This year we decided to look for something active and fun to do as a couple.

Getting fit together is an excellent way to strengthen the bonds of your relationship. Some of our ideas are our inner kids screaming for some fun and others are just things that we would like to do together. Regardless of the activity spending time together, challenging ourselves and getting active is how we choose to spend this Valentine’s Day!

7 Fun Fitness Date Ideas

  1. Bowling- Depending on what you’re trying to experience bowling can be an easy fun, fit date. That’s if you’re not snacking on fries and beer the entire time. It’s also an excellent way to share the fun with other couples. Whether it’s Duck Pin, Black Light or Turbo Bowling I’m sure there be less of a wait on Valentine’s Day
  2. Skating– Oh yeah, old school four-wheel style right? Or you can strap on the Roller blades and reminisce to middle school! At least, those were my memories. Skating is an excellent and fun way to get fit together, and you don’t have the awkward search for a partner for the couples skate.This is actually what we chose to do this year for Valentine’s Day. I think it’s going to be a blast from the past and a memory of that one Valentine’s we went to the skating rink and was the oldest couple on the floor. Haha

    3. Dance Lesson- Believe it or not, this was my husband idea. We have flirted with the notion of taking Salsa lessons, and there is a studio on his way that offers Couples Salsa, classes. What a fun way to let loose, get uncomfortable and learn something new. Who knows maybe one-day Dancing with the Stars will be calling and will be ready. Likely not but anythings possible right?

    4. Glow Jump- Okay, this was my suggestion. On Friday’s Mimi and I go to Preschool Jump at a local trampoline park and I usually hang out on the pads but one adventurous Friday I paid to jump too, and it was so much fun! I have wanted to go back. Who doesn’t want to jump on trampolines with your love in the Black light? Well if you don’t there is other suggestions, but I think this would be a super fun and memorable date that needs to happen for the Bolton’s this year.

    5. Biking- I love how in Urban Cities you can rent bikes for the day. Before Philly decided to embrace winter we had talked about renting a bike and taking a tour of Philadelphia via Bicycle. We’re not a cyclist, so this would be a fun, active date for us to try. Something that is now on the list of the Spring if you’re in an area where you can get outside with your love do it! Enjoy your local area on two wheels.

    6. One on One Basketball- Guess who’s suggestion this was(for those who don’t know my husband is a Basketball Coach and Private Basketball trainer). Although I make a great cheerleader and basketball mom, it’s not my favorite sport. My husband has been trying to get me to play ball with him for years. Embracing the idea of trying something new I think this would be a great date for him to teach me his passion. This could apply to any sport that your partner enjoys and would love to show you.

    7. Wall Rock Climbing- I know this is not new but neither one of us has ever tried it other than at the playground, and I think that it would be a fun adventure.

Then there’s the classics mini golf, aerial yoga, cross fit, an evening stroll, Chip and Putt, running, kickboxing, paintball, batting cages, skydiving, and hiking. There are so many options once you start thinking let’s move on our date instead of sitting and watch.

The endorphins released from the physical activity and your hormonal attraction makes for a memorable romantic date this Valentine’s day! Marriage is an important relationship in the Christian faith and we believe that it should be nurtured every day of the year.

“If we believe Jesus’ words that husband and wife are one flesh, then doesn’t it make sense that this “one flesh” should spur itself on toward health and fitness?”Diana Anderson-Tyler

Life can be stressful and the enemy is attacking our marriages and bodies. Why don’t we fight them back together?What’s a physical activity you and your love likes to do? Any more suggestions for fit dates?

Reclaim your Energy: 7 Ways to get your energy back

Did you know that majority of our population feels tired all the time? Fatigue can be a common symptom in a lot of disorders and diseases, but more often than not it’s because of some bad lifestyle habits.  There’s good news and bad news. Good news? It can be easily corrected. Bad news? You’re going to have to change.  If you do want your energy back, I have seven suggestions that can help.

  1. Get up! Most of our jobs require us to sit for hours at a time which is making you tired, and most people claim to be too tired to be active and exercise.  So, what’s the solution? Get up ANYWAYS! I promise you it will boost your energy and the more you do it, the more you have.

    You can make small changes in your sedentary lifestyle to begin steps towards more energy.  Aren’t you tired of being tired? Start standing instead of sitting; stairs instead of elevators (come on you’ve heard it before) the reason is it works! Do better for yourself and get up and start moving.

  2. Stop eating too many refined carbs! I know you heard it before no carbs and that is not what I am saying I am saying no REFINED carbs meaning- stuff that comes in a box or bag that can sit on your shelf for months at a time.  You know shelf-stable goods.  Well, those items that can last a long time on your shelf are zapping your energy and robbing you sending spikes in your blood sugar but then leaving you tired and groggy.

    Carbs are a great source of quick energy, but there are better ways to get them.  There have been researching findings that suggest minimizing sugar and processed carbs at meals and for snacks will give you greater energy levels.

  1. Eat what you need! I am so glad I got out of the train of thought to eat less to lose weight.  Calories are what we use to measure how much energy food provides.  It is what your body needs to operate when you eat fewer calories than your body needs to work your body aka metabolism slows down to preserve energy for really need it, and that slowdown process is making you tired.

    Now there is no set number for calorie intake because everyone is different, but you should be getting more than 1200 calories a day to make sure your body isn’t slowing down.  So, eat up (not too much) but what you need to fuel your day and you will have the energy to perk up.

    Eat more protein!I find that along with the high refined carb diet we tend to not get enough protein. There have been a lot of protein products on the market but if you look carefully the fillers that are put in them make them high in carbs too.  Not getting enough protein can cause lack of energy.  Studies have shown that eating protein increases your metabolic rate more than carbohydrates and fats.  Also, several studies show that people with diets that have adequate or higher protein-rich foods have more self-reported more energy than others who diets had less. I would suggest eating quality protein at every meal to help you boost your energy.

  2. Drink more water! It always comes back to this, but proper hydration will give you the energy you need.  When your body is tired is because it is trying to restore itself making sure that you are properly hydrated will prevent your body from going into restoration mode.

  3. Sleep better! For such a tired nation you think we’d sleep better, but most of us are not getting enough of the quality sleep we need to function at our best; including myself.  It also makes sense why you don’t have the energy you need to go about your daily life and are relying on other sources of energy.  I have stressed the importance of rest many times before and how it is crucial to helping you operate best.

    My suggestions for those who do have trouble sleeping? Do something during the day that is physical for at least 30 minutes a day; it can even resemble exercise.  Working out can help you rest easy at night getting those zzz’s that your body needs! Take shorter naps! So, you did not sleep last night. You get home from work, and you are beyond tired.  Naps, are good right? A quick 3-hour nap will be best? Nope! Another reason your sleep is off is from sleeping at the wrong times.  Quick 20-30 minutes are reenergizing any longer than that needs to wait for the evening.  Sleeping for long stretches during the day is throwing your internal clock off try to wait till evening even if you may need to go to bed a little earlier than usual try to keep long sleep durations to night time.

  1. Stop stressing! Stop stressing and give it to God!  High levels of stress can zap your energy and rob you of a joyful life.  Aren’t you tired of being tired? Stress management is an excellent way to give you the energy you need.

    We often deal with stress by shutting down leaving us tired, cranky and worn.  There is proven release of stress and freedom in prayer, worship and devotion through other ways than sitting in a church service.

I am sure most of these tips you have heard before but don’t know how to apply them to your life, or there are so many things you need to apply you don’t know where to begin.  I may have something that can help? I have my new Bibles and Bootcamps starting in a few weeks.

I created this program to be the basic training you need in your faith and fitness journey.  Walking step-by-step, with you give you action items to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle that helps you to increase your energy, help you lose weight all while you are growing and strengthening your faith.  I would love to help you live the life you deserve and hope that you willJoin us!


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